31+ Simple and Elegant Closet Organization Ideas

If someone never bothered about organizing his or her closet, it will be hard to do it. But if your shirts, garments, clothes, shoes are everywhere and they are not in an organized place, then our DIY closet organization ideas will be beneficial for you to solve the problem.

These closet organization ideas can also be advantageous for you if one of your resolutions for this month is to be more organized. They will also sort your kinds of stuff out and make your room feels more spacious.

Closet Organization Ideas

Here some ideas for a closet organization that might be suitable for your home :

Create Storage Under Clothes

closet organization ideas- Create Storage Under Clothes

It is an amazing idea to store your shoes by using the space under your clothes to keep them easier to find and more organized while picking clothes for the right occasion. You will be able to keep your clothes and shoes in a beautifully organized manner.

The Floor is Free from Shoe closet organization ideas

closet organization ideas - The Floor Is Free From Shoes

You can also put away your shoes in a different closet to make your floor free from them. It does not look neat if your shoes are everywhere on the floor. To find your sheets and towels easier whenever you need, you can also store them in a nearby closet.

Closet Organization Ideas Multiple With Hangers on Soda Tab

closet organization ideas - Multiple Hangers On Soda Tab

You can take advantage of a tab of the soda can to hand multiple hangers on a hook. It will be very easy for you to attach a hanger to the other by using those tabs on each hanger. You can store your clothes neatly in the minimum space by doing this way.

Keep Your Special Things In Closet Organization Ideas

closet organization ideas - Keep Your Special Things

You can also use plastic containers under the shelf if you have something special to store in your closet. By doing this way, you store them separately. It will make those things more organized and you can access them easily whenever you need them.

Dividers of Shelf

closet organization ideas - Dividers Of Shelf

Using dividers is another way to organize your clothes and shoes in a closet. It will make a separate space of various sizes for every item in the same closet. If you want to make your open shelf more effective, you can keep purses standing up straight and stack your shoes in a limited space.

Label Your Storage

closet organization ideas - Label Your Storage

If you have to keep various items in a closet, you can put them in different baskets. After that, label them so you can find them easily. It will help you to categorize your clothes based on their function, color, sizes, and others.

DIY Organizer for Sunglasses

closet organization ideas - DIY Organizer For Sunglasses

If you have a lot of sunglasses to be worn on various events with your favorite clothes, then why don’t you create an organizer yourself. You can use fixing or hanger a few ribbons on various colors on a vertical board. To make them easy to get, you can hang your sunglasses collection on those hangers or ribbons. There you go!

Hang Your Special Ties

closet organization ideas - Hang Your Special Ties

If you have a lot of ties, then this tip will help you out. Organizing a lot of them can be a problem for you while keeping your closet neatly. You can use a multi-tie hanger to solve this problem. It will provide a more organized way to display your favorite ties at one point.

Use the Real Hangers

closet organization ideas - Use The Real Hangers

Rather than use hooks and pegs to hang your clothes in your closet, why don’t you use real hangers to hang your stuff in a neater form in it? You will not only maintain the looks of your clothes but also enhance the look of your closet. Isn’t it a great idea?

Use Valet Hooks

closet organization ideas - Use Valet Hooks

What are valet hooks? They can offer you an extra rod space in the closet. You can store them away when you don’t use them. However, you can hang some pieces of clothing on them when you need them.

Hang Your Accessories

closet organization ideas - Hang Your Accessories

You can fast and easily make a gorgeous organizer for hanging your special accessories on a hardboard on a tiny stretch of wall. Your favorite accessories including earrings, necklaces, and hats will be displayed neatly and elegantly. You can fix some hooks in a line first.

Shoe Storage on the Back Door

Shoe Storage On The Back Door

You can use some tiny shelves to put away your shoes in a neater manner in a very restricted space.

DIY Organizer for Your Scarf

DIY Organizer For Your Scarf

Do you keep some scarfs and want to organize them neatly? You can use some clips and hanger to create a scarf organizer yourself. You can hang each scarf on every clip to give easy access for you to take them whenever you need it.

Create Your Jewelry Storage

Create Your Jewelry Storage

You can create a storage space for your worthy pieces of jewelry using some thumb pins. Can you fix them on a decoration board. You will see them in a more organized way and you can pick one of them easily for your special occasion.

Organize Your Collection of Hats

Organize Your Collection Of Hats

You can keep your hats collection on the back of your door. How to do it? Well, you can fix some tiny hooks or nails vertically in a row on it.

Keep Your Towel Handy

Keep Your Towel Handy

You can hang some of your towels on the pegs in your bathroom to keep them handy. You can also roll the rest of them and put them away on the shelf above the pegs.

Use Every Nook and Cranny

Use Every Nook And Cranny

Even in the smallest corners and spaces of your closet, you can organize it easily. The trick is to divide the shelves into different sections. By doing that way, you can organize most of your kinds of stuff even though you have limited space.

Keep Your Underwear and Bra Tidy

Keep Your Underwear And Bra Tidy

It is not an impossible thing to organize small pieces of underwear and a bra. You can have neat look by using a cheap divider of the drawer. You will be able to offer an individual place for each undergarment by folding them neatly and storing them properly in limited space.

Sort the Color Out

Sort The Color Out

You can organize clothes based on each color. Put them in your closet to give a various look along with storing them more neatly. Even though it will be quite hard to sort the color out, once you have finished it, then everybody will appreciate your effort and might get inspiration from you!

Add Drawers in Your Closet

Add Drawers In Your Closet

You can add drawers to your closet, to organize tinnier items in there. You can keep your kinds of stuff individually in every drawer to give easy access for you to find them.

Keep It Tidy and Clean

Keep It Tidy And Clean

By using containers and baskets in your closet, you can keep it tidy and clean. It will also keep the things separate rather than make your closet messy.

Share the Space

Share The Space

You can share the space with the kinds of stuff of various kinds if you have too many tiny items to put into your closet. You can use this idea instead of storing your kinds of stuff individually.

Use Double-Duty Storage

Use Double Duty Storage

You can divide the closet into two different parts to use closet organization ideas. You will not only use it for storing your other kinds of stuff including your special accessories and shoes, but also for storing clothes.

Put Away Your Toiletries and Others With Best Closet Organization 

Put Away Your Toiletries And Others

While putting away your toiletries and other items, you can take advantage of containers to keep them individually so that you can get any item you need easily. It will not only keep your bathroom hygienically clean but also well closet organization ideas.

Install a Mirror in Your Closet Organization Ideas

Install A Mirror In Your Closet - closet organization ideas

If you see there is a space in your walk-in closet, why don’t you install a mirror in it? The mirror will make your closet space and also helps you to check out yourself to get ready for a special event. The mirror can be beneficial for you to check out the clothes if it fits or not and correct your makeup in closet organization ideas.

Closet Organization Ideas For Manage Your Laundry 

Manage Your Laundry - closet organization ideas

You can put a nice laundry bag in the accessories stand to manage your laundry in your bathroom closet organization ideas. By doing this way, you can keep the dirty clothes in a confined space rather than spread them messily in your bathroom.

Using the Top Space In the Closet Organization

Using The Top Space - closet organization ideas

You can use the top space of your closet to stack your clothes that are folded on it. You can also place storage boxes that you have labeled on it to put a few items of sweaters and denim individually and you can find them easily whenever you need.

Sort by Category With Closet Organization Ideas

Sort By Category - closet organization ideas

The quickest and easiest way to declutter your closet organization ideas is to categorize your clothes based on their type. You can divide your closet into several different categories and store your clothes and other items you have in a certain space of their category to organize your closet. It will not only make it easy for you to find the item you need but also organize your closet more elegantly.

Have a Coat Rack

Have A Coat Rack - closet organization ideas

Of you have a coat rack at home, it can offer you enough space to put away various kinds of items like scarfs, umbrellas, handbags, towels, and other clothes on it which you use almost every single day. Your closet will not only look way neater but also you can store items in a spacious space at home.

Rearrange Your Bag

Rearrange Your Bag - closet organization ideas

If you have a lot of types of bags including timeless Saint Laurent bags, expensive Versace bags, or limited Gucci Bags, then you can rearrange them in your closet to give easy access for you to take it.

Unleash Your Creativity In Closet Organization Ideas

Unleash Your Creativity - closet organization ideas

You can unleash your creativity to organize your closet in a way that you want or something that you never think about.  For example, you can use tiny boxes to keep your small items individually. You can also give a label to each box. The aim is to find the thing you need easily without opening the box one by one.

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