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White Separatist Craig Cobb Claims ‘Gay’ Created By Jews

gayjewslogoCraig Cobb is a white separatist who is trying to create a white enclave in Leith, North Dakota. The dedicated white separatist has bought up lots in the tiny farming town which he envisions one day being a white haven decorated with Nazi symbols.

Cobb is 61, and fled to the town about sixty miles southwest of Bismark in order to escape prosecution in Canada for spreading hatred of minorities.

Cobb has invited dozens of white separatists like himself to take ownership of the lots he has purchased, but so far, none have shown up, and the town of Leith is already starting to turn against him.

Cobb sat down with David Pakman to discuss his views about white separatism, his beliefs about various races, and his plans for the town of Leith.

Oddly enough, Cobb brings up on his own his belief that the term ‘gay’ was coined by Jews to oppress whites. Actually, the word ‘gay’ meaning jolly or happy first came into the English language via the French. It was used in the term ‘gay cat’ to describe a gay man starting in the early 20th Century, and that got shortened a little after the end of World War II to just ‘gay’.



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2 Responses to White Separatist Craig Cobb Claims ‘Gay’ Created By Jews

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  2. Sir Andrew

    September 4, 2013 at 11:46 pm

    Interesting article, though short. However, your explanation of the source of the word ‘gay’ is incorrect. I researched this heavily several years ago for an article and have a completely different take. If you would write me at the addy that only you can see, that I just input above, I will be glad to tell you more.