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“Sherlock” Actor Andrew Scott Joins Cast of Gay Comedy “Pride”

andrew_scottAndrew Scott has joined the cast of Pride. He will be playing the character Gethin in the Matthew Warchus comedy.

Fans of Doctor Who and Sherlock will recognize Scott. In Doctor Who, Scott is the monk who gets The Doctor when the telephone rings on the TARDIS; however, he is far more recognizable as Moriarty from Sherlock.

Pride centers around how LGBT activists supported Welsh miners during the infamous strikes against the policies of then-Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher. For those familiar with British culture, this time period comes up repeatedly in various places including the TV series Keeping Up Appearances and movies like The Full Monty.

During the 1980′s,
the Thatcher Government went on a privatization kick. Her government closed much of Great Britain’s industry including many of their steel factories and coal mines and the rest were privatized. At the time, British Petroleum was also privatized.

margaret_thatcher_586The movie is set during the summer of 1984 and follows the activists as they raise money to support the families of the members of the National Union of Mineworkers as they go on strike. The union feels embarassed by the donations and this forces the activists to travel to the mining village in order to make the donations in person.

Scott joins Bill Nighy (Underworld, Pirates of the Carribean, Harry Potter), Imelda Staunton (Harry Potter), Dominic West (The Wire), and Paddy Considine (The World’s End).

Scott is currently working on the Irish comedy The Stag.

Scott won a BAFTA award for his role as Moriarty. He had all of about ten minutes worth of screen time during the series; however, they were among the more memorable moments of the second season of Sherlock.

Moriarty will not be returning to the series in the third season, as like the character he was based off of, Moriarty died at the end of the second season.



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