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NOM’s Brian Brown On Warpath Against Iowa Ethics Board

brian_brown_copy pretty boyThe National Organization for Marriage has a long history of trying to cover up their funding and fundraising. They have gone to great lengths in both Maine and Iowa to try and hide their activities, and now NOM’s Brian Brown is on the warpath against the Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board.

The IECDB recently voted to investigate NOM’s actions and funding during their campaigns to take down Iowa Supreme Court Justices who ruled in favor of marriage equality. NOM president Brian Brown has made it clear that he has absolutely no intentions of actually showing that his group is innocent or fighting the charges as they are. Instead, he plans on doing exactly what he has always done in the past- go on a character assassination smear campaign.

Brown has already begun his attacks on the IECDB chair Megan Tooker claiming that she is biased and unprofessional.

Brown stated recently that “The people of Iowa are entitled to the highest standards of ethical conduct and independence from the state’s top ethics officer, but Megan Tooker has shown herself to be biased and incredibly unprofessional in her handling of the complaint against NOM. Ms. Tooker worked for one of the justices we helped remove from office in 2010 and which is the subject of the complaint she is evaluating. At a minimum this presents the appearance of a conflict of interest. Furthermore, her comments to the media reveal deep-seated animosity toward our position and are grossly inaccurate, prejudicial and inappropriate. We demand that she be removed from having any role in evaluating the complaint filed against us.”

He goes on to say “By blatantly misrepresenting our position in the media, Ms. Tooker has in effect convicted us in absentia, without conducting any investigation or receiving any evidence. She’s prejudiced our case by lying to the media about our position on critical matters, and then declaring us to be ‘absolutely wrong’ and ‘absolutely false’ in our defense of the complaint. Clearly, this is not the kind of ethical behavior one would expect from the state’s top ethics officer, someone charged with conducting a fair and impartial investigation into the facts, and then carefully applying the facts to the law. Rather, it shows the deep bias she holds toward us for having helped unseat her former employer.”

Brown is engaging in the usual behavior of just about everyone on the Right. It is not atypical for members of the Conservative end of the political spectrum to engage in unethical or illegal behavior, get caught, and then try to get the behavior made legal or at least have the ethics rules changed so that they cannot be held accountable for their actions.

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell recently tried to do this after taking thousands of dollars worth of what amounted to bribes and then tried to change the disclosure laws when this all came to light.

NOM prefers these kinds of attacks because they rile up the base and that means more money for them, of course. Brown is distorting facts rather readily and hoping that his followers will never hear the facts.

Given Brown’s logic, anyone who worked for the Iowa Supreme Court would be biased given that they unanimously voted to overturn the ban on same-sex marriages.

Brown also ignores the fact that Tooker is just one person on that board, and while the chair, her vote is still just a singular vote. The board ruled unanimously that they should investigate NOM.

Her comments to the media have been in direct response to statements issued by NOM’s lawyers claiming that donor disclosure is not required if those funds are obtained through means such as phone calls and emails. Tooker told the media that this interpretation of the law and ethical rules is “absolutely false”.

Additionally, Brown verbally attacked Fred Karger, the man who filed the complaint against NOM. This likely happened because Brown is seeing his financial pool drain faster than the Flash on caffeine.



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