29 Stunning Design Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas [NEW !!!]

Having a beautiful kitchen is every woman’s dream. Everyone has their own kitchen design. You can choose a kitchen theme that suits your taste. If you don’t have a lot of money to add kitchen equipment, you might be able to change the color of your kitchen.

For example, you can change the color of your kitchen cabinet into blue. Blue kitchen cabinets make your kitchen look stylish and elegant. Then, how to apply blue in your kitchen cabinet. Well, you can consider these following blue kitchen cabinet ideas just in case you want to remodel your kitchen with best design and ideas such as floor, ceiling, tables, etc.

Island Kitchen Ideas With Navy Blue

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet

The navy blue kitchen cabinet looks attractive if you have a large kitchen. Besides, you also have to adjust the color of the kitchen walls and ceiling. You do not need to apply a blue navy on all parts of your cabinet, but you can choose the bottom of the countertop and storage so that the room still looks bright. Meanwhile, you can apply white at several points.

Combine White And Dark Blue

Dark Blue Kitchen Island

Dark blue is a navy blue color combined with white so that it produces a slightly grayish blue color. This color is suitable for countertop storage with a combination of white on the surface. If you want to get a contrasting color, you don’t need to apply dark blue to all parts of the cabinet. This color is also suitable for accent-themed brown rooms.

Kitchen Set With Wooden and Blue Kitchen

Rustic Blue Kitchen Set

Even though your kitchen uses modern equipment, you can still apply the rustic style to your kitchen and by choosing blue for your kitchen cabinet. So, you only need to change the overall color of the cabinet to blue color including the countertop and the backsplash. It will be more attractive if you combine it with a light brown accent on the kitchen ceiling, floor, and wall to make it even more rustic.

Egyptian Kitchen Style With White Brick

Egyptian Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Egyptian blue-themed kitchen is an adorable concept for modern kitchen remodeling because it combines blue sky color with a white accent. Basically, the Egyptian style is coming from the decorative items on the rack mounted on the wall. Meanwhile, the blue accent is applied to its countertop cabinet with an L shape.

Wooden Floor Kitchen Island

Navy Blue Kitchen Island

When you want to apply a new theme to your kitchen, you probably can give a little touch to your kitchen island with a navy blue accent. It looks dark, so you have to combine it with a brighter accent like white around the kitchen. You can use white acrylic for the floor tiles. The ceiling is also nice with natural color with three hanging chandeliers.

Blue Country Style Cabinet

Country Style Kitchen Cabinet

This kitchen cabinet idea brings a classic concept that is suitable for modern homes. The country style kitchen cabinet uses a light nautical blue accent on several parts. What makes it different? Well, if you decide to remodel your kitchen without replacing the furniture, you can just pain the cabinet in two different accents between the blue and the dark gray. It makes the kitchen look more harmonious, especially for a minimalist kitchen.

Minimalist Kitchen Set in Blue Color

Minimalist Kitchen Set In Blue Color

For apartment kitchens, it will also look adorable in a blue accent. Since the kitchen is not too large, you can apply the blue color on several parts of your cabinet. The kitchen island and the countertop are also nice in blue. But, you must choose the right color combination to bring a fresh atmosphere and elegance. We prefer a white accent to be painted on your wall and ceiling.

Gorgeous Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Gorgeous Blue Kitchen Cabinets

A gorgeous blue kitchen cabinet is not just coming from the color, but it is also coming from the kitchen items you use. If you have a small kitchen, you may have a blue kitchen cabinet with an L shape. You can complete the room with other decorations with different accents. The wall is just perfect in white and the ceiling is really nice in brown.

White and Blue Kitchen Cabinet

White And Blue Kitchen Cabinet

White and blue are two accents that can make your kitchen look perfect in style. Even though the room is not that spacious, you can apply this color combination to bring a harmonious look and add value to its essence. The white accent must be more dominant than the blue because the blue is just applied to the cabinet doors.

Traditional Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Traditional Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Blue accent may make your modern kitchen look traditional. It is all about the color combination. If you want to bring this traditional look, then you can choose a blue cabinet with brown countertop. Also, you must put kitchen items that are made from hardwood. Commonly, every corner of the kitchen is also painted in brown accent including the wooden floor and wall.

Modern Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Blue Kitchen Cabinet

A modern blue kitchen offers an outstanding futuristic design with a blue and white color combination. It also has a large kitchen island made from acrylic material white a large cabinet is fully installed on every corner of the kitchen wall in dark blue.

It looks more attractive because you also can decorate the kitchen with some hanging lamps or you also may complete it with bar stools and flower decoration.

Open Kitchen Design with Blue Cabinet

Open Kitchen Design With Blue Cabinet

An open kitchen has a very wide kitchen space with a very large blue cabinet that looks so adorable for adding value to your room. This also belongs to a modern kitchen design that combines several accents like white, brown, gray, and blue.

The dark blue applied to the kitchen cabinet makes it even spacious yet elegant when you see it from different perspectives.

L-Shaped Blue Kitchen Cabinet

L Shaped Blue Kitchen Cabinet

An L-shape kitchen cabinet is suitable for a minimalist kitchen. Somehow, you also can choose a blue accent for the cabinet to make it look elegant in style and design. It uses a simple wall mounted cabinet with glassy doors where you store your kitchen appliances.

Meanwhile, the kitchen island also looks adorable painted in light blue color as a traditional kitchen concept. It is not a bad idea if you also combine it with other different neutral accents like white and gray.

Blue Grey Kitchen Cabinet

Blue Grey Kitchen Cabinet

A kitchen cabinet with a blue-grey accent makes it feel comfortable to do things in your kitchen. It looks cozy with some beautiful decorations. You just use small wall mounted cabinets made from hardwood in a blue-gray accent. This kitchen theme is commonly inspired by Arabian kitchen design. It becomes even nicer when you combine it with some different colors like white and green.

Get Bold With Blue And Island Design

Bold Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Bold blue kitchen cabinet sounds perfect to apply to a small kitchen with an L shape cabinet. Somehow, you can repaint your kitchen cabinet in bold blue or also known as a dark blue that looks adorable for a traditional kitchen. It also looks cozy when you also apply light accents on other parts such as countertop and kitchen island.

Elegant Kitchen with White Sink

Elegant Blue Kitchen Cabinet With Sink

How to make an elegant kitchen design with blue color? You may choose dark blue that is combined with clear white to make it even more elegant. Most of the kitchen parts are painted in dark blue including the wall. But, you keep the kitchen island white to make it different. This becomes the most favorite kitchen theme for many homeowners who live in small flats.

Combine White An Light Blue

Most women prefer light colors applied to their favorite room. For example, they may like a light blue kitchen cabinet that looks so soft, elegant, and cozy. This accent makes the room brighter because the blue color still can reflect the light. Meanwhile, it must be perfect to combine the light blue with other neutral accents like white for a better atmosphere.

Country Style Kitchen with Blue Cabinet

Some people want to redesign their kitchen with a country-style concept that combines both modern kitchen and traditional kitchen. In this case, you can still use a dark blue cabinet to make it look perfect. You just choose a blue cabinet while the other parts use white coloring like the countertop, backsplash, ceiling, kitchen island, etc.

Ocean Theme With Antique Blue Cabinet

If you want to store a lot of kitchen appliances, you need a large cabinet in your kitchen. But, it is no big deal because you just choose the right color for it just in case you want to have a kitchen with an antique look. Simply, you can pick a light blue accent that is adorable for a modern kitchen. Still, you can combine it with other colors like black on the kitchen island and while for the wall.

Spanish Kitchen Style with Blue Color

What makes your kitchen look Spanish? Well, it is not just about choosing the right color, but you also have to complete it with Spanish stuff. Somehow, you can pick a dark blue color that looks original and stylish for such a Spanish themed kitchen. Also, you can choose other colors that match the theme and some decorative items for a perfect design.

Blue Stained Cabinet With Big Lamp

You always have a chance to remodel your kitchen theme with a different taste of color. If you prefer old-fashioned accents, then you can choose a blue stained color applied to your kitchen cabinets. It looks blue, but it looks like a faded color. It also looks natural like the color of the ocean. This is usually applied to many traditional kitchens because the owners don’t have enough budgets to make it look like a future kitchen.

Rustic Ideas With Amazing Texture

Some people prefer the old school concept that looks so impressive when applied for remodeling kitchens. You can choose a rustic blue color that usually looks light blue with a gray combination. This color choice makes your kitchen look traditional even though you live in a luxury apartment.

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