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American Family Association Ends Home Depot Boycott

TheHomeDepot.svgThe American Family Association has lost in their attempt to take down Home Depot or get them to stop being LGBT friendly. Of course, as with their subsidiary group, One Million Moms, this means that the spin machine is in full gear trying to say that their defeat was actually a victory.

Director of Special Projects Randy Sharp has claimed that they were ending the boycott of Home Depot because the company’s behavior has changed. Sharp claims that “We’re glad to report that we are suspending the boycott of The Home Depot. After monitoring the company for several months, we’re satisfied that the company has withdrawn its major financial contributions to gay activist groups and to their activities.”

Sharp goes on to claim that “We certainly do expect The Home Depot to deny that they have turned back their contributions to gay activist groups, but AFA has monitored the company – and actions speak louder than words.”

human_rights_campaign_5Sharp apparently did not bother to include any specifics such as which groups Home Depot has removed their support from, or what they have changed in order to get the boycott to go away. In fact, ThinkProgress reached out to Home Depot spokesman Stephen Holmes who stated “We haven’t made any changes to our policies for inclusion and respect of all people, regardless of their sexual orientation. We have not directed our associates to discontinue participation in Pride or other community events, and have no intention of doing so.”

Home Depot continues to maintain its Pride Network Associate Resource Croup, and donate to groups like the Human Rights Campaign.

In other words, like One Million Moms, the AFA is so desperate to look like they are winning that they will lie in order to keep getting money from people.



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One Response to American Family Association Ends Home Depot Boycott

  1. Donna

    September 7, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    Home Depot did not cease support of the LBGT community. AFA has been and will be always be about deception, lies and cheating. What happened is the AFA boycott was a major fail. In order to save face, to keep getting contributions, AFA HAD to say what they did to call off the boycott. Truth is in February 2011 when AFA ordered the boycott, Depot’s stock stood at 38.80. Friday, Sept 6, stock closed at 78.22. AFA Failed AGAIN. AFA and OMM have zero integrity. Nothing they say or do is to be believed.