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Russian Police Seize Paintings Satirical Of Putin, Medvedev

article_03e31c75eed90293_1377626609_9j-4aaqskRussia’s continuing crackdown on free speech continued unabated today as police seized a painting depicting Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in women’s underwear.

They then, apparently, also removed a painting of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill I depicted with numerous tattoos and Vitaly Milinov, one of the authors of the anti-gay “propaganda” law, with a rainbow flag and a few others that went after the anti-gay legislators in the Russian Duma. The picture shows Putin wearing a tight-fitting slip and Medvedev in a bra and knickers.

According to Alexander Donskoy, the gallery has been shut down, but the police have not been able to say under which law they confiscated the paintings for destruction, or shut down his St. Petersburg gallery.

This is not the first time that the Russian police have shut down a gallery for displaying artwork critical of the Putin regime. Earlier this year, the Russian police shut down a gallery owned by Marat Guelman because he displayed artwork critical of the Sochi Olympics.

2014-Winter-Olympics-Sochi-artGuelman, who is Jewish, has also been the target of the ultranationalist thugs who are allowed to attack anyone they feel is an enemy of the state. Police have never caught the men who assaulted Guelman years ago.

Police have also been arresting and harassing journalists and activists who have been documenting human rights abuses in Sochi during the building of the Olympic arenas.

Russia is set to host the 2014 Olympics; however, there have been calls to move it out of Russia and give it back to Canada where the International Olympic Committee could not only be able to guarantee the athletes’ and visitors’ safety from thugs, but also from being harassed by the police.



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