13+ The Proper Baseboard Styles : Choose The Best For Your Home

What are the best baseboard styles? When we talk about home interior design, it can be that the topic is endless from the big to the small. Sometimes, small interior elements often go unnoticed or overlooked.

Like for example the baseboard floor of a house. In fact, the use of baseboard flooring at home can be a simple way to beautify the appearance of a home interior with enormous benefits. Especially now that there are a lot of quality baseboard flooring materials at very affordable prices. Guaranteed not to bother!

Baseboard Styles and Profiles

Choosing the right floor baseboard design can not only optimize the functionality, but it can also be an outstanding interior decoration element. The world community has known the two functions of the baseboard floor above for a long time, it is not surprising that they can always provide inspiration through baseboard floor works.

Whether you really care about the floor baseboard for your house or not, but for sure, some of the floor baseboard designs below will be very inspiring. It is quite possible after you see all the following designs, you will also be interested in imitating the designs.

Plain Baseboard styles

Plain Baseboard Styles

The baseboard floor model is not made prominent, but protrudes into. This is a good idea, especially for those of you who are afraid that protruding baseboard will be dangerous.

Flat Baseboard Molding

Flat Baseboard Molding

The choice of floor baseboard color is no different from the color selection for wall paint. If you want the color of the floor baseboard to blend in well, choose the dominant color matching in the room or choose a neutral color like white and black.

Baseboard Profiles

Baseboard Profiles

The installation of baseboard floors can be done anywhere in your home area. In the kitchen, accents from the floor baseboard like in this picture further sweeten the appearance and make it look neater.

Back-Profiled Baseboard for Adjustable Look Baseboard Styles

Back Profiled Baseboard For Adjustable Look Baseboard Styles

The installation of floor plants is never limited by the choice of the architectural style of the house. Minimalist concept houses like this can still be fitted with floor baseboards with a protruding shape.

Major Trim Profiles

Major Trim Profiles

Usually, the kitchen is more often colored with colors with very dark gradations or vice versa, colors with very bright gradations such as white.

Instead of you confused choosing a color that matches the color of your kitchen, just choose a gray floor baseboard. This gray color is very flexible because it matches paired with dark and also bright colors baseboard styles.

Sculpted Mid-Height Baseboard Styles

Sculpted Mid Height Baseboard Styles

Who says baseboard can’t be used in the bathroom area? Yes you can! If you want to install baseboard in the bathroom, then the best choice is sculpted mid-height baseboard to make it more durable. Sculpted trim will not be easily damaged or porous because it has wider surface.

Three-Inch Rounded or Stepped Baseboard

Three Inch Rounded Or Stepped Baseboard

This rounded baseboard is amazing. Every area inside your house can all be fitted with floor tiles! You can create a floor baseboard design that is installed around the area of ​​the house to the bottom of the stairs. For the main area of ​​the house, you should use wood baseboard, aluminum baseboard, or PVC baseboard to make it more presentable and durable.

Vinyl Baseboard styles

Vinyl Baseboard Styles

Compared to other materials, vynil baseboard is much more attractive because of its many advantages. Vynil baseboard is neater, much more durable, and has many compartments that can be used to organize wires at home.

Are there many cables are entangled in the road and disturbing the view? Overcome it by installing a floor baseboard! You can attach additional trimmings to set the cable like this or use a baseboard that has a special compartment for cables.

Sculpted Taller Baseboard Molding

Sculpted Taller Baseboard Molding

Just like the benefits of wood material for other elements of the house, wood floor baseboard material can also be a sweet complement to the floor.

Additional wood material on the bottom wall of the house will further strengthen the impression of luxury and elegance in all areas of the house. Types of wood commonly used for baseboard floors oak, mahony, etc.

Baseboard Material

Installing baseboard does not have to be expensive because there are a variety of alternative materials that can be tailored to your budget. In addition to ceramics, other materials such as wood, waterproofing, aluminum, pool paint to glass can be used to restrict walls and floors in the room.

But keep in mind because of the shape that leads out, make sure the edges of the baseboard are not sharp to maintain security in the house with baseboard styles. After knowing the actual function of baseboard, are you still hesitant to install a baseboard in the house?

Typically, the floor baseboard is installed in a width of about 10-15 cm from the end of the lower wall. The use of floor baseboard material is generally adjusted to the floor material itself. For example, if the floor is made of wood, then usually people will choose a wooden floor baseboard as well.

However, you can still choose a wide choice of floor baseboard material as desired. Here are some choices of floor baseboard material that you can try.

1. Pine Baseboard

1. Pine Baseboard

As the name implies, pinebaseboard is a baseboard made of good quality vinyl material. The advantage of PINE baseboard is that its material is known to be resistant to water and also termite attack. You can choose various sizes of PINE baseboard that are available on the market, ranging from a width of 6 cm, 8 cm, up to 10 cm.

This type of baseboard is equally strong because it is made of pine or stainless steel. Its durability is certainly the best compared to other materials because pine baseboards won’t be damaged by water or by termites. Pine baseboard is available in two design choices, namely the upright and curved.

2. Wood Baseboard

2. Wood Baseboard

Wood baseboard can be a cheaper option but still of high quality to protect the lower corner of your house. The Wood material is known for its durability and is also available in several attractive models and remains functional. Some wood baseboard styles are not only useful for protecting walls, but also for hiding cables from being cluttered.

3. MDF Baseboard

3. MDF Baseboard

Baseboard MDF means baseboard made from processed wood or Medium Density Fiber. Although not as durable as solid wood baseboard, the price of MDF baseboard is much cheaper with excellent quality and appearance. The surface of the MDF baseboard is also very smooth, so this baseboard styles still suitable for use in a variety of home and floor designs.

Baseboard styles is an element of interior decoration that is usually installed in the corner of the meeting between the edge of the floor and the end of the wall. Make no mistake, baseboard floor is not just an element of interior decoration of your home, but also to help ease at home!

Its main function is to keep the ends of the walls and floor clean and avoid various destructive events. In addition, the floor baseboard can also help prevent dust and dirt from gathering in the corner of the wall which will be very difficult to clean.

More than just beautifying the room. This wall and floor divider also have many functions that will help you maximize the sense of comfort in the house by using baseboard styles.

How to do it

Before discussing further the “barrier wall and floor”, let’s make it clear about baseboard. What is baseboard? If you don’t know, it’s only natural because this term is commonly called in the architecture world. The baseboard itself is a baseboard that is commonly found mounted vertically at the bottom of the wall. The application itself has been around since ancient Roman times.

Maybe some people think that this baseboard style only functions as a border that makes the room more dimensionful and beautiful. Though baseboard has a function that is more than just concerned with aesthetics in the dwelling.

The bottom of the wall is the most vulnerable area that is easily dirty and damp. The cause is dust and water when sweeping or mopping the floor. The baseboard keeps the walls from contacting these two elements to keep them clean.

Often you find a collection of dust in the corner of the wall of the room. Besides being difficult to clean, the situation also makes the room look unclean and less beautiful. Walls that have been installed with baseboards will be avoided from the dust and if there is, it will be easier to clean.

When changing the layout of the room in the house, often a sense of disappointment arises due to the many stains caused by furniture friction that clings to the wall. Inevitably you have to pay extra to repaint. But that might not have happened if the baseboard had been installed before. The thickness of the baseboard will give space so that the furniture does not actually stick to the wall. Say goodbye to blister walls!

So, those are the things you need to pay attention to before installing baseboards in your house. Have a good baseboard style hunting!


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