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Darrel Issa To Investigate ‘Theft’ Of NOM Tax Forms

Rep. Darrell Issa

Rep. Darrell Issa

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa apparently is going to open an investigation into how the National Organization for Marriage’s tax files were “stolen” from the IRS and provided to the Human Rights Campaign.

NOM has been claiming that their tax files were stolen from the IRS for more than a year now without so much as a shred of evidence, and it appears that they are more than happy to have Issa, the king of no-where investigations, look into this.

After all, so far, Issa has investigated the Obama Administration and various components of the government dozens of times fishing for something that he could hold against the Obama Administration and so far come up with zilch.

In fact, so far, Issa seems to have managed to waste thousands of taxpayer dollars fishing for scandals that never materialized.

So, of course, NOM declares “This is fantastic news… not just for NOM — but for every group targeted by the Obama administration and the IRS.” The groups that NOM is talking about are the ones that supposedly were targeted by the IRS because they might not actually qualify for tax exempt status. Of course, NOM is ignoring in their bliss that the IRS also targeted liberal groups and did so just to make sure that these groups were not overtly political.

In fact, most of those groups were given the green light, and most of the groups which were denied tax-exempt status were liberal not conservative. Oh, but the delays in getting that status were the problem. Of course, NOM ignores that the cuts to the IRS budget delayed a lot of people’s applications.

NOM continues by claiming that “And this is especially good news for the American people who are rightfully concerned about abuse of power and political targeting by operatives inside the IRS, and the failure of the Department of Treasury and other enforcement agencies to hold those responsible to account.”

Of course, NOM originally claimed that the forms were stolen from their computers. Then again, when Issa began his little witch hunt in the IRS, NOM jumped on the bandwagon and wanted their little witches hunted too even though they said that their forms were stolen off of their computers.

Of course, Issa had to get confidentiality waivers in order to get the information that he wants from the IRS and the Treasury Department. Issa recently stated that “These waivers allow the committee to get information the IRS is currently withholding. This information will give us a better sense of why these groups faced delays, what questions they were asked, and what sort of communications were occurring within the IRS in regards to the inappropriate delays and the apparently politically driven leak.”

Of course, NOM goes on to whine that “After months of delay, denial and outright refusal by the IRS and the Treasury Department, it looks like we may finally get answers to the obvious questions that have been repeatedly asked! It’s absurd that we even have to go through such extreme lengths to have our fundamental rights protected instead of pushed aside by politicians playing partisan politics. But that’s the reality of our situation right now…and it will only get worse if gay ‘marriage’ advocates and opponents of our precious religious liberties continue unabated.”

NOM is doing everything they can to appear to be the victims of something- anything. If Brian Brown stubs his toe or Maggie Gallagher gets a hangnail, they whine about it trying to make themselves seem like the victims of some conspiracy.

Never mind the fact that those tax forms were suppose to be released to the public. Those tax forms were suppose to be transparent. In fact, NOM has spent millions trying to keep their donor rolls and their tax forms secret despite laws telling them to open them up to the public.



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