15+ Basement Laundry Room Ideas that Suits Your Style

If you’re in the mood for remodeling your laundry room at home, why not use up space from your basement.  Believe it or not, basement laundry room ideas are not as boring as it looks like. Because there are tons of ideas you will be inspired to make or even renovate one for your own.

From dirty laundry baskets to unorderly stacks of dirty clothes, it’s just too painful to look at. You always try to avoid your guests from that only space of your house. But no worries, you can make your laundry room look even better and nice to look at, right at your basement floor. So, go check these basement laundry room ideas that will definitely match your preference.

A Makeover Laundry Room Ideas

A Makeover Basement Laundry Room

Doing a makeover laundry room needs planning for the most part. Think of a theme or a concept that suits your style. Then, take out all the unnecessary things you don’t need in the basement.

Laundry Room with Cabinets In Basement

Basement Laundry Room With Cabinets

One thing you could do with a laundry room is to add storage cabinets. For instance, add racks for drying and arranging your laundry, clothes basket, etc. This will definitely make your laundry room nice to look at.

A Combo of Laundry Room and Playroom

A Combo Of Laundry Room And Playroom

This concept of combining a laundry room and a playroom will work if you need more space for your kids to play.  Just make sure any utilities are safe and out of reach of children.

Laundry Room with Stackable Washer

Laundry Room With Stackable Washer

A stackable washing machine is a great concept when you need more space in the laundry room. Thus, you will have more room for racks and storage cabinets.

Proper Lighting

Proper Lighting

You have to have good lighting for your laundry room. Since the basement tends to be a bit darker than the rest of the room in the house, your basement laundry room deserves proper lighting. Especially, when a playroom involves where kids are there for their own fun.

Color Scheme Laundry Room

Color Scheme Laundry Room

Choosing the perfect color scheme for your laundry room is a must. According to experts in home decor, in terms of choosing a color scheme for your laundry room, you should stick to neutral or light colors.

Sleeky Base with Wooden Pattern

Sleeky Basement Laundry Room

The idea of a sleek laundry room is visible from the appearance of its cabinets’ color and also the utility room. Also, it can be seen through the lighting and counter area.

Luxury Design Laundry Room

Laundry Room With Luxury

When luxury comes to play, usually you will need to spend more. In this case, adding a workspace while doing laundry is one of the basement laundry room ideas, nowadays.

Laundry Room With Island Style

Island Laundry Room

An island table located in the middle of your laundry room? Why not? It will be useful especially for folding your laundry afterward. A sleek marble or wood countertop will be great for the island table.

Base Board Laundry Room

Broad Laundry Room

When you have a large and broad laundry room, you can be more organized and make things much nicer to look at. You can put closets, hanging clothes bars, and definitely wooden storage cabinets.

Narrow Laundry Room Ideas

Narrow Laundry Room

When you just have a narrow or small space in your laundry room, you can still have a nice basement laundry room.  With a small space makes it even better to organize and make things cleaner.

Laundry Room Makeover Ideas


Laundry Room Makeover

Another basement laundry room makeover idea is to make some changes. You can either get a new washing machine and change the wallpaper or paint it in different colors.

Old Style Laundry Room

Old Style Laundry Room

There’s nothing wrong with going old fashioned with your laundry room look.  From the rustic pattern of the cabinets to the older-aged look of the wood will appear stunning. You can add more old-style counter areas to your laundry room that will make it look back in the old days in a good looking way.

Unfinished Touch Laundry Room Design Ideas

Unfinished Touch Laundry Room

Some houses may come with an unfinished basement, which the laundry room appears to be there as well. What you can do with an unfinished laundry room is by adding some touches into it. For instance, add a cozy rug, curtains, or add some furniture.

Neat and Tidy Laundry Room Ideas

Neat And Tidy Laundry Room

To make your Best laundry room neat and tidy, you will need to organize things in separate sections. For example, using curtains to hide your dirty clothes baskets to hide them from the clean clothes.


To sum up, which one of the following is your favorite? So, basically you will need the proper design that will fit your budget. Any basement laundry room ideas will look perfect with great planning.

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