5+ Mind Blowing Ideas to Build The Barndominium Floor

The term of barndominium floor maybe already familiar in the ears, but do you really know what is the meaning? Basically, it is a composition of style between condo and barn house. Usually, a condo is a design of a home which has lavish and sumptuous genre. The size also bigger than common house.

While on the other hand, a barn house is close with industrial style where metal is the basic component of the construction. Most likely, people build this barn house in the middle of their farm, completed with big front or back yard and fully covered by grass.

The most usual floor plan of  barn house is consisted of two main parts: living quarter and the barn itself. And the idea of bardominium comes to bridge those two things. Due to its function and practicality issues, no wonder if this style gains more popularity nowadays.

If you confused how to start the plan, you can make these points below as your personal guidance. Here it is.

Barndominium Fixer Upper

Barndominium Fixer Upper

Since the basic idea of creating barndos (nickname of barndominium) is having a loft above the barn, no wonder why this style is easily differentiated by its high ceiling.

It does not have any close correlation on how many floors you have: whether it is one or more, make the ceiling high. In the past, people who have this style of house tend to live in countryside. That is why they incline to choose natural material like wood instead compared to the modern house in urban city.

Now, the tradition to appeal wood is still maintained because it feels good to bring the raw and bare material inside the house. This is the reason why people keep the wood with its original look without painting it with too much colours and ornaments.

To make it more aesthetic, you can cut wood into boards into the same size for both floors, stairs, walls, and ceilings as well. It will significantly increase the homey level of your barndos. 

Barndominium Colour Inspiration

Barndominium Colour Inspiration

The other things that should be considered is about colours choice. Like I said earlier, maintaining the original look is essential to keep the “farm vibes”. Just in case you want to varnish, make it brown. So the function is more likely to avoid termite and any other destructive insects rather then decorative only.

Is brown too boring for you? Well, you can combine with another element. Take an example, the dominant colour is still brown but make the wall white and the floor is dark brown. Still rustic but more fancy, isn’t it? 

The Lights and Ventilation Issues

The Lights And Ventilation Issues

No one can deny the good air flow of having barndos style. The most influenced thing is the high ceiling. Showcasing your room by applying hanging bulbs and downlight lamps as your secondary source of lighting, after window and the other ventilation that sunlight can enter.

Make a centre of attention by hanging a chandelier or another decorative light in the middle of living or guest room. Due to your big size home, one chandelier is not enough. So you can add other simpler bulbs around the ceiling. Make sure it is enough to light up your room during the night or when winter comes.

Do not forget to perfectly adjust the wire so the lightings do not feel too short or too long.  Now let us talk about the primary source of lighting a.k.a windows and also ventilation. The tricks you can use are sliding glass doors from your house directly go to the backyard and vents on top of the ceiling.

Both of them are a key to bring healthy environment inside your house because air and light important for oxygen circulation and source of vitamin D. Another advantage of having high ceiling is, you can add more windows without disrupting the entire style.

Furthermore, you can save your electricity bills since you do not have to allocate too much budget on it. Have concern on security issues for too much or too big window? Just move it into the saver place. For example, if your barndos has second or more floors, move it there instead of the ground floor.

Or, another tactic is by using skylight on the ceiling or roof. It is way much safer than you put it in line of eyesight. The principle is: put it as high as possible. So it is still applicable even though you only have one floor. 

The Stains, The Finishes, The Paint, and Other Materials Used

Barndominium House Plans Lovely Best Barndominium Floor Plans For Planning Your Own Barndominium

In certain area, wood is an expensive material, even compared to steel. But the good news, many types of wood are grown locally. So you can adjust your budget with the most proper wood. You can choose either redwood, mahogany, teak, pine, or anything else.

After choosing the wood, then the next step is determining the finish. You can varnish, paint, or just make it as raw as possible to keep the vibe of “back to nature”. If the last option is your call, make sure the surface is smooth enough to avoid any injury with your feet. However, it makes the floor more comfortable to walk over it.

You can use sandpaper on it.  But if you want to arrange the hue of the wood surface, paint or varnish is excellent choice. Using stain does not mean you want to entirely change the colour. You can just make it lighter or darker than the origin colour. Or, pour a drop of different colour in the same tone, like reddish brown or yellowish brown.

The tips: choose the most neutral one with light tone for large surface. Like wall and ceiling. Combine it with darker tone for the ornament, like windows and doors frames, pillars, or furniture. For the floor, you can explore your idea into it. Whether light or dark, they suit for your style.

How about exterior? Well, it is fully up to your own taste. Most design experts will suggest you to use darker hue. But actually, choose neutral or warm tone also a pretty good idea. The other colours that still suitable with brown are maroon, dark green, and black. You can make combination with both of these colours to avoid any boredom of your entire style.

However, you can combine wood with the other natural materials. Take an example stone and marble. Pick marble for your floor and stone the entrance wall are wonderful idea. Do you have fish pond on front or backyard? Use stone to cover the edge of that pond is a great thing to begin with. Let their raw appearance stays with them and look how stunning your house, 

The Benefits of Barndominium Floor Plans

The Benefits Of Barndominium Floor Plans

Among countless style of interior and exterior design, you may still need additional reasons why using this barndominium is an unregretful choice. Pay attention to these points and you will end up by more insightful feeling.

First, barndominium is perfect for you who love simple and unclutter design. You do not have to think about too much details and ornaments since you can leave the surface, whether it is wood or stone, like the way it is but still look fantastic.

This simple thing leads into the budget allocation that can be minimized compared if you choose another else like modern or classic style. Second is about estimated time of construction. Thanks to this simplicity, you do not have to allocate more time to finish the details because of no or very minimum ornament in it.

Third, you will enjoy unlimited flexibility of barndominium floor. You can fully function it living space , or you can use it for work too. Especially if you live in a countryside environment and your barn is highly important to support the farm. Still in the flexibility topic, choosing this style means you are free to customized everything based on your personal taste.

For example: where the exact location to put plumbing and electricity wire, or if you want to combine with the other style like vintage and Scandinavian. Last but not least, this style encourage you to realise the combination between outdoor and indoor lifestyle

How to Create Your Own Barndominium Floor Plan

How To Create Your Own Barndominium Floor Plan

Before make a blue print, bear in mind that barndominium floor is supposed to be an open space. You can lift up the intimate level by unifying the large space with warm pattern of decoration or warm colour.

There are tips you can follow in order to arrange the furniture. First, large space will look weird if you fill it with tiny furniture. So, better for you to choose big furniture like oversized couch to balance the room proportion.

Then, unclutter the messy by grouping the furniture. Take an example, set an eating space or gathering area. Put the appropriate furniture on it. Now, you have tidy open layout. To make it better, you can pick one tone or pattern for each grouping. It is the easiest way to bond them together. 

So, are you ready to plan your astonishing barndominium floor plan?

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