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New York Times Endorses Christine Quinn In NYC Democratic Primary

quinnThe New York Times has announced that they are backing City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to be the next Mayor of New York. If elected, Quinn would replace out-going Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg has been mayor for twelve years, having served a total of three terms. In their endorsement, they write that “Mr. Bloomberg’s is hardly the only way to run a city, and the excellent news is that there is a candidate who is ready to carry on at least as well as he did.”

Quinn is one of seven vying to be the Democratic nominee for mayor. Her primary competition is Bill de Blazio, who surged after the spectacular collapse of candidate Anthony Weiner.

The Times stated that “It is clear by now — and last Wednesday’s debate made it even clearer — that the best in the group is Christine Quinn.”

They add to that saying “Ms. Quinn, the City Council speaker, offers the judgment and record of achievement anyone should want in a mayor. Two opponents — Bill de Blasio, the public advocate, and William Thompson Jr., former comptroller — offer powerful arguments on their own behalf. But Ms. Quinn inspires the most confidence that she would be the right mayor for the inevitable times when hope and idealism collide with the challenge of getting something done.”

They add that “Quinn has been an impressive leader since her days as a neighborhood advocate and her early years on the City Council. . .She has shepherded through important laws protecting New Yorkers’ health, safety and civil rights, including measures banning public smoking, protecting tenants and small businesses, and battling slumlords.

Christine Quinn At NYC Pride

Christine Quinn At NYC Pride

They also noted that she sponsored legislation to make the city’s campaign finance laws stronger and pushed for state law creating mandatory kindergarten for 5-year-olds, which has been a boon for poor and minority children.

They also note that “Quinn has been a forceful counterpart to Mr. Bloomberg, and has turned the Council from a collection of rambunctious, ill-directed egos into a forceful and effective legislative body. In wrestling with budgets she has shown restraint that runs counter to lesser political instincts.” She has also pushed to keep surplus funds as a rainy-day fund, which was heavily opposed by other Council members.

They also point out the flaws in Quinn’s political views including the fact that she “has been too strong in supporting Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, the architect and stoutest defender of stop-and-frisk. She has supported, too blindly, Mr. Kelly’s practice of spying on Muslims at prayer, a similar false choice of public safety over the Constitution.”

If elected, Quinn would be the first woman and first open lesbian to serve as Mayor for the city.



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