Trendy Cheap Basement Ceiling Ideas In 2019 and Tips How make It

An average basement ceiling ideas is a complex system involving wires, plumbing work, structural bracing, and also ductwork. This is the main reason why basement renovation can be quite difficult because you have to ‘hide’ what is it in the ceiling. If you take a look at a stunning basement makeover, you will quickly recognize that hiding the plumbing and ductwork makes the basement looks good.

However, in some places where plumbing pipes and ductwork are lower than the joists, it can be quite impossible to have a smooth, nice, and uninterrupted ceiling.

Even though it can be tricky to makeover the basement ceiling, let’s not make it as the reason why you cannot make use of the room. The options of Basement Ceiling Ideas are endless. You only need to know the basic tips on how to work on the ceiling without losing the pipes and ductworks functions.

Basement ceiling tips

When you think of a finished basement ceiling, you probably compare it to the standard ceiling of rooms upstairs. Well, it actually does not have to the same case. However, creating an inviting and stunning basement ceiling should take into consideration while all the infrastructure and system of the house should be concealed perfectly. A beautiful basement ceiling surely adds more value to the basement and the house in general. So, here are some tips to renovate the basement ceiling.

Choose the right paint

If you are in tight budget, one of the most economical, easiest, and fastest ways to finish the basement ceiling is to paint everything, literary everything. The monochromatic paint will disguise the ductwork and pipes perfectly. This method is usually used by the urban housing to turn a basement into a cool coffee shop. There are no exact rules to paint the basement ceiling, but black and other dark colors are effective in hiding the house components than a lighter color. Also, choose to flat finish paint instead of glossy finish, so it will not attract attention. If there are unusual surfaces such as electrical wires or fiberglass insulation, you can also paint it off, but cover the ducts with prime metal beforehand.

Use drop ceiling

Also known as a suspended ceiling, the drop ceiling can be a perfect option to cover ductwork. The drop ceiling is made of the metal grid which hangs on wires and attached on the joists. The lightweight panels slide through the grid to form a continuous ceiling. There are some advantages of a drop ceiling for basement including simple to install, sound absorbing panels, and also easy to remove panels. The drop ceilings may be considered as an unattractive ceiling option, but you can create a stunning basement ceiling using various materials such as wood panel, pressed metal, and so on.

Natural light

Artificial lighting is indeed a very important point to make a basement ceiling looks beautiful. However, if it is possible, make sure to get a natural light supply. It can be through a small window or sort of thing. In many building codes, it usually requires a second-way exit in the basement. You can remodel the code requirement and turn the exit way into a window. Install window well and egress window into it since the well allows a person to go through it and the egress allows sunlight to come in. And oh, to keep the basement private you can also install privacy blinds, solar shades, or simply curtain to prevent passers-by to peek through.


Lots of basement ceiling problems come from the water problem. Most basements are the dampest place in the house. The lack of sunlight, water pipes everywhere, and such a thing make the basement damp. When you think of remodeling the ceiling, it is crucial to make it remain dry. Check your basement for possible leaking pipes or any other damp sources. Waterproofing the ceiling and flooring up front prevents you from replacing rugs, furniture, and other appliances later.

Consider the height of the ceiling

Basement ceiling height is usually not that tall. Well, if you are tall enough, you may be able to reach the ceiling with your hands overhead. In some ceiling height cases, some people choose to cut the floor joists to add more height. However, you can also create an illusion of a higher ceiling using the right paint colors. You can use a darker color for the ceiling and contrast color for the wall to give an illusion of a higher ceiling. The analogy is darker color is like a night sky; it is high but you do not know where it ends. So, it is perfect to make the ceiling looks higher.

Drywall and paneling

If there is no obstruction hanging in the joists, you can simply install drywall or paneling into the ceiling. You can choose the decorative wall paneling to suit with the overall theme of the basement.

Basement ceiling ideas

Even though the basement ceiling mostly does not get enough attention from the homeowner, but, there are many creative ways of remodeling the basement ceiling. You can even make a stunning ceiling with inexpensive supplies and transform the neglected area into an attractive and functional focal point. Here are some Basement Ceiling Ideas that you can work in the basement.

Industrial look ceiling paint

Industrial Look Basement Ceiling Painting

industrial-look ceiling is also a great choice. You do not need to install drop ceiling or drywall. Pain the ceiling with the airless sprayer in white or another light color to create a beautiful look. The color of the ceiling should blend with the wall but it also has to give instant brightness at the same time.

DIY ceiling with old pallet crate

DIY Ceiling With Old Pallet Crate

if you have old pallet crate lids at home, you can use it for the basement ceiling. You can simply cover the ceiling with the pallet crate lids and the ceiling is done. Pay close attention to the pattern of the pallet crate lids and arrange it in orderly to make a beautiful wood pattern. This is also a great way to decorate the ceiling if the ductwork and plumbing pipes in the basement look so visible.

Plumping pipe for lights

Plumbing Pipe Lights

in some cases, you do not have to hide the plumbing pipes in the ceiling. You can create another industrial look with the pipes installed in the ceiling. Combines the wood ceiling and use the pipes as lighting holders. This is a simple yet romantic industrial ceiling looks for the basement.

Ceiling tiles in 3D

Ceiling Tiles In 3D

if there are lots of unused cardboard at home, do not throw them away. You can recycle the cardboard and turn it into 3D basement ceiling. Shape the cardboard into any 3D shape that you like and install it in the ceiling. This ceiling tiles are cost-effective but create a dramatic effect for a basement that requires suspended ceilings.

Tin Tiles

Tin Tiles

Full of star ceiling

Full Of Star Ceiling

if you want the ceiling to look like a night sky, you can create the full of star ceiling ideas. Using fiber optic, tiles, and domes, you can transform the ceiling to look like a night sky full of stars. This basement ceiling idea is suitable for kid’s bedroom, reading room, and so on.

Bookshelf ceiling ideas

Bookshelf Ceiling Ideas

the basement can be a perfect space for the working room. You can decorate the basement to look like an office. However, instead of installing a bookshelf on the wall, you can transform the ceiling into a bookshelf. This will add more space to the basement as well as help you hide the maze of plumbing pipes and ductwork. Plus, you do need to install an additional ceiling since the bookshelf takes over the function.

Dramatic Basement

Dramatic Basement
Studio Robert Jamieson

Ceiling drawers

Ceiling Drawers Basement Ceiling

similar to the bookshelf ceiling, you can also turn the ceiling into storage drawers. Many people make use of the basement as a storage space. But instead of just throwing things in the basement, you can organize it using the ceiling drawers. You can add wood storage in between the joists and functions it as hanging storage.

Floor joist storage

Floor Joist Storage

another great idea to turn the ceiling into storage is using the wire shelving. If wood shelving is not your thing, you can install wire shelving in between the floor joists and use the plastic box as the storage.

Unique ceiling

Unique Basement Ceiling Ideas

another great way to decorate the ceiling is using pattern. Pattern ceiling with different texture creates the unique look of the ceiling. You can add more items such as signboard and such to add an artistic touch.

Fabric ceiling

Fabric Ceiling

if you want a fresh ceiling design, you can use fabric to add more rustic look. Use a different color and pattern fabric and arrange it in waves. The colorful fabrics create the look of gypsy yet artistic look for the ceiling.

Man cave basement

Man Cave Basement Ideas

if you aim to make the basement as a ‘man cave’ you can decorate the ceiling with pattern and lightings. The combination of pattern and the lighting creates a calming and soothing feeling. Meanwhile, complete the basement with the latest technology, so, it can be a perfect playroom for a man.

Black splash tiling

Black Splash Tiling As Ceiling

tile for the ceiling is not a bad option. If you are afraid that other types of the ceiling will get damp over time, you can use tile which will last for a long time. Choose the black or dark color splash tiling to create an illusion of a higher ceiling.

The ceiling for home theatre basement

The Ceiling For Home Theatre Basement

the basement is a perfect room if you want to make a house theatre. Space is dim and the atmosphere is simply great for movie time. You can install a sound-proof wall and squared ceiling with led lights. Once the light is off, you can a real theatre atmosphere.

Cool basement ceiling

Cool Basement Ceiling Ideas

this is a cool basement ceiling idea for an out of the box industrial look. The use of wood stick creates beautiful texture, while the tube or led light shining from behind. You can also add some additional hanging lamp for a more artistic look.

Stretch Ceiling

Stretch Ceiling

The tented ceiling for playroom

Tented Ceiling Playroom

if you want to make the ceiling as a playroom, you need to make it looks super cute. You can use fabrics on the ceiling and makes it look like a tent roof. Isn’t it cool to have a playroom but you feel like in a tent?

Bar-look basement ceiling

Basement Bar Ceiling Ideas

a simple idea for basement ceiling is the bar-look. The combination of wood ceiling, hanging lamp, and wood shelf make it look like an old bar that you are used to visiting.

Painted pipes

Painted Pipes And Ceiling

if you find it difficult to hide the pipe system in the basement ceiling, do not bother to hide it at all. Pain the pipes in contrasting color with the ceiling to make it as a focal point.

Ceiling arts

Ceiling Art

if you use dropped ceiling, it should be easy to fit ceiling arts in between the grids. This kind of ceiling gives easy access to the wires and pipes and also creates a larger basement illusion.

Framed art

Ceiling Framed Art

even though it is unusual to fit the frame from the floor to the ceiling, but you can use the framed art ideas to give a unique and artistic look. Use different sizes of frames and arrange it nicely in the wall.

Basement bookshelves

Black Basement Bookshelves

if you want to make use of the ceiling, you can install bookshelves right under the ceiling. Use the hanging shelves to store the books and choose a contrasting color between the ceiling and the shelves.

Photos ceiling basement

Photos On Basement Bar Ceiling

another great idea to decorate basement ceiling is by attaching photos. If you have lots of Polaroid photos, just patch the photos in the ceiling. Surely, the guests will be amazed by your photo collection.

Ceiling paint for small basement

Small Basement Ceiling Painting

if you have a small basement, it can be tricky to choose the right paint for the ceiling. However, you can add beadboard in between the floor joist. Paint it in white or another light color to brighten the basement. The white color also gives the large illusion for small space.

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