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Regnerus is RNA Box Office Poison!

Mark Regnerus, author of the fraudulent Regnerus study

Mark Regnerus, author of the fraudulent Regnerus study

The Religion Newswriters Association (RNA) ordinarily upholds professional standards for integrity in reporting about religion.

Alas, for its 2013 Conference, taking place at the end of September, RNA has the notorious gay-bashing bigot and liar Mark Regnerus scheduled to participate in a panel entitled: BEYOND THE RAINBOW: SUPREME COURT, MARRIAGE EQUALITY AND FAITH

Another of the scheduled panelists was Stephen V. Sprinkle, Ph.D.  of Brite Divinity School.

This reporter has a research associate who sent Dr. Sprinkle the following e-mail of concern:

“Please see below a copy of an email just sent to Amanda Greene at RNS.  I just now realized you are also appearing on this panel with Mark Regnerus.  Do you know who made the decision to invite him and are you familiar with his deceptive and slanderous activism in the guise of scholarly work?

Maybe there is an explanation for this that you can give the gay community but I am literally dumbfounded as to how a supposedly objective news organization can be so callous as to provide this man yet another platform to demonize gays and lesbians and stigmatize their children.”

Here is Dr. Sprinkle’s response to the research assistant:

“I was not apprised of who else was to be on this panel.  I certainly WILL NOT appear with him in any venue, I assure you. I am canceling today.”

Separately, I sent an expression of concern to Dr. Sprinkle. Here is his reply:

Thank you, Mr. Rose,

I have researched what has been done with my name, and I feel set up. Tonight, I have cancelled any participation in this panel. I am certainly not going to sit on the same platform with someone who has diminished my own people by his spurious “study.”  Matter of fact, I protested Regnerus’s work more than once myself, joining others to petition for his work to be rejected by journals, and circulated the petition among my colleagues.

Perhaps Ms. Greene is not aware of the explosive nature of her choices, and who it is whom she has invited.  I cannot be sure at this distance about motives.  But I feel set up.

Thank you for your message.



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One Response to Regnerus is RNA Box Office Poison!

  1. Judith Levine

    September 12, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    Many thanks, Scott Rose, for your tireless efforts to diminish the unconscionable efforts of the likes of Mark Regnerus and his ilk to inflict junk science into academia in order to further a radical right wing religious agenda. Kudos to Dr. Sprinkle for declining to participate in any way in further legitimizing this sham. What happened to the University of Texas and its sterling reputation? Shame on them. This man should have been fired and publicly vilified long ago. Perhaps he could indoctrinate the masses at some minor bible college, but he is still at UT. Shame on them.