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Judicial Watch Continuing Witch Hunt For Gays At The DoJ

US-DeptOfJustice-Seal_svgJudicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit demanding information on the National LGBT Bar Association’s 2012 Lavender Law Conference & Career Fair. The Conference featured Attorney General Eric Holder as the keynote speaker.

Judicial Watch had filed an FOIA request with the DOJ’s Office of Information Policy demanding this information including all communications involved. According to Judicial Watch the “OIP acknowledged receiving the Judicial Watch FOIA request and on September 26, 2012, responded that the request fell within the ‘unusual circumstances’ of the Act, but failed to provide ‘a date on which determination is expected to be dispatched,’ as required by law.

The OIP eventually did inform Judicial Watch that they had found the information that the anti-gay group was searching for, but that the missives included information from other departments, they had to consult with them.

The OIP has since provided Judicial Watch with no more information for their anti-gay witch hunt. The group is upset that the Department of Justice not only abandoned the defense of the facially unconstitutional Defense of Marriage Act, but that the DoJ has been working with pro-LGBT groups. From their press release, they are really upset that the DoJ honored students from the Anoka-Hennepin School District in Minnesota.

Those students were involved in a lawsuit “to force the district to endorse homosexual conduct”, according to Judicial Watch, but the reality is that they were involved in a lawsuit to try and stop bullying, which often includes homophobic elements even if the victim is straight.

They are also upset that the ceremony honoring the students was held in the Great Hall of the Main Justice Building. They have also filed an FOIA suit against the Department of Education on behalf of the hate group Family Research Council regarding the Anoka-Hennepin suit.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton stated that “The Department of Justice is increasingly home to a bevy of leftist activists pursuing narrow ideological agendas at the expense of the public interest. And Justice officials want to keep this all a secret – as shown by the fact that we had to file a FOIA lawsuit to get basic information about the Attorney General’s collusion with homosexual activists/government employees.”

The problem for Judicial Watch is that bullying involves homophobia no matter what the sexuality of the person involved in it is, and the Defense of Marriage Act breaks several different Amendments and sections within the Constitution.



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