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And The Award Goes To- Doctor Who!

doctor_who_farewell_to_matt_smithDespite some Doctor Who fans who dislike Steven Moffat’s run as showrunner, the National Television Awards seems to love him and the Doctor. The NTA’s are a people’s choice-style award show, meaning that this is a popular vote not a vote by an academy. The people of Britain voted and gave two of prestigious awards to the fifty-year-old show.

Wednesday night, the NTA’s awarded Matt Smith Best Drama Performance for the second year in a row for his portrayal of the Eleventh Doctor. Smith departed the series this past Christmas with an astounding episode. Smith could not attend the ceremony because he was in the middle of a performance of American Psycho on the West End. Jenna Coleman (Clara) and Moffat were on hand to accept the honor on his behalf.

Smith did phone in a message to viewers as well.

Doctor Who itself went on to take down heavyweights Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife, and Broadchurch to win Best Drama. Coleman and Moffat accepted the awards. Coleman stated that “What a good evening for the programme. Now, if it could just win those pesky BAFTAs, then the BBC wouldn’t cancel it. It’s not going to get cancelled; I’m just making fun of naysayers who always say it will.”

Doctor Who Series 8 is currently being filmed with Peter Capaldi taking over for Matt Smith.

Here are the clips from the night:



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