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Putin Fanboy Scott Lively Takes Credit For Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws

Shirt Allergy Sufferer

Shirt Allergy Sufferer

Scott Lively wants people to know that, “yes, I think I influenced the Russian law.” By ‘Russian law’, he means the one banning people from talking about homosexuality. That would be the law that is being used to silence artists, journalists, and anyone critical of the Putin regime.

Lively praised Vladimir Putin last month as “the defender of Christian civilization” without ever bothering to find out that, since 2002, the Russian government has been going after the Catholic Church, and last September, the Moscow government tore down a Pentacostal church in the middle of the night.

Lively has also been sued in Uganda for his role in persecuting gays in that nation.

Lively claimed to NBC that he “traced the idea to his own tour of Russia in 2006-7.” He also encouraged Russia to ‘take back the rainbow’ and fly rainbow banners over the Olympic games so that “the global homosexual movement” will be reminded that “the rainbow belongs to God!”

Lively is known to twist facts and reality in order to pursue his anti-gay agenda. He even went so far as to claim that Adolf Hitler and his inner circle were all gay despite the fact that evidence shows that none of them were.

And it is quite possible that he did influence the thinking of some of Russia’s lawmakers. Human Rights Watch director Boris Dittrich notes that Lively visited Russia a few years ago and met with lawmakers who later passed the anti-gay laws that currently plague Russia like a bunch of zombie pigeons.

In fact, Lively joined up with Latvian pastor Alexey Ledyaev to start spreading their anti-gay message throughout the world. Of course, Lively loves to ignore the consequences of his words. While he may tout the “love the sinner, hate the sin”, death follows Lively where ever he goes.

Uganda went one step beyond Lively’s words and started to push the death penalty for gays. In 1992′s Oregon, a same-sex couple were killed when their house was firebombed during a Lively-backed Oregon Citizens Alliance campaign. In 2007, a gay man in Sacramento was called homophobic epithets and beaten to death following Lively’s campaign. And, in Uganda in 2011, the country’s LGBT leader was bludgeoned to death.

In Russia, anti-gay thugs have been beating and murdering LGBT people, but when asked by NBC “ Couldn’t his talk of predatory gays, ’good and evil,’ and ’war’ have played a role?”, Lively replied “Wow, that’s a leap.”

Lively loved that kind of rhetoric.

In fact, recently, Lively claimed that the Antichrist is “heading the largest superpower of the world today.” That would be President Barack Obama. Lively stated on a radio show that:

Lively: Regional war breaks out and at the same time, because of that, the global economy collapses, crashes. That begins the serious pain for the entire world that the globalists actually want to prepare them for the global, one-world system. They already have the economic system to bring in; just nobody is ready to accept it. So at the right time, after there’s been enough pain, what happens is the Antichrist—I won’t name any names here but he is heading the largest superpower of the world today—steps in at the right time and does three things. He declares a global jubilee in which all the debts of the world are eliminated, this is after there’s been massive numbers of people who have died—

Wiles: Scott, I told people, I told our audience years ago, I’m going to say 2008, I said on this program this global financial crisis will be so bad that at some point in the future a world leader will say the only solution is biblical, we will have to cancel all the debts and we are going to have a global jubilee.

Lively: Amen. And we just happen to have one coming up, September 23, 2015.

Wiles: And the politician who does it is going to be hailed as the greatest man on the planet.

Lively: The hero of the world, right? This is the guy that also is going to be able to do what no one else in the history of the Middle East conflict could do. He’s going to have brought a peace treaty between the Palestinians and the Israelis; the Palestinians get their two-state solution and the Israelis get the permission to build on the Temple Mount. And who is the hero? It’s the guy that I’m not going to mention his name.

Wiles: And a lot of Christians when they see the Temple going up are going to hyperventilate, thinking this is a great thing and they have no idea that Antichrist is coming.

Lively: Only because it’s a symbol of what’s coming. Here’s the one other part that’s been missing, you’ve alluded to it and we’re very close on this that at the same time he introduces the new global system but here’s the other missing component. What’s the religion of the Antichrist? The religion of the Antichrist is secular humanism.

He also went on to claim that the apocalypse was the result of homosexuality which is “at the heart of the Antichrist kingdom.” He also claims that homosexuality caused Noah’s Flood, the destruction of Sodom and that it is a sign of the End Times:

What is the issue that God is using to divide the sheep and the goats right now? It’s not whether Jesus Christ is Lord. It’s where do you stand on homosexuality? You know why? He gave us the warnings about that. From Genesis to Revelation, he has given us the advance notice that this issue portends the End Times and that when you see these things happen you’ll know that is the context that you are in. That’s the issue that is dividing the church right down the middle, of all the issue that God could’ve chosen. And the people who are going to the world’s side and the Devil’s side on that question are completely blind to its importance as a biblical topic; they think it is unimportant, that God doesn’t care about that when He gave us the only sin associated with the destruction of cities with fire and brimstone, the only sin associated with a reprobate mind in Romans 1, the thing that the rabbis said was the last straw before God brought the Flood, the issue that seems to be the heart of the Antichrist kingdom in Revelation 11 when it says that the two witnesses are struck down in the city that is mystically called Sodom and Egypt: homosexuality and Islam.

And finally, Lively claims that Vladimir Putin is our only hope:

We don’t want to gloss over the problems that we have with Mr. Putin but by the same token he’s the only world leader capable of standing up to the West and he is championing the traditional marriage and Christian values regarding the central moral issue of our time that no one else has the capability to do what he’s doing. Really there’s a chance here for him to inspire all the morally conservative countries of the law to adopt a similar law that he just adopted, his country just adopted and really have a chance maybe to roll some of this terrible agenda back.

That is, of course, Putin will be the ‘only hope’ after he gets done purging his nation of Catholics, Jews, non-Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, journalists, gays, and anyone who does not fit the master mold of the Rus race.



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