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NOM Relies On Religious Dog Whistle To Attack LGBT People

The NOM Logo

The NOM Logo

It should not be surprised that the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is desperate for funds, and they are sending out more and more fundraising emails in order to get those funds. It should also not be surprising that they are having to ratchet up the hatred in order to continue to bring in the ever smaller number of people who are willing to fork over the dough.

In fact, it is not even surprising that NOM is resorting to theocratic dog whistle politics in order to do this. ThinkProgress posted this from the latest NOM fundraiser:

worn_bibleHow many generations of children will be sacrificed to the gods of the gay lobby who demand the redefinition of marriage as an idol to their political movement? How long will children be told that men and women are not unique, that children don’t need a mom and a dad, and that there’s no special connection between marriage and child birth and rearing — it’s just a sperm and egg that can be carried by anyone; any two people will do. Oh, and there’s no need to limit parentage to just two people. If adults want to form a plural relationship and obtain rights to a child, who’s to say they shouldn’t if that makes them happy.

It is for our children, and the generations to come, that NOM fights to defend the God ordained institution of marriage. We fight for a cultural, political and legal restoration of the true meaning and purpose of marriage. We battle before Supreme Court Justices and County Clerks, in Legislatures and in the court of public opinion; in Congress and in statehouses, in corporate boardrooms and school board offices. Across America, wherever marriage is challenged, it’s our responsibility to be there to defend her.

Brian_S._BrownNotice the use of child sacrifice and idolatry? It is not surprising to see that open up this comment. NOM is equating the ‘gay lobby’ with the blood sacrifice of children to the ancient deity of Moloch. It is a deliberate, if religiously based, attempt to attack the LGBT Community.

NOM ignores the fact that marriage was not ordained by God for nowhere is it really laid out what marriage should be, and that going by the Biblical definition of marriage, one realizes just how horrific marriage was back in the Bronze and Iron Ages, at least in the Middle East.

Of course, NOM doesn’t actually care about the children of same-sex couples. Perhaps they would like a Russian ‘abduct-the-children-of-gays’ style law here in the United States.

NOM is not about the children. They don’t care about the children at all. All they care about is their religious crusade to impose their views of Christianity on everyone else.



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