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Three Men Rape Orlando Woman In Apparent “Corrective Rape” Incident

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Orlando police are searching for three men that they say are responsible for a hate crime. In this case, a woman who was walking home from Club Revolution on Sunday morning was assaulted and raped by three men shouting homophobic lurs at her.

According to police Sergeant Jim Young “It’s based on those statements that the individuals were either targeting her or committed this crime based on her, whether it be real or perceived sexual orientation.”

According to the reports, the men got out of a silver-colored car, pushed the woman down, and began attacking her. Throughout, they used homophobic slurs, and apparently said that they were doing this to punish her for being lesbian.

When the police arrived, they found the woman covered in blood, scratches, and having a cut lip. She told the police that the driver was wearing a black T-shirt and khaki shorts and had short hair.

While not commonly publicized, there are instances of ‘corrective’ rape in the United States. Most often, the issue is tied to nations like South Africa where ‘corrective’ rapes are incredibly common; however, it could be argued, and likely has by some, that any rape against a lesbian is intended to ‘correct’ her sexual orientation.

Most hate crimes directed towards lesbians tend to involve rape in some form due to a persistent belief in the male-dominant culture that a lesbian is just a woman who hasn’t ‘met the right man’. This often leads to a great deal of harassment and rape directed towards lesbians.



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2 Responses to Three Men Rape Orlando Woman In Apparent “Corrective Rape” Incident

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  2. NikkiD

    August 27, 2013 at 5:26 pm

    I just do not get this horrible type of crime. I never have. Men rape a woman to punish her for “not meeting the right man yet”. How in the hell is that supposed to make a woman even remotely “like” or be attacked to men anymore than she did before?