54+ Best Chicken Roosting Ideas For Your Coop

If you want to raise chickens at home, then you must provide a chicken coop or chicken roosting ideas with bars so that your chickens have shelters and beds. A chicken coop and chicken roosting come with a lot of concepts and design.

You can search for chicken roosting ideas online so you get some inspiration for building a chicken coop. Chickens like to perch, so you don’t just build a chicken coop, but you also have to include the chicken roosting. Which chicken roosting ideas do you prefer? You may consider these ideas for chicken coop with roosting for your inspiration for space in the house.

Hens on Wheels For Chicken Roosting

Hens On Wheels - Chicken Roosting Ideas

You can build a chicken coop that has four van wheels, a van. This chicken roosting looks so interesting and unique because it is also equipped with several sliding doors. It looks like a van which is made of wood. Basically, this chicken coop has a simple design and is made of wood.

This is the best choice if you want to have a portable chicken roosting because you only have to push this chicken coop to move it from one place to another. In fact, you can also easily build it because it is just a simple chicken coop.

The Eggcelsior Chicken Roosting

The Eggcelsior - Chicken Roosting Ideas

The Eggcelsior is a chicken roosting idea that brings a unique concept and resembles a hotel. This chicken coop really looks like a small hotel building in the city of Amsterdam.This is one of the best chicken coops you can try. In addition, it also looks detailed with two windows with curtains.

The front porch is also designed with four poles. The chicken coop door is also similar to the door of a house with two windows on the left and right. However, if you choose this design, then you have to build a little taller and bigger, at least it has a height of 2 meters and a width of 2 meters.

Trampoline Chicken Roosting House Ideas

Trampoline Chicken House - Chicken Roosting Ideas

This is a chicken coop that has a trampoline concept that looks so unique and modern. Basically, you only need to make a circular surface at the top and then you complete it with a jarring around it. The chickens will be inside the trampoline and it will also be equipped with a chicken roosting bar so the chickens will perch as they wish.

This chicken coop building concept also uses two types of materials, they are iron pipes and boards. For the trampoline design, you have to use a temporary iron frame at the top, you use wood to feed the chicken.

Cob-Made Chicken Coop Roost

Cob Made Chicken Coop - Chicken Roosting Ideas

You can also make a chicken coop made of clay. In England, cob is very famous because this material is known to be very strong and is made from a combination of clay, sand, and straw. The strength is the same as concrete so that your chicken coop will be sturdy. Besides, you can also design it as you wish. You can build a chicken roosting made from the cob with attractive roofing. This is suitable for large-sized chicken coops or if you want to open a chicken livestock business.

Galactic Hen House Chiken Roost

Galactic Hen House - Chicken Roosting Ideas

If you want to build a hen house that looks modern and unique, you might want to try the galactic hen house idea that looks fantastic and futuristic. This hen house resembles a rocket that is ready to launch. The material used is made from wood and it really looks like a NASA rocket.

It is about 3 meters high and has a single door with a roosting. This can be the most impressive and creative chicken coop. It will look more perfect if you paint it a white color and then put a “NASA” symbol on its body.

Chicken Chicken Roosting Camper

Chicken Camper - Chicken Roosting Ideas

Chicken camper is a chicken roosting that is built rather high and it is completed with a ladder so that the chickens can climb up to enter their house. This chicken house resembles a modular house like a cabin made of wood panels. This looks impressive because this chicken coop looks like a portal to a place.

In addition, the unique and attractive shape makes the chicken happy to be in this roosting. This is perfect for those who want to keep a little chicken for a hobby.

Geodesic Dome Chicken Roosting House

Geodesic Dome Chicken House - Chicken Roosting Ideas

A geodesic dome chicken house brings a tent concept that looks like a UFO. This chicken roosting is made from metal covered with a jar around the frame. You also have to provide a cover for the roofing made from plastic so that you can close it at night so the chickens don’t rain.

This chicken coop is perfect for those of you who keep chickens on a roast yard so you can move the chicken roosting wherever you want.

Red Chicken Roosting Ideas

Red Chicken Roosting Ideas - Chicken Roosting Ideas

When you build a chicken roosting, you not only have to pay attention to the building design, but you also have to pay attention to the color selection for your chicken coop. Therefore, we suggest that you try red chicken roosting ideas that look so charming and elegant.

The design of this chicken house resembles a mini regular house which is also equipped with a door, two windows, and a balcony. The wall is painted white combined with a white accent. Meanwhile, the roof is painted in a gray accent.

Individualized Chicken Roosting Coop

Individualized Chicken Coop - Chicken Roosting Ideas

For chicken lovers, you can build a large-sized chicken roosting with individualized chicken coop themes. This chicken coop also looks like a human home equipped with two doors. However, the wall is transparently made from wires. Since you apply the individualized chicken coop theme, then you can decorate it uniquely.

For example, you can write a list of names of chickens in a cage. You can also decorate the chicken coop with some beautiful flowers.

From Clunker to Clucker Roosting Ideas

From Clunker To Clucker - Chicken Roosting Ideas

You make use of things that you don’t use any more like classic car wrecks that start to rust to become a nice chicken roosting. This is the most attractive and modern design of a chicken coop because the body is made from iron rather than wood. Simply, you can add several jarring made of wires to the wall.

The car cabin is now becoming the roosting chicken. This is a chicken coop car that is still equipped with four wheels and one steering wheel. This is a creative idea for DIY chicken roosting.

Chicken Nesting Roosting Boxes Ideas

Chicken Nesting Boxes - Chicken Roosting Ideas

If you maintain laying hens, then you must provide a nesting box so that the hens can lay eggs and hatch in this house. Usually, it only needs a small nesting box with a roof and walls. This nesting box is also lightweight so you can move it to a certain place. This is the simplest way to build a minimalist style of a chicken coop. But, if you have a lot of hens, you might need to build bigger nesting boxes.

Dreamy Chicken House Roosting Ideas

Dreamy Chicken House - Chicken Roosting Ideas

Some people don’t really care about the design and decoration of their chicken coops. But, if you like beauty, it is not a bad idea that you decorate your chicken coop so that it looks beautiful and homely. Try the dreamy chicken house concept that applies colorful themes to every corner of the building.

This makes the chicken coop look clean and healthy. You can choose the colors of the rainbow painted on the wall. Besides, you can also add some other decorations such as flower pots and fences.

Chicken Cage Ideas

Chicken Cage - Chicken Roosting Ideas

A chicken cage is a chicken coop concept that looks so classy and attractive because it resembles a kingdom of nowhere. The chicken coop is also very large and has several rooms connected by a tunnel made from an iron jarring. This chicken coop concept looks luxurious and expensive because you might need a lot of money to build a spying tower and chicken dome made from metal netting.

The Easy A-Frame

The Easy A Frame - Chicken Roosting Ideas

A chicken coop in your backyard is a good idea because you can maintain chickens and feed them every day. You can try the easy a frame theme that looks simple but is effective enough for chicken protection. This chicken house looks small, but it has a very beautiful concept.

Green and natural concept chicken coops provide additional value to your backyard. In this case, you can decorate it with several plants and flowers. Chickens will feel happy with a clean and beautiful environment. In addition, you can raise chickens while farming.

Underground Chicken Roosting Ideas

Underground Chicken Roosting Ideas - Chicken Roosting Ideas

If you live in a snowy area, then the concept of an underground chicken coop might suit you. Here, you must build an underground chicken coop long before the winter comes. You can dig the ground 1-meter-deep and then build a wooden foundation. However, you still have to provide a door and walk-in. When it is winter, this chicken roosting will be covered with snow, but your chicken will still feel warm inside the chicken coop.

Fully-Functional Chicken Coop

Fully Functional Chicken Coop - Chicken Roosting Ideas

You might not know what this chicken coop concept is because it looks like a truck or a house. The chicken coop is also quite broad and is divided into two parts. The main building is slightly higher and is equipped with two wheels. It is tightly closed with a small window.

Meanwhile, the second building is designed with a glass roof and wall wires as if it resembles a truck bucket. This might be the most creative idea if you want to build a medium-sized chicken coop.

Beer Can Shingles

Beer Can Shingles - Chicken Roosting Ideas

An ordinary chicken coop will look interesting if you give a little touch of decoration on the outer wall. You can try beer can shingle that looks so beautiful and colorful when attached to the walls of the chicken coop. This is the easiest chicken cage decoration to make. You can even cover the entire chicken cool walls with beer cans. You don’t need to spend money because beer cans are available on garbage.

Chicken Coop on the Shire

Chicken Coop On The Shire - Chicken Roosting Ideas

The concept of a chicken coop on the shire is the theme most people want because it has a unique and attractive design. This chicken coop may only be able to load a few chickens because of its relatively small size. However, you can still build the larger one for large chicken farms.

This concept is quite simple, but you need to think of creative designs so that your chicken coop looks different from the usual chicken coop. It also looks rustic and classic because it still uses the original color of the wood.

Chicken Coop Cottage

Chicken Coop Cottage - Chicken Roosting Ideas

This becomes the most beautiful chicken roosting idea that you can try, but you must have a larger field to accommodate a chicken coop cottage with a garden. The chicken coop building does have a unique design that resembles a real cottage on a beach.

One thing that makes us impressed is the roof design that looks so realistic and unique. The beauty of the chicken coop also comes from a small garden with green plants. It seems that the owner is really serious to build this chicken coop. It looks nice, clean, and cozy.

Living Roof Coop

Living Roof Coop - Chicken Roosting Ideas

You can create a functional chicken coop that comes with a growing roof. Only need to build a chicken coop as usual, but you have to provide a little space on the roof so that you can grow some plants. You need to build a strong foundation so that your chicken coop doesn’t collapse.

Chicken cage with living roof concept is perfect for those of you who want to make a chicken coop that looks beautiful and natural. This is also the healthiest and colorful chicken coop. You can build this chicken coop behind your house despite your backyard is not large enough.

Elegant Lighting

Elegant Lighting

If you want to make your chicken coop look glowing, then you can install a few lights on the roof of the chicken coop. This elegant lighting theme makes your chicken coop look different. During the day, the chicken coop looks ordinary, but when night falls, this chicken coop looks so beautiful like a hotel building.

Your chicken will also feel happy living in this chicken coop. If necessary, you can provide colorful lights. This is also the most special chicken coop that is easy to make. However, you need a power source so the lights turn on.

Construct the Perfect Nesting Boxes

Construct The Perfect Nesting Boxes

A DIY chicken roosting must come with nesting boxes. You can try constructing the perfect nesting box inside a chicken coop with a roosting. This chicken coop is also quite large made from hardwood. You only need to provide small windows with wires so that you can look inside.

You can also decorate this chicken coop with several flower pots or wall mounted flower pots on the building. The chicken coop building is also quite tall and sturdy. Many people apply this concept to raising a lot of chickens because they can get into the cage when they want to catch some chickens.

Stylish Chicken Coop

Stylish Chicken Coop

You can try to build a stylish chicken coop that looks modern and futuristic. Basically, this cube-shaped chicken coop looks like a container. It is also equipped with small windows and doors. One interesting thing from this chicken coop is that it has nice gray coloring which makes it like a modular house.

This is a pretty creative chicken coop although it has a little decoration. Somehow, you can’t keep a lot of chickens with this type of chicken coop because it’s not so big. Also, you may need a wider window for better air circulation.

Chicken Roosting Cabinet Ideas

Chicken Roosting Cabinet Ideas

A chicken roosting cabinet theme could be the best choice for the modern chicken coop concept. Basically, the chicken coop is designed like a cabinet with a cube shape and then it is completed with egg drawers underneath. It also has a door like a real cabinet made from transparent glass.

Meanwhile, the drawer is the place for eggs when the hens lay eggs. The owners just pull the drawers to take the eggs. This is perfect for laying hens where you want to get chicken eggs every day. You can build many cabinet-themed chicken coops to produce more eggs.

Swing Set Chicken Coop

Swing Set Chicken Coop

It is a unique chicken roosting idea that is also easy to build. This swing set of chicken coop uses an outdoor concept where you only need to build a chicken roosting that is hanged with two pairs of chains to convert it into a simple swing. We call it “chicken swing” which is quite simple and inexpensive.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make it. Simply, take a wood bar and then tie with two ropes at each end of the bar. Then, you can hang the rope so that it forms a chicken swing. Chickens are very perched and they will be happy because the roosting also sways.

Cedar Chicken Coop and Run

Cedar Chicken Coop And Run

This is a minimalist and simple cedar-themed chicken coop that looks charming and glowing. Basically, the design of the chicken coop is just ordinary, but it looks interesting because of the wall color selection. For the cedar chicken coop and run theme, we would suggest you choose the orange accent.

This accent gives a brighter, more vibrant color during the daytime. Chickens are very happy with this color. But, this chicken coop is not suitable for large-scale chicken farmers. You need a bigger chicken coop if you want to get eggs.

Book & Cluck Nook

Book & Cluck Nook

How does it feel to live with chicken? You might try this chicken coop concept with the book and cluck nook theme. This chicken coop is the biggest chicken coop among the others because it coalesces with a waiting room for humans. You can provide a door that connects the waiting room to the chicken coop.

Meanwhile, the waiting room becomes a place to relax for the chicken owner with some beautiful and attractive room decorations. This chicken coop is really made by a chicken lover because the owner can also enjoy books while keeping her chickens.

Easy Homemade Chicken Roosting Ideas

Easy Homemade Chicken Roosting Ideas

If you are looking for chicken roosting ideas that you can easily build, you might like this option. This homemade chicken coop is made of wood that is painted in blue and green accents. You can design a chicken coop according to your wishes. You can even decorate a chicken coop environment with some colorful flowers.

Chickens will feel freer to live in this chicken coop because its size is quite large. In addition, a large yard makes chickens free to look for food. You can try this concept if you don’t want to pay a lot of money anyway.

Upcycled Water Tank Chicken Coop

Upcycled Water Tank Chicken Coop

If you have an unused water tank, you can turn it into a chicken coop. Simply, you can take the upcycled water tank for the roofing. This chicken coop forms a tube that is covered with metal walls and wires. You only need to provide a small door for the entrance. This chicken coop looks small but is quite impressive and unique. This could also be the best indoor chicken coop concept for now.

Pottery-Barn Inspired Chicken Coop

Pottery Barn Inspired Chicken Coop

You can also get inspiration for building your chicken coop from pottery barn. This is great for large chicken coops. You need a higher door so you can enter the chicken coop. Meanwhile, the pottery new style comes from the color selection and decorative lighting.

This chicken coop building is quite complicated and costs money because you have to complement some decorations that you only get in antique stores.

Brilliant and Cheery Chicken Shed

Brilliant And Cheery Chicken Shed

Although chickens don’t understand beauty, at least you will feel happy when you see a clean and beautiful chicken coop. Here, you can try applying brilliant and cherry chicken shed tepa that looks so adorable with its color and decoration. This chicken coop is a kind of minimalist chicken coop that can only accommodate one hen.

A thing that makes it look interesting is the decoration. This chicken coop is equipped with cherry blossom decorations and brilliant wall coloring that makes our eyes feel soothing.

Completely-furnished Chicken Roosting Ideas

Completely Furnished Chicken Roosting Ideas

This chicken coop looks different from other chicken coops because it implements complete furnished chicken roosting with modern style. Basically, it is just a chicken coop with two floors. The bottom part is for chickens who do not want to lay eggs while laying hens will be placed above in a special room.

Chicken Chapel

Chicken Chapel

There is another chicken coop building that looks like a chapel. This chicken coop is like a church building in Europe that looks magnificent and charming. You might like this chicken coop style because it has a unique concept. Even though it is a bit difficult to build, you will feel satisfied when you can make the miniature of a chapel with the original roof color and white walls.

Telephone Booth Chicken Coop

Telephone Booth Chicken Coop

The chicken coop phone booth theme is one of the best choices if you want to have a chicken coop with transparent walls. This chicken coop has a high enough design so that it allows you to enter the coop. It is also completed with chicken roosting inside the coop. With the application of red on the wall, the chicken booth with a telephone booth theme looks so elegant and beautiful.

Aquaponics Chicken Coop

Aquaponics Chicken Coop

This is the last chicken roosting idea that you can try to build. It looks so modern with an Aquaponics style in a white accent. It is also a built-in transparent glass wall. This chicken coop is suitable for those of you who like to collect native chickens with beautiful feathers, special care, and cleanliness. You can build this chicken coop garden at your backyard so that it will add value to the beauty of the environment around your home.

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