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Russian Thug Claims To Be On Safari Hunting Gays

Video is highly disturbing, watch with caution

Flag_of_Russia.svg“Occupy Pedophilia” is at it again. The BBC has uncovered disturbing video documenting the actions of this group of ultranationalistic thugs. The video includes the men forcing an allegedly gay man to drink urine and features a Russian woman claiming to be “on safari hunting pedophiles and gays” while holding an assault rifle.

The woman, known as Yekaterina, is reportedly the head of one of the branches of thugs attacking gays in Russia. She states that “Our priority is uncovering cases of pedophilia. But we are also against the promotion of homosexuality and if, along the way, we encounter people of non-traditional sexual orientation, we can kill two birds with one stone.”

It is unclear how many pedophiles the thugs have assaulted, but so far, they seem to only be targeting gays.

Art protesting the Sochi Olympics

Art protesting the Sochi Olympics

Larry Poltavtesev, an LGBT activist, stated that “They are like al-Qaida, a very loose structure formed by independent cells not controlled and loosely connected to each other. That’s why they are successful… I’ve counted that each group posted at least 10-15 videos [featuring] torture. But you don’t see all the videos. Some groups are shy, they write about their actions but they don’t put that out [on film]. It depends on the severity of the situation.”

Groups like this popped up after Russia passed their anti-gay “propaganda” law with accompanying videos. Ultranationalist groups have also been attacking Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Non-Orthodox Christians, Blacks, Asians, and anyone they consider a threat to the purity of the Rus ethnicity.

In 2006, a group similar to this one assaulted a Jewish museum owner and destroyed the artwork hanging in his gallery.

Andrei Tanichev, the co-owner of a Russian gay club, told the BBC that “Many gay people have changed how they dress, they’ve removed earrings, changed their hairstyles, to avoid having problems. Even back in the USSR, where homosexuality was a criminal offence, gays were treated better than they are now in Russia. Ordinary people see us as criminals. They hate us.”



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