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No School For The Children Of Transphobic CA Politician Tim Donnelly

californiaCalifornia State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly has decided to protest the recent passage of a law allowing trans students to use the bathrooms appropriate for their gender and participate in school activities which are gender-appropriate by hurting his own child.

Donnelly, a Republican who is considering a run for Governor in 2014, has said that he would pull his son from public school in order to protest this new law.

The bill takes effect on 1 January, and Donnelly’s reaction is not surprising. Donnelly claims that his sons are horrified by the law and that he claims that the law replaces the right to privacy with “the right to be ogled.” Apparently, Donnelly has not been inside a public restroom at any point in his entire life since most boys seem to spend an inordinate amount of time ogling each other.

He stated that his younger son will not return to the public middle school he attended, and his older son is still deciding if he will finish attending his public high school.

Donnelly, showing he also had no grasp of the California public’s feelings on this nor about trans issues, claimed that “I do not believe that by allowing individuals of opposite sex to use the same restrooms makes any sense at all, and I think the vast majority of Californians deeply oppose this.” He told this to World Net Daily, which did not ask him for any evidence backing up his claims.

Donnelly also stated that “While trying to address a concern of less than 2 percent of the population, California is now forcibly violating the rights of the other 98 percent.” Given that the state of California has bent over backwards to address the rights of 0.5% of the population in the past, this statement is rather absurd.

Conservative groups and parents have been horrified by the law, but none of them have actually ever bothered to find out anything about transsexuality and consider it to be an abomination under their God. They also claim that it will lead to ‘confusion’ for students even though it won’t.

In other words, Donnelly is more concerned about the 0.5% of the California population he feels he represents than he is about the 2% who get hurt by his beliefs and actions.



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