29 Beautiful Makeovers Ideas for a Snazzy DIY Bathroom Vanity

Well, could I only change the interior design of every single room in my house?. Just whenever I wanted to do that, that would happen almost every single week as I can tell you. Honesty, I am always get fascinated by how the design. the colors, the styles, and the materials too can change the space entirely at the same time. 

Sad but true, I do not have time nor money to make this happen. Although I have to say that doing this is also highly impractical at the same time too. Therefore, I have to find the right way to satisfy this desire of doing things differently with my house design. At least, doing some small DIY homeware and this can be anything from repainting a photo frame. Or doing something serious like reupholstering my old fashioned sofa for an example.

Honestly, my bathroom at the moment seems to need a special touch of love. And I think a new bathroom vanity will always do the tricks on this. I think there are various ways of making a modern bathroom vanity. Or perhaps giving the current one an additional way of new lease of life at the same time.

Therefore, I need to play around on this. Be inspired by the following examples, and let’s see what your image will take you later. I have to say that all these bathroom vanity designs. Are considered to be DIY Bathroom Vanity for those with good carpentry skills too.

Small DIY Bathroom Vanity

Small Bathroom Vanity

I think, these days, not everyone is lucky enough to have a huge space in the bathroom to have a dreamy wall to wall vanity. But if you are looking for some design that could fit into a smaller space. But remain chic and also stylish at the same time. So, I think this Small Bathroom Vanity is just the right one for you.

As I said, this is also considered to be DIY Bathroom Vanity which certainly needs some skills to do this. To my perspective, although this is not a massive thing. The depth of this vanity certainly provides extra room for you to store all your bits and bobs at the same time too.

I love the view of the basket down there as it gives some kind of rustic look to the vanity. I am going to use that to store all of my rolled-up towels. But others can certainly use that also as a shelf so you can make use of this open space.

Wooden DIY Double Bathroom Vanity

Wooden Double Bathroom Vanity

As long as I can remember, I always dream household to have separate his and her vanity for my bathroom. I can almost sure that too much of the romantic movies I and my husband watched. Do this kind of feeling of having to brush our teeth together on a twin sink is fascinating too.

I am sure with large storage units like this Wooden Double Bathroom Vanity. This can also be challenging to make sure it doesn’t look busy. Especially when the shelves exposed just are shown here on the design. Just like in the previous example, you can certainly use pretty much baskets. And also boxes to avoid any storage mess here.

But because of this vanity is considerably large. I am pretty sure that you have all the space you need to keep or even display a couple of pretty vases or bowls. Which certainly transforming this from a simple storage unit into a feature piece of art. This is certainly considered to be DIY Bathroom Vanity for those with great carpentry skills too.

Dining Table Vanity Style DIY Ideas

Dining Table Vanity

Dining Table Vanity is considered both unique and practical too at the same time. And considering the design, this will fit into a smaller space bathroom. Which certainly can bring up the characteristic for this small bathroom.

There are things that I love about this vanity design. Especially the fact that the idea of transforming a dining table into a vanity.  That is something that you can easily fit or personalized to suit your taste and style too.

The sample of this design on this site has some kind of decorative legs. But certainly, you can change it into a simple box table if you want too. As of the colors. Well, it is entirely up to your taste and style. For me, white always does good as it keeps everything clean looking clean and crisp too.

Although it has to be admitted that there is not much space available here. But certainly, you can use space underneath that table to store any decorative basket or box if you need that. For those with carpentry skills, this can certainly be considered to be DIY Bathroom Vanity.

Bicycle Design DIY Vanity

Bicycle Vanity

Although I have to admit that it is not for everyone to have a bicycle in their bathroom. But those with larger space which can fit another larger object. I am sure you can give this idea a go.

Making use of a bicycle’s basket as storage certainly a good idea. As it stops it from looking a mess or untidy at the same time. Once you can find a vintage bicycle that you can fit into this design. Then assembling that into a vanity certainly won’t belong. I can always imagine that my dad will certainly love the idea of this kind of design. If my mom allows him to do so with his old bikes. Again, we can say that this design is included in DIY Bathroom vanity.

Marble Topped Wooden Bathroom Vanity

Marble Topped Wooden Vanity.

Among all the DIY Bathroom Vanity designs that I discovered so far, this marble-topped wooden vanity is one of my all-time favorites. Although it may not look an easy task to do. If you can found someone that can give extra hands on this, you will never regret the result.

Although I have to say that if you want to make it simple. Of course, you can choose a different material for the tops but marble, to my perspective. It looks elegant and expensive at the same time. This marble top wooden vanity, if you use the good quality wood. You can keep this for long even pass it to your younger generation. To perfectly look, multiple drawers and cupboards will certainly do good on this.

Butcher Block Vanity DIY Ideas

Butcher Block Vanity

The instructions given on this site for this DIY Bathroom Vanity design are very good informative too. And easy to follows with step by step photos to make sure that you are on the right track. This is just another perfect vanity design that will fit into the smaller space. Although some adjustments can be made on the size to make sure it fits your larger size bathroom can certainly go good.

I have to say that I love the contrast between the white and darker colors of the wood. As it makes this butcher block vanity design look elegant and clean-cut too. But again, I have to admit there isn’t too much space too on this. Therefore if you are a pro DIY, add the drawer below the sink will also do good.

DIY Bathroom With Old Dresser Vanity

Old Dresser Vanity

As a serious re-cycling fan, I always as much as I do to recycle all old things into a new a practical thing, small or large, and giving them a new lease of life though.

I found it lucky to found this DIY Bathroom Vanity of Old Dresser Vanity which happens quite nicely because we just bought a new dresser and the old one had to be thrown away and I found this design where I can give a lick of paint and jazzy handles and voila it turns out unrecognizable into a new vanity and my bathroom should feel so happy because of this unintentional makeover.

Floating Wood DIY Bathroom Vanities

Floating Wood Vanity

I am pretty sure that you would agree with me when I say that we can easily find the industrial design almost everywhere these days and this floating wood vanity is just a perfect sample of this. This DIY Bathroom Vanity is certainly something that almost everyone which keen to do this can make this happen in just one day if you have all your materials prepared and have a strong will to complete the task. The space below the sink is certainly something that the trash bin can fit in easily.

Painted Vanity

Painted Vanity

Well, all I can say that I have this feeling that inside me, I am a strong fiend of DIY but in fact, all I can do when I do this is simply reach out for a pot of paint and give a nice touch to the old vanity I have. There is nothing wrong with that off course as it always works to give a new look on the old one by repaint them and at the same time save some penny on the process by the way.

Whether you have an old vanity or simply inherited the piece which does not fit into the overall design, it can never go wrong by repainting them and this Painted Vanity DIY Bathroom Vanity guide will certainly come into help when you do this.

Desk Vanity

diy bathroom vanity - Desk Vanity

It is some kind of love, at first sight, the moment I look at this blush colored vanity from Desk Vanity although I have to admit how unique the design is. Being a budding writer myself, I have to say that I am a good fan of the good desk and I am more than happy to demonstrate that this piece can easily fit into any room in the house.

You can easily follow this DIY Bathroom Vanity guide by choosing any type of desk you want and you can take your time to choose the right one before you spend your time and effort to turn it into a vanity. I am pretty sure that your guest will immediately compliment you after they use your bathroom and don’t be surprised if they make one to at the end of the line.

Vanity From Scratch

diy bathroom vanity - Vanity From Scratch

This Vanity From Scratch is going to be likely people will not believe that you made it yourself because the design is so simple that almost every house will have this in their bathroom.

The DIY Bathroom Vanity guide on this is so descriptive that you can easily follow the instructions plus their step by step with illustration certainly will make you stay on track when making one.

With this vanity, you’ll never be on the situation where you are short of space again with their big 2 cupboards and 6 drawers. And one thing, the marble top is something that is both elegant and chic and expensive too and this is something that makes people though it store-bought. You can change the top of the material easily to fit into your budget as well as the taste.

Kitchen Cart Vanity

diy bathroom vanity - Kitchen Cart Vanity

Sometimes, I and also many people, forget that actually, we can make use of anything outside of what they intended to do in the beginning, in short, whichever ways they want it to do. This Kitchen Cart Vanity is a perfect example of thinking outside the box as I said above.

Honestly, I fell in love with the entirely bright sink which certainly looks incredibly sleek but also still unique and different at the same time too. Although this is considered to be DIY Bathroom Vanity too, an extra hand may be needed.

Cooper Sink Vanity.

diy bathroom vanity- Cooper Sink Vanity.

Cooper is easily found in today’s interior design and it is almost everywhere, which I do not have any problem with that fact. I certainly love how cooper can easily turn a little shine to any part of the room without overly shown like gold and especially how good it is when it looks against a deeper tone like grey.

Of course, you can choose any material you want if cooper is not your thing as I said earlier. Or if you want that cooper not overly shown you can easily change the color of the leaf from this DIY Bathroom Vanity guide and use a darker wood so the sink is not going to be too stand out. 

DIY Chest Of Drawer Bathroom Vanity

diy bathroom vanity - Chest Of Drawer Vanity.

I never thought that I need this pale pink colored in my bathroom until I saw this and now I can’t stop myself from thinking about it. This DIY Bathroom Vanity design called Chest Of Drawer Vanity is something that is so simple both on the material-wise as well as how to make it. 

The fact that the sink is placed on top creates extra space on the drawers. Honestly not everyone is a big fan of this pale color but you can simply use any other color or even stick to the plain white

Farmhouse DIY Bathroom Vanity

diy bathroom vanity Bathroom Vanity

I like the idea of this Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity design with no space around the sink. This is because of the fact that today, with my current vanity, this space is always full of half-emptied bottles, toothbrushes, and many other things, so this no space issue is certainly going to force us to keep this area tidy.


I do wish that I have plenty of bathrooms so that I can try all these DIY Bathroom Vanity guidelines as much as I do, but unfortunately, I can make only two of them. I have some old furniture which I inherited from my parent which certainly I am going to follow this guide to create new ones. Anyone will follow me?


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