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Honk a Clown Horn at the Bigot Scott Lively

David's "Death of Socrates" which Lively uses in his book chapter.

David’s “Death of Socrates” which Lively uses in his book chapter.

On his website, the brainwashed gay-bashing zombie for Jesus Scott Lively has published the “Beta” version of a re-write of Chapter 3 of his monument to anti-gay stupidity, “The Pink Swastika,” which alleges either that Eva Braun was a man in drag, or that Hitler really wanted to live in San Francisco, not Berlin, take your pick.

An introductory note to the chapter re-write calls critics of “The Pink Swastika” “less-than-honest,” a status in which Lively is indeed expert. The intro note also invites readers to e-mail corrections to the deluded author.

At the top of Page 4 of his chapter rewrite, without using evidence or logic, Lively argues that the roots of homosexual fascism can be traced from Hitler back to antiquity. To illustrate that insight, Lively shows a picture, which he says is an “Image of Plato from a Classical Painting.”

In reality, though, the figure Lively shows is not Plato, but rather, Socrates, from Jacques-Louis David’s painting of “The Death of Socrates,” which is in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

It might also be noted that David’s paintings are Neoclassical, not, as Lively has it, “Classical.”

Had Lively shown David’s full tableau, Plato as depicted by David might have appeared in the image in his book chapter. However, David was not historically accurate in his depiction, as he portrayed Plato as being older than Socrates, whereas we know that Socrates was the older of the two.

David shows Plato isolated and alone in grief, while he shows Crito with his hand on Socrates’ thigh. Perhaps Lively chose to show that portion of David’s famous painting, because Crito’s hand on Socrates’ thigh suggests wild-assed gay orgies leading directly to the Reichshauptstadt, or something.




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