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Groupon Announces Support For Marriage Equality In Illinois

Marriage Equality (Rings)

Marriage Equality (Rings)

It is rapidly becoming a battle between the corporations and the churches in Illinois with same-sex couples being caught in the middle. Groupon has announced that they are supporting same-sex marriage in that state. Their headquarters are located in Chicago.

“We work better when everyone, including our LGBT coworkers, can bring their whole selves to work every day. That is why we support marriage equality,” they announce in the above clip.

Same-sex marriage in Illinois has been stalled due to a battle over a small handful of votes needed to pass the bill. Anti-gay groups have been airing ads and using robocalls in specific districts to try and pressure members of the Illinois Assembly to not vote for the bill. The effort has worked, to a certain degree.

Groupon becomes the latest corporation to come out in support of marriage equality in Illinois. The video includes statements from workers within the company discussing being LGBT or being an Ally.

Groupon is a coupon company that does deal-of-the-day coupons for various companies across the country. They employ just under 11,500 people.

The Illinois legislature has until the end of August to have a special session to pass same-sex marriage legislation or they will be forced to start again. It was not until after the initial effort to pass the legislation failed to come to the floor in the regular session that the groups backing it ended up taking the need for a concerted effort seriously.



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