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ASA’s Cecilia Ridgeway has Gay-Bashed Blood on her Hands

The NOM Logo

The NOM Logo

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is an anti-gay hate group that sponsors rallies where its chosen speakers — often religious figures — tell mobs of gay bashing bigots that homosexuals are “worthy to death.”

Just blocks from where NOM held the particular anti-gay hate rally shown in this video, in the Bronx, a gang of anti-gay bigots sequestered and tortured innocent gay human beings, only because they were gay.

Yet NOM has no sense that going into the same neighborhood and yelling through megaphones that homosexuals are “worthy to death” is wrong.

In March, 2012, a court in Maine ordered release of some of NOM’s internal strategy documents. (In Maine, NOM has since been found in violation of state campaign finance laws).

The NOM strategy documents described a plot to “drive a wedge” between African-Americans and gay people, to further NOM’s anti-gay-rights agenda.

Learning of that NOM plot, civil rights giant Julian Bond said “It confirmed a suspicion that some evil hand was behind this.”

The NOM strategy documents also described an “Expert Witness Project”

In March, of 2012, the very idea that the pathological anti-gay liars of NOM aspired to an “Expert Witness Project” seemed absurd.

NOM’s prior anti-gay “expert” Loren Marks — crossed-examined in the Proposition 8 trial in California – confessed that he had cherry-picked from studies he had not entirely read, in order to motivate the court to decide against gay rights.

In other words, NOM’s Loren Marks admitted under oath, and under cross-examination, that he had lied to a court.

A gay parenting literature review that Marks had intended to submit to the court instead wound up published alongside the notorious Mark Regnerus’s anti-gay junk science paper from The New Family Structures Study.

Although the two NOM-backed “expert witnesses” and their papers purported to upend the scientific consensus on gay parents and child outcomes, not a single one of the peer reviewers for either paper was trained or experienced in gay parenting studies. Many of the peer reviewers have very serious conflicts of interest, including fiduciary conflicts of interest, with both Regnerus and his religious anti-gay bigot funders.

In violation of the American Sociological Association’s “Code of EthicsNOM’s “expert witness” Mark Regnerus lied in his paper, by untruthfully alleging that his religious anti-gay bigot funders at The Witherspoon Institute: “played no role at all in the design or conduct of the study, the analysis, the interpretation of the data, or in the preparation of [the] manuscript.”

The ASA’s “Code of Ethics” section on Public Communications, part (b) says, in part, “Sociologists do not make public statements that are false, deceptive, misleading, or fraudulent, either because of what they state, convey, or suggest or because of what they omit, concerning their research, practice, or other work activities or those of persons or organizations with which they are affiliated.”

As early as August, 2012, I documented that Witherspoon’s Program Director W. Bradford Wilcox (aka Brad Wilcox) — in his capacity as a Witherspoon Program Director — had collaborated with Regnerus on booby-trapping the study design to give the anti-gay result that Witherspoon required.

I showed that documentation to Regnerus editor James Wright of “Social Science Research.” Instead of apologizing for having published Regnerus, instead of acknowledging that Regnerus had lied in his journal, Wright published a follow-paper from Regnerus in his November, 2012 issue in which Regnerus repeated his lie about his funders having played no role in his research.

Not only did the funders play a direct role — (with Wilcox, as a Witherspoon Program Director, collaborating with Regnerus on study design) — Regnerus, in an e-mail, actually asked Wilcox about NOM’s Maggie Gallagher‘s “hopes for what emerges from this project.”

In August, 2013, Regnerus editor James Wright confessed that he had permitted Wilcox to peer review the Regnerus paper.

What that means is that Regnerus, Wilcox and Wright are all guilty of knowingly disseminating false and misleading statements about scholarly work, in violation of the ASA’s “Code of Ethics.”

Regnerus has repeatedly made statements about research on gay people, statements that are false and deceptive, in violation of the ASA’s “Code of Ethics.”

Under previous ASA Presidents, the Code of Ethics was upheld, but it is not upheld under Dr. Cecilia Ridgeway.

I called Dr. Ridgeway to inquire whether she intended to hold Regnerus accountable for his violations of the ASA’s Code of Ethics.

She blew my complaint off, even though she admitted that by labeling his survey respondents’ parents as “lesbian mothers” and “gay fathers,” — despite not knowing about their sexual orientation — Regnerus is guilty of data falsification.

You read that right; undertaking a “study” funded by religious anti-gay bigots, booby-trapping its design and then to boot, labeling survey respondents’ parents’ as “lesbian mothers” and “gay fathers” without knowing about the parents’ sexual orientation is a form of data falsification.

Yet on the phone, Dr. Ridgeway could not be bothered to commit to upholding the ASA’s Code of Ethics against Mark Regnerus, who has been on a tear in the last year and a half, using his junk science to hate-monger against gay human beings.

When Paul Cameron the anti-gay bigot did many of the same types of things with distortions of research materials that Regnerus is doing now, the ASA President of the time had the integrity to uphold the ASA’s Code of Ethics, and oversaw proper public action against Cameron.

Meanwhile, Regnerus’s NOM colleagues, anti-gay thugs, are spreading their gay-bashing hate around the world, apparently in violation of U.S. laws. Regnerus’s “science” is among the first and last weapons NOM deploys in inciting to anti-gay violence.

In the United States, as well, gay people must live in heightened fear because of NOM’s exhortations that homosexuals are “worthy to death.”

It is time for ASA President Dr. Cecilia Ridgeway to start washing all of the gay-bashed blood off of her hands.

By permitting lying, religious anti-gay bigots the prestige of their associations with the American Sociological Association, but taking no action against them when they violate its Code of Ethics, Dr. Ridgeway has become complicit in the bigots’ anti-gay junk science, as well as in the sequelae that stem from that anti-gay junk science, causing unfathomable and unjustified defamation and violence against innocent gay people around the world.

Go to this link to sign a petition demanding that Ridgeway and the ASA’s Committee on Professional Ethics hold Regnerus accountable for his multiple violations of the ASA’s Code of Ethics.

The petition is here.



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