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Trans Woman Masha Bast To Seek Russian Presidency

maxresdefaultMasha Bast has announced her intention to run for the Presidency of Russia in 2018. The human rights lawyer recently came out as a bisexual trans woman. She is married to another woman.

Bast announced that she and her allies were planning on holding the “first real democratic honest and fair elections in Russia.” She went on to say that “Putin wants me to live in the middle ages. I personally want to live in the 21st Century.”

Bast is planning to move Russia in a progressive direction and away from the consumer society. She want to focus on Russian development “where the highest value is a human, human rights and freedoms, justice and social guarantees to everyone.” She also wants to encourage “the transition from a society of egotists to altruistic society.”

Bast also stressed that she is pro-LGBT and pro-marriage equality as well as supporting freedom of and from religion and opposes discrimination against anyone based on any grounds. She has not explained how she will campaign effectively given Russia’s anti-gay laws.



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