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Bill Donohue Ignores Pope Francis, Claims Gays Are Child Molesters

Vatican City FlagCatholic League President Bill Donohue is, basically, doing everything he can to ignore Pope Francis. The pontiff has, upon several occasions, made it clear that he wants to make the Catholic Church a home for all peoples, or at least make the Church respect all peoples, but Donohue is still doing his best to demonize gays.

Pope Francis criticized his own Church for its obsession with abortion, contraception and homosexuality, but that didn’t stop Bill Donohue from, yet again, insisting that “molesting priests were gay” and not pedophiles.

Donohue said in an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo that “When men have sex with adolescent men, it’s called homosexuality. It is not pedophilia. Less than 5 percent of the priests involved in molestation are pedophiles. I will never stop telling the truth. And the pope never said we should either. I am against gay bashing.”

Donohue skirts the edges of being correct, but fails miserably after a certain point. Where he skirts the edge of correct is that, yes, technically there are many cases where the molesting priests are not pedophiles. Instead, they are ephebophiles- that is that they are attracted to people in the early years of puberty.

Donohue, though, fails after that. A rough estimate of the clerical child sexual abuse cases involve children under the age of 12. After that, the next largest group are those between about 12 and 15, and a few are over the age of 15.

Donohue also fails to account for the number of priests who molest girls. Recently, a priest in Missouri was sent to jail for fifty years for producing child pornography. A priest in Latin America was caught having impregnated a girl of 14. The list of girls molested by Catholic priests is incredibly long as well. Often times, the issue was not about sexuality, but availability. Some of these priests abused both boys and girls.

Cuomo asked “You just heard what the pope said. Why wouldn’t you move past this parsing rhetoric and try to be about what your church is supposed to be about?”

Of course, Donohue, who has a long history of being a Catholic apologist, then claimed that “As far as I’m concerned, the Catholic Church didn’t handle this right. I would have put these guys in in the slammer a long time ago. Instead, they think they can reform them. They sent them off to the psychiatrist.”

He is correct in that the Catholic Church did not handle the situation correctly, and should have either exiled these priests to someplace amounting to a prison for priests such as the hermitages along the Irish coast, or handed them over to the civil authorities.

Cuomo then asked that “But it is the discussion of homosexuality and the blame of them as somehow predatory that is what your pope is telling you not to say. Who says the molesters were gay?”

Donohue then showed off his own ignorance regarding pedophilia saying “I’ll say it again, most of the molesting priests were gay, and most gay priests are not molesters. If a man has sex with a man what would you call that?”

And from there, Donohue decided it was time to get anti-Semitic. He blamed Jews in Hollywood for portraying the Catholic Church in a bad light. Donohue claimed that “Is it the Vietnamese who are making movies in Hollywood? Is it the Puerto Ricans who own Hollywood? Do you know that the Jewish Forward in its editorial said the exact same thing that I did?”

He went on to claim that “I’m talking about secular Jews, who run the Hollywood studios, who make anti-Catholic movies! What is so absurd that?”

Cuomo then said “The absurdity is that you are blaming it on a faith and a culture.”

Thursday, Pope Francis stated that “We have to find a new balance otherwise even the moral edifice of the church is likely to fall like a house of cards, losing the freshness and fragrance of the Gospel.”

It is not surprising that Donohue is not going to listen to his Pope. Here’s the segment:



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One Response to Bill Donohue Ignores Pope Francis, Claims Gays Are Child Molesters

  1. Deke

    September 24, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    Perhaps Bill ought to look at who is up on rape charges at a Catholic school in Bardstown, KY. A straight married male teacher. Odd that he’s not talking about revoking civil rights for heterosexuals.