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Pastor Claims Mark Twain Was Possessed By The Devil

382px-Mark_Twain,_Brady-Handy_photo_portrait,_Feb_7,_1871,_cropped“Laughter kills fear, and without fear there can be no faith. For without fear of the devil there is no need for God.” That quote comes from the movie The Name of the Rose, and it is a perfect encapsulation for what Colorado Pastor Kevin Swanson recently stated about Mark Twain.

Historian and writer Umberto Eco wrote The Name of the Rose, and it is about this desperate attempt to keep hidden all sorts of wonderful books that the Church has kept locked away for centuries. Among those books is a tome about humor written by Aristotle.

At one point, while discussing humor, Eco wrote through one of his characters “Legions of scholars have wondered whether Christ laughed. The question doesn’t interest me much. I believe he never laughed, because, omniscient as the son of God had to be, he knew how we Christians would behave. . . .”

And Swanson goes on to prove why Christ really was humorless. Or at least according to Eco.

Swanson appeared on TruNews with host Rick Wiles. There, he discussed his theory about how Twain was possessed by the Devil. Swanson theorizes that Huckleberry Finn was an “attack on the Christian church” because it exposed Christian hypocrisy regarding slavery. He states that “Mark Twain was probably the strongest apologist against the Christian faith that America’s ever seen. . .He mocks Christianity throughout and Huckleberry Finn is an atheist himself.”

And Swanson
doesn’t seem to have even read “Innocents Abroad!”

Hint- it was probably the last time a Christian group invited the man along on a trip to the Holy Land.

Swanson argues that “Huckleberry Finn” “is extremely, powerfully, cynically against the Christian faith. . .Mark Twain himself I believe turned out to be demon-possessed.” For that, Swanson cites Twain’s “Letters from the Earth”. Swanson called them “one of the most acidic, horrific, evil books I think ever, ever written by any human being in the history of mankind.”

Then again, anyone who points out that Swanson is an idiot and Christians hypocritical tend to be possessed by the Devil, according to Swanson. He believes that Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau were all possessed by Satanic forces, and that Charles Darwin was Insane Sadist.

Regarding that, Swanson stated “He suffered from multiple, multiple forms of insanity and he confessed himself to be a sadist who enjoyed torturing small animals to death and dreamed of killing and murdering people. Charles Darwin was an extremely evil man, and I think he was ultimately the root of what happened with Adolf Hitler and eugenics and racist programs.”

Of course, Swanson doesn’t like to let a good think like facts get in the way of his theories. Many of the eugenics theories pushed by Hitler predated Darwin. The whole “Social Darwinism” thing actually had little to do with theories of evolution, and were rooted in Christian philosophy. According to a popular belief that would last from around 1800 to the 1940′s, Blacks were the degenerate descendants of Caine.

The whole Social Darwinism thing was just a veneer pushed on there to make it look like there was scientific backing for insane religious beliefs.



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