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Tony Perkins Wants Justice Kennedy Impeached

Justice Anthony Kennedy

Justice Anthony Kennedy

Good As You was kind enough to post this little tidbit out of the Family Research Council’s president Tony Perkins. Apparently, Perkins is most unhappy with Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. So unhappy he is making baseless demands calling for Kennedy’s impeachment:

While this would be entertaining, it is unlikely. Despite complaints and such about Kennedy’s voting record, the reality is that Kennedy broke no ethical rules, broke no laws, and did his job. The same cannot be said for his counterparts Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Antonin Scalia.

All three justices are darlings of Perkins and his friends despite the fact that they routinely violate the ethics of their office.

Kennedy’s majority ruling that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act has been a sore spot for the GOP and anti-LGBT groups for some time now. Justice Antonin Scalia went on an epic rant from the bench because of that ruling. Various others have condemned it, but to actually impeach and remove Kennedy would be about as difficult as it has been to impeach and remove President Barack Obama.

Which is to say, it isn’t going to happen.  Besides, Obama would replace him with someone more reliably liberal.



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One Response to Tony Perkins Wants Justice Kennedy Impeached

  1. Meri Equality Justus

    August 1, 2013 at 10:26 pm

    Will these people ever stop? If it goes their way then fine and dandy and NO ONE is to try to change it when it goes their way. BUT if it does not go their way they are all hateful trying to get foot ball players kicked of a team, supreme court Justices kicked off the bench, and what ever they can do to get a revote, another trial, just to make it go their way. Kinda like a spoiled rotten child when he/she doesnt get their way they wine, kick, scream, cry, until finally someone gives in and lets them have their way. well your time of getting your way is over it is time for EQUALITY , NOT HATE!!!