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Doctor Refuses Hormone Blockers For Trans Boy

Leo-WaddellLeo Waddell is a fairly typical twelve-year-old boy, except that he was born a girl. Making matters hard for Waddell is the fact that his doctor has refused to prescribe hormone blockers for him claiming that she is not sure of the long-term consequences of going onto them.  The denial of treatment has made life difficult for the young trans boy.

The doctor told UK’s
“This Morning” that “My priority is always infused with the welfare of the patient.” Waddell has severe gender dysphoria and has talked about suicide should he not be able to transition.

The blockers would delay the onset of puberty until Waddell is 16 when he can start testosterone treatments.

Waddell’s family has been very supportive. He has lived as a boy since he was five, and now he and his mother are launching a public campaign to get him access to the hormone blockers.

Waddell’s mother Hayley told reporters that “many people don’t understand is that I feel it’s far more dangerous for Leo to not have these hormone blockers. The things he has to go though, the emotions and the torment is slowly bringing him down and down.”

The family plans on seeking the opinion of another physician. Waddell said “All we can do is … find someone who is sympathetic to trans children and is prepared to prescribe.”

Trans people often go on hormone blockers during transition with little to no ill effect. If someone who is transsexual goes on them at a young enough age, they can avoid the effects of the wrong kind of puberty. Undergoing the wrong form of puberty can often lead to trans people undergoing the severe effects of gender dysphoria.



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