15+ Basement Home Theater Ideas + How To Make It

Basement home theater – Having a basement home theater is certainly something that those who like to watch a movie want. An intimate and also exciting atmosphere can be obtained in a special room to watch this. It also provides a new experience when watching movies. For those of you who are confused about how to design or choose equipment in your home theater room, here is how to plan a room in the basement for a home theater.

1. Size of the basement

Before you attempt to make your basement home theater, make sure you do your measurement. Why? Well, you don’t want to enjoy a movie in a place that is way too narrow than it is supposed to be. However, the ideal measurement for a home theater is 20 ft long, 12 ft wide, and 8 ft high.

Anything above those measurements is a plus point. But, don’t worry, if your basement is slightly smaller than that, all you have to do is set up a smaller screen and smaller seats. It will compensate the number of people to fit inside the basement home theater.

2. Dampness in the basement

What is the biggest enemy of electronics? Water, yes. And a home theater is a place full of electronics. You don’t want to let them break overtime by the humidity in your basement. So, make sure you also measure the water content in the air of the basement.

Let alone a basement that floods during the heavy rainy season. But, if you have humid air, you can trick it by using an air dehumidifier. Set the humidity to the lowest level and you are ready to go to make your own basement home theater.

Also, pay attention to piping. Those piping in your basement is a risk of leaking. Make sure you re-seal them all to prevent any leak before you set up your basement home theater.

3. Lighting in the basement

Yup, basement means no sunlight, that’s for sure. Although, we might have some basement with a little glass block at the top of the wall that will give you sunlight from the bottom of the street. But, isn’t the darker the room the better the movie feels? Yes, but we are talking about the activity you do while the movie is not playing.

You don’t want to walk around a dark room all the time. So, make sure you install proper lighting to get you illuminated. Of course, once the movie starts, you can turn them all off as you like.

4. Wiring

No matter how clean your basement is, there must be things that will ruin your basement home theater. That is due to the fact that you don’t stay all the time in your basement, which makes little break is hard to spot. So, in order to keep your move theater works properly, make sure you keep the wiring done real good.

Wiring is the second most important aspect of electronics, besides the electronic component itself, of course. So, how do you install proper wiring in your basement? The easiest way is to use a PVC pipe. Make the lane first with the PVC pipe. Then, get your cable to go through it.

5. The ceiling and walls

The ceiling of your basement is going to be the main place where all your piping and your wiring go. This is going to be a hazardous material and you don’t want them to be seen or go unprotected. Yes, you can seal all the pipe and the wiring pipe properly. But, still, you better cover your sealing.

That will reassure your safety while enjoying the movie at your home theater. You also need to pay attention to the wall. You better cover the wall with carpet. It will provide a better acoustic to the basement.

6. WiFi Signals

Home theater without wifi? That’s a big no. How are you going to get your movie from? You need internet access. You better get the wifi to the basement. Make sure you get your home router strong enough to get to your basement. Or you can also use a signal booster to extend the reach of your home router. In this way, you are able to watch Netflix, Hulu, and many more.

7. The floor

Be aware that the basement floor is usually made of concrete. You don’t want this in your home theater. The reason is that concrete is bad for acoustic. It will reflect sound. So, make sure you cover your floor with carpet. In that way, you can get a better acoustic.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is whether or not your floor sips water from the ground. If you recognize the sign that it does, make sure you cover the floor, not with a carpet, but with tiles, waterproof tiles to be precise. In that way, you don’t need to worry about the flood in your basement.

Basement home theater Ideas

After knowing the location and size, the homeowner must think of concepts such as what he likes for home theater in his home. Various concepts and themes can be applied of course after looking for inspiration about this room. Do not forget to adjust to the overall space in the other house. Various concepts are applied to start from modern concepts to vintage or elegant.

Dark Basement home theater

Dark Basement Home Theater

This is the most elegant idea for your basement home theater. You need to make sure that every wall and ceiling is properly covered. Then, you need to provide some leather chairs and minibars. Pay attention to the coloring. It’s all about black and white. Don’t put too many unnecessary details.

Sophisticated Color Home Theater In Basement

Sophisticated Color Home Theater

If you are a big fan of Sci-Fi, then this is going to suit your needs. This sophisticated Color Home Theater employs many blue lights with a light-colored chair. You can set the arrangement of the screen and the chair with a little coffee table in the middle of the seat row. There you have it, your own spaceship-like home theater.

Basement home theater Remodel

Basement Home Theater Remodel

This is a complete remodel of your basement. You need to make a new island desk with a complete kitchen and stuff. Yes, it is a bit more than necessary as a home theater. But the comfort you got from it is worth trying. You can have all family and friends gather in your basement home theater.

Man’s Cave Basement home theater

Man’s Cave Basement Home Theater

If you are a big fan of sports, you can use this arrangement. There is nothing better than watching your favorite team match than having their apparels and jersey hanging around your personal collection closet. Plus, you can have your own rugby and football’s collection on the top of the board. This is perfect for you and your team fellows to enjoy a match.

Basement home theater with Bar

Basement Home Theater With Bar

Some people don’t like watching movies while sitting down and settled. They like to move around while the movie keeps playing. If you are that kind of person, that you will need this arrangement. Put some billiard table and some bar in it. Then, you will have your little “playground”. You can move around while some of your fellows might still be sitting down watching the movie.

Clever Use of Space

Clever Use Of Space

Don’t use too much space for an item. Make sure you use small furniture as possible. In this way, you can have plenty of things in your basement. You need to make sure that you benefit from every inch square of the room. But, it doesn’t mean you have no space for moving at all.

Be clever when you create space in your room!

Home Theater with Miniature Design

Home Theater With Miniature Design

The miniature is the best thing you can have at home. Yes, you can have all you want from the realistic home theater. Bar, pool table, and many more. But, make sure you get the smallest size possible so that it will fit perfectly. To add the touch of the real cinema, you can have some wall decoration too, such as the newest movie, etc. Really, you don’t even need to go to the real cinema after having all this at home.

Home Theater in The Woods

Home Theater In The Woods

Some of us like cabins more than we like anything else. So, why not have it in our basement? Yes, just decorate everything with natural wood. You can start with your wall and ceiling. Be careful with the floor though. As we mentioned earlier, make sure your floor doesn’t sip water. If it does, unfortunately, you cannot have your floor covered with wood.

Contemporary Basement Home Theater

Contemporary Home Theater

Design your basement home theater with soundproof walls, proper lighting, and of course comfortable furniture. By using a coating on the wall that makes the room soundproof, will make the sound inside the room feel more fitting like in a movie theater.

Basement home theater with Comfy Seat

Basement Home Theater With Comfy Seat

The comfy seat is sometimes without question needs to be there. Yes, if this is the thing that you need to have, so go have it! Make a U-shaped sofa arrangement with a coffee table in the middle. This way, you can have the most comfortable home theater ever!

How to Build a Basement home theater

How To Build A Basement Home Theater

After planning the design and layout, it is certainly important to choose audio and visual equipment for the home theater. Of course, increasingly sophisticated technology will make more choices for your room. Equipment such as a projector screen or flat-screen to the speakers, remote, and cables need attention.

Choosing between a projector or flat screen will provide a different viewing experience. That is because both screens have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Many people prefer projector screens for their home theater because of the large screen size.

Projector screens can fill the entire wall of the room, giving the impression of a cinema experience. For flat-screen TVs now come out with various sizes with sharpness and also a good picture. Also easy to install and can also be used for rooms that have low ceiling space.

Should I Convert My Basement Home Theater ?

Should I Convert My Basement

That depends on the existing condition of your basement. The first thing you need to pay attention to is whether or not your basement is inhabitable. If it is already, then a little tweak with lighting, air conditioning, and furniture will do the job easily.

The lighting in the room needs to be considered to minimize interference. Lighting in a home theater is more of a dark atmosphere with a few reflections from the wall lights that will make the eyes of people who see inside are not disturbed or feel glare. Therefore, choose a chandelier that is placed not directly illuminating people, screens or chairs but to the walls and ceiling. Create a cinema atmosphere by choosing and placing lights.

Do I have the Budget?

Do I Have The Budget

Good question. It is necessary to plan the outgoing for the entire project to transform your basement into a functioning and comfortable home theater. Make sure you set a budget to do it. If you don’t have the budget, yet, well, you might want to do it slowly by changing little things at first.

Do I have enough space in my basement home theater?

Do I Have Enough Space

As we mentioned earlier, it has to be at least 20 x 12 x 8 ft in dimension. However, you also need to pay attention to the number of people you will probably have in your home theater. If you have a small area but insist to transform it into a home theater, just make sure you don’t invite too many people in the future.

That will definitely not fit the room and cause discomfort in your basement home theater. To make a basement home theater, you need your own room. Or, you can also turn your room into a cinema. Look for references on the internet for the form of a room that also functions as a cinema.

The speakers used are quite small and placed in the corners of the room to keep getting surround sound that makes it different than watching with regular speakers. If possible, add soundproof coating on the walls. The lamp used should also not be too bright so as not to reduce the focus of the view towards the screen.

To get a comfortable position, look for a position to fire the projector or put a screen that feels right so you do not inconvenience while watching. Visibility must also be considered so that the head does not get sore when watching the movie in your basement home theater.

After planning, choosing and starting to do your basement home theater project, it’s a good idea to work with professionals in the expert field. As well as being more secure, professionals will be able to easily give advice on design, materials and complete remodeling of the room in your home.

In addition, professionals will also know more about the installation of various complementary home theater technically. It would be good when dangerous things like electrical installation are handled by experts so that you get the best result for your basement home theater.

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