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SHOW REVIEW: Eddie Izzard’s “Force Majeure”


From the dramatic opening of the show, to the Art Deco set, to wearing a simple navy suit with a splash of pink in the breast pocket, comedian Eddie Izzard knows “classy”.  In another grand performance of historically-based comedy, Izzard, has managed to delight and educate again in his latest show “Force Majeur“, which is currently touring Canada.

Audiences will delight in meeting new creations of Izzard’s, such as Steve, Mr. Stevens, and Steve God. He uses his unique acting skills to portray historic characters that all seem to have Sean Connery‘s voice.

Whether you are a student of history or not, Izzard brings the laughs. You will laugh, you will learn and hopefully after that you will go to sleep dreaming of Eddie telling jokes. Bilingual fans will delight in hearing him speak in English and French.

“Force majeure” is a French term that can mean “superior force,” “chance occurrence” or “unavoidable accident.” Funny, but all three of those phrases could apply to Eddie Izzard. No wonder the 51-year-old, self-styled “heterosexual transvestite,” who’s here for four shows at Massey Hall starting Nov. 13, gave that elegant appellation to his current comedic assault on the free world. -source-

I recommend this special to everyone! A+



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