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“” Sends Message to Russia w/ Social Commentary uses shirts for social commentary

To Russia WiTh Loveb

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Today an ad for came across my Facebook. I was overjoyed to see it and amused by the statement. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to know about it’s creation.

I managed to track down Larry Peck, the owner and creator of the company. I asked him about his company and how it all began.

I got the idea to do in 2005 during the Iraq war.  I was pretty angry we had gone into Iraq and was watching George Galloway, a member of British Parliament dress down members of the US Senate about what we had done… It got me riled up and I decided to express my views on various social issues I thought important using t-shirts. 

They've gone after Chick-fil-a too!

They’ve gone after Chick-fil-a too!

What type of social issues, you ask?

I finally got around to launching the site a few years ago and proceeded to create pro-LGBT designs and thousands of others.  I have been very critical of the boy scouts, the catholic church and conservatives on their views of the world, etc.

Curious about the shop that carries these funny and thought-provoking fashions? Here’s what the site has to say to it’s customers.

WarOnStupid_Americas-War-On-Stupid-Just-Say-Know_DESIGNIf you like mocking the absurdities and hypocrisy of our everyday lives and love wearing funny t-shirts as much as we do, you are in the right place! Whether it’s politics, religion, celebrities, or a variety of other wacky topics, we have the funny t-shirt for you. Whether we are making fun of Sarah Palin pandering to the Tea Party; the bias of Fox News; Wall Street ripping off Main Street; BP’s inept response to the Gulf oil spill; or the absurd and illogical opposition to Gay Marriage, we will never be accused of sugar-coating how we feel…We’ve got a huge selection of fun and snarky designs and a wide variety of t-shirts and sweatshirts to let you express your feelings in very graphical and textual terms. So enjoy shopping on and letting the rest of the world know how you feel!

SheLaw_Soul_A-Woman-Is-Never-Wrong_DESIGNThe shirt categories are amusing unto themselves. You can get shirts in categories such as “War on Stupid”, “She Law”, “Political Carnival”, “Heatherisms”, “LGBT”, “Geek”, “Gamer”, “Boy Scouts” and “Duh! Awards”.

So, are they comfy shirts?

We have put together a great team of artists from all over the country to create designs that are top notch. Our goal is to offer designs that are more colorful than you are probably used to seeing; printed on the highest quality apparel; and at a price that is affordable.

Check out the site HERE.
And the Facebook page is HERE.



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