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Skyfall’s Q, Ben Whishaw, Officially Comes Out As Gay

Ben_WhishawBen Whishaw is gay. Not that this is a surprise, but the actor best known to the world as Q in the James Bond film Skyfall finally confirmed that he is gay in a recent interview. What is more, he entered into a civil partnership with his husband, Australian composer Mark Bradshaw, back in 2012.

A spokesman associated with Whishaw stated that “Ben has never hidden his sexuality, but like many actors he prefers not to discuss his family or life outside of his work. Due to speculation, I can confirm that Ben and Mark entered into a civil partnership in August 2012. They were proud to do so and are very happy.”

Whishaw is also in the BBC drama The Hour.

A friend of the couple told MailOnline that ”Everyone’s delighted for them. Mark’s a lovely guy, very talented and very close to Jane Campion. There hasn’t been a chance for a big celebration because of Ben’s schedule but I’m sure there will be one at some point.”

Whishaw hasn’t exactly hid his sexuality. When asked about the need for LGBT youth to have positive role models, he replied that “I feel in my heart that it’s important, but I don’t quite know yet the way to go about that. Maybe that’s the transitional thing I feel I’m in the middle of at the moment. For me, it’s important to keep a level of anonymity. As an actor, your job is to persuade people that you’re someone else. So if you’re constantly telling people about yourself, I think you’re shooting yourself in the foot.”

Whishaw joins a growing list of married out gay stars in show business.



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