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The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee Tackles Russia’s Anti-Gay Policies

samantha-beeSometimes you have to admire the fact that satirists do it better when it comes to asking the hard questions. After all, David Frost made a living out of it, and so has Jon Stewart. Well, last night on The Daily Show, Samantha Bee sat down with Andranik Migranyan, the Russian director of the Institute for Democracy and Cooperation.

The IDC states its mission as being about sovereignty and non-interferance. Additionally, their aim is that “part of the debate about the relationship between state sovereignty and human rights; about East-West relations and the place of Russia in Europe; about the role of non-governmental organisations in political life; about the interpretation of human rights and the way they are applied in different countries; and about the way in which historical memory is used in contemporary politics.”

The conversation between Bee and Migranyan inevitably strays into the issue of LGBT people, and Russian policies towards them. Of course, Migranyan offers up little more than the usual platitudes and unconsidered views that show that he has little interest in human rights and has never thought about anything other than the standard anti-gay talking points.

Bee rapidly dismantles his argument, and points out to the audience that the Russians have a long history with rather phallic symbology.



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