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A Little Bit About Us

LGRrainbow logo 150x150Lez Get Real is a blog with “An LGBTA view from the emerald mountains”.

Welcome to LezGetReal.  We are a Vermont-based LGBTA Liberal/Progressive blog. While our focus is predominantly LGBT/Women’s Issues and non-Mainstream Entertainment, we cover a wide array of different subjects including gaming, politics, law, crime, world & US national news, and local issues.

Our site offers this variety because we are all human beings first, and everything else after. What happens to society in general happens to us, too. Local, national and world politics affect what laws get passed, and even if they aren’t targeted at the LGBT community, they can have profound effects on the LGBT community. Our hard news reporting is aimed at keeping you informed about all of that. We try to be a voice for the most vulnerable in our society.

You won’t find LGBT soft-porn here. We feel that mixing news reporting and salacious images demeans our audience and perpetuates the stereotypes our community is trying to move past.

You will find a lot of “geek” in our entertainment and features magazine sections. We here at LGR are a collection of geeks, and proud of it. Turns out a lot of our readers are, too.

Our Management Team

psc avatarPat Carbonell is the owner and editor in chief for the site, which translates into “chief cook & bottle washer”. The “look” of the site is her baby. As a contributor, she focuses on living gently on our earth, and hard news by default. She’s a disabled straight ally, with a collection of LGBT semi-adopted kids from years of being their “other Mom”.

j wolffe avatarJ. Wolffe is the entertainment and features editor for the site, and is responsible for forging media partnerships with a wide array of publishers, artists, movie/video production companies and TV networks. She manages several of the Features contributors to the site, while juggling her own writing, her partner and their 2 year old son.

LGRrainbow logo 150x150LezGetReal is our “anonymous” token straight male. He’s our tech guy, who fixes things when Pat breaks them and keeps us up and running when a story goes viral.

Our Principal Contributors

R. Johnson, mild-mannered jewelry store manager by day, TV/movie/superhero geek by night, takes us down memory lane and shines a light on current geek-ery.

Will Holden writes our “Gayme On!” column, from somewhere deep in the bowels of whatever multi-player universe he is inhabiting today.

Matthew Thomas has recently joined our team of contributors, with his “Uncle Matt’s Musings”, a unique view into the life of a rural (Vermont is not NYC!) gay man, with all the challenges that involves.

Scott Rose is a professional writer based in NYC, who has Mark Regnerus and NOM firmly in his caustic sights.

JWCC is a Vermont-based cartoonist and published illustrator, creator of our two webcomics, “Another Day…” and “Amie”. She also creates stunning tribal flash designs for tattoos.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to visit and we hope that you come back again soon.