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Orlando Sentinel And The Trail Life USA Whitewash

Pro-Homophobia Sticker

Pro-Homophobia Sticker

Trail Life USA was created as a way to offer the children of homophobes a place to grow up and be homophobic. While the anti-gay alternative to the Boy Scouts of America characterizes itself as “a character-building, outdoors-oriented youth organization”, its mission has always been to be anti-gay.

Of course, Trail Life USA is desperate to hide the fact that they are an anti-gay group. Thus, John Stemberger, the rabidly homophobic founder of Trail Life, took to the Orlando Sentinel to whitewash his group’s homophobia and do so unopposed.

The Sentinel wrote that “Boys of any race and religion can join Trail Life, same as the Boy Scouts, but all adult leaders must be Christian — no Jews, no Muslims. The BSA opens its leadership to adults of all faiths.”

So, basically, Trail Life USA is a Christian indoctrination group, that’s good ot know.

They go on to write that “Many churches and religious organizations sponsor Boy Scout troops, but basically provide meeting spaces for the organizations. Trail Life troops will be part of the ministry of the churches that charter them.”

Definitely. Trail Life USA is a group dedicated to indoctrinating people into being Christian.

He goes on and says that “And while Trail Life will ban openly gay boys, if a child shows same-sex attraction or ‘gender confusion,’ he will be counseled by the church ministry along with his parents. ‘Twenty-five percent of younger boys experience some sense of gender confusion or sexuality fluidity and we will help guide him in a way that affirms his God-given physical biology,’ said Trail Life board chairman John Stemberger, an Orlando attorney and Eagle Scout who fought the inclusion of gay scouts.’”

So, basically, they are going to push the destructive ex-gay therapy on kids and all of this in the guise of indoctrinating children into his view of Christianity. According to Stemberger “We are aiming to build a program that is safer, stronger and more principled in every way.”

Media Matters noted that, while talking to right-wing radio host Janet Mefferd, Stemberger said “[W]e are not going to tolerate activists. We’re not going to tolerate somebody who’s, you know, here and queer, loud and proud, all of that nonsense.” Stemberger believes that affirming gay youth’s identities is child abuse.

The Sentinel does not seem to have cared very much about Trail Life USA’s bigotry, which is more than just anti-gay, or that it seems to be acting as an indoctrination camp for Christianity. Stemberger, who is the head of the Florida Family Policy Council, lives in Orlando. His group pushes the dangerous and damaging ex-gay therapy, and claims that it assists patients in “leaving [the] gay lifestyle.”

Many gays are wondering exactly what lifestyle this is as it seems that for men like Stemberger, the gay lifestyle involves scenes out of The Rocky Horror Picture Show when the reality is that the ‘gay lifestyle’ typically involves a lot of going to work, coming home, commuting, and dealing with the children.

Stemberger once even calmed that “anything that has the word ‘gay’ on it in our culture … [is] guaranteed to be inappropriate for kids.” Trail Life USA, of course, is basically trying to destroy the Boy Scouts of America claiming that the BSA “has no fixed objective standard for what words like ‘morally straight’, ‘clean’ and ‘reverent’ mean.”

Of course, Trail Life isn’t doing very well. So far, the BSA has barely lost any membership. In almost every instance where a church has kicked out a BSA chapter, at least two have stepped forward to take them in.



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