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Transphobic CA Group Targets Trans* Inclusive Law

480px-A_TransGender-Symbol_Plain3.svgTransphobic activists are gearing up to try and take down a recently passed law which prevents schools from discriminatory practices such as preventing trans* kids from using the gender appropriate restrooms or participating in gender appropriate school activities.

In what could end up being a repeat of Prop 8, opponents of the bill called the Privacy for All Students coalition are setting up to challenge it with a referendum as soon as they get 500,000 signatures. Perhaps it is time to get enough signatures together to put an end to the never ending referendum system in California.

The coalition includes Capitol Resource Institute, Pacific Justice Institute, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, and ActRight.

In addition to those people
, Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute has said that his law group is at the ready in order to represent anyone ‘victimized’ by the new law.

According to Dacus “That includes someone whose privacy rights are violated in the bathroom, in the locker room, in the showers, or someone who is prevented from playing on a sports team because someone from the opposite gender took their place.”

California FlagGroups like Privacy for All Students play on the transphobic fears of many people and the prejudices of others in order to spread hatred and misinformation about trans* people. Often they claim that boys are going to claim to be trans* in order to sneak in the girl’s restroom and watch girls use the bathroom. They also claim that boys will claim to be trans* and sneak into girls’ locker rooms in order to see naked female flesh.

To date, they have not been able to provide a single example of a man or boy claiming to be trans* and doing any of that. To start with, it is incredibly difficult to actually see naked people in a restroom, and secondly, someone standing around gawking tends to be noticed.

Unfortunately, their hatred of trans* people is so great that they have to resort to fear mongering and lying in order to pursue their agendas and forget that lying is frowned upon by their religion.



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