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Tom Corbett Vilifies Same-Sex Couples Again

525px-TomCorbett-McCainRally2008Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett does not have an argument against same-sex marriage. In fact, the reason why the anti-gay movement is beginning to crumble is that they have no arguments that hold water.

Corbett recently responded to a question about the recent court filing by his lawyers comparing same-sex marriage to the marriage between a child and an adult. Corbett said “It was an inappropriate analogy, you know. I think a much better analogy would have been brother and sister, don’t you?”

Corbett doesn’t have an argument there. That analogy is as inaccurate as the one about a child marrying an adult. Analogies like this are nothing more than attempts at fear mongering, and for those who do not know what mongering is, it means ‘selling’. Corbett is trying to sell people on the idea that they should be afraid of same-sex marriage.

The problem?

Fear only works when people do not know LGBT people or married same-sex couples.

That is the major reason, but there are other reasons as well. Like it or not, being LGBT is a lot more nebulous than being Black or Latino, or at least in terms of large groups of the Latino population. It is easy to create a racial fear of people who are non-White through the use of a media narrative that portrays non-Whites as being “bad people”- that is, they are easily portrayed in the news media as being drug dealers, drug users, criminals, and so forth. This is reinforced in much of popular media.

Of course, this has been part of the fabricated narrative over the last four decades and many of the narrative actually have to do with poor people being forced into criminal activities. Drug round ups in Vermont, where the non-White population is actually lower than the LGBT population, tend to arrest Whites about 99 out of every 100 drug users and dealers. It’s an issue of poverty not of race.

While it’s possible to create a popular media narrative that gays are bad, evil people, the real world narrative is much more difficult. LGBT people are most often the victims of crime not the perpetrators. While there are occasions where an LGBT person is the criminal, those stories are typically very rare.

Corbett and the anti-LGBT groups are flailing for a narrative that makes LGBT people look bad. This isn’t happening, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.



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