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Isinbayeva Could Lose ‘Mayorship’ Of Olympic Village

Art protesting the Sochi Olympics

Art protesting the Sochi Olympics

This upcoming weekend, the International Olympic Committee will be meeting to consider things like the 2020 Olympic venue- which will apparently be Madrid, and the replacement of Count Jacques Rogge as it’s President. They will also be considering whether or not Yelena Isinbayeva will lose her title as ‘mayor’ of the Olympic Village.

Isinbayeva is the Russian pole vaulter who recently made headlines by criticizing a fellow athlete for painting her fingernails in the colors of the rainbow, and saying “If we allow to promote and do all this stuff on the street, we are very afraid about our nation because we consider ourselves like normal, standard people. We just live with boys with woman, woman with boys.”

She later tried to backtrack saying “English is not my first language,” and “let me state in the strongest terms that I am opposed to any discrimination against gay people.”

Jacques Rogge

Jacques Rogge

Isinbayeva is in a delicate situation. Researchers into Nazi Germany learned that often good and unbigoted people will do horrible things out of self preservation. Currently, in Russia, just protesting their anti-gay laws, or investigating the human rights abuses going on in Sochi as they build the Olympic venues is cause for someone to be arrested, harassed, beaten or even murdered.

The International Olympic Committee will be considering the matter. Outgoing IOC President Jacques Rogge stated that “This is something we will consider in due time.” He indicated that she could be removed.

Calls have been made for Russia to lose the Olympics and have it moved to Canada. This could be problematic, but it would also take the spotlight off of Russia and send their abysmal human rights abuses back into the dark for no one to see.



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