51+ Best & Unique DIY Coffee Table Styling Ideas to Inspiring You Try It at Home

DIY Coffee Table ideas – If you need some outstanding coffee table ideas that you can make it yourself, you have come to the right place. The living room is the ideal room in a house where you can put a coffee table. The coffee table is also the ideal focal point of the living room.

Besides the sofa and fireplace, the coffee table has become the most favorite furniture in the living room. It’s because of its simplicity and functionality. The style and design of the coffee table can be based on the materials it’s used. There are some kinds of available material that often be used for the coffee table.

You can choose the materials such as wood, acrylic, glass, plastic, granite, or steel. All of those materials are ideal for a coffee table. Most homeowners choose to have a wooden coffee table over other kinds of materials. It’s because woods are quite flexible in style.

Well, the material and the design of coffee tables can decide the budget you’ll spend for your living room furniture. If you want to save a little bit of your budget, you may start to search for some DIY coffee table ideas. I believe it would cut your budget significantly.


DIY Coffee Table Ideas

Free Plans To Build A DIY Coffee Table ideas

Tops are one of the most impressive component of a coffee table! Inning accordance with these DIY furniture jobs, one could favor the concrete ceramic tiles, glass pieces and also plain timber sheets for incredibly smoother and also stylish tops! Coffee tables with built-in shelves would be all remarkable to obtain as storage-friendly coffee tables!

Prefer wheels or just recover the metal from residence and also construct metal barrette legs for your hand-built wood diy coffee tables! One can likewise make use of box design copper legs for more security like received the here!

Precious Wood Log Coffee Table on Wheels

DIY Wood Log Coffee Table On Wheels
diy coffee table ideas

A rustic design of coffee table can be a great choice for your living room. Only if the design is stylish and deserved to be on the spot. The good thing about rustic furniture, you can have it by bringing back the old furniture or building it by the thing around you.

Look around! You will find some materials that fit your design. For example, if you live in natural surroundings where you can get some timber logs near the house, you can use it as the main element of your coffee table. With this rustic coffee table, you can obtain a style-worthy living room coffee table.

Epic Upcycled Barrel Coffee Table

Epic Upcycled Barrel Coffee Table
diy coffee table ideas

The table is one of the most simple furniture in a house. Including coffee table, any table can be built by your self. Take a look at this coffee table. It’s made of wood barrels. For a wine collector, wood barrels are the thing you must have.

Sometimes, there are some wood barrels that are just not used anymore. Well, that’s the one you should transform. You can turn your old unused barrels into a rustic and interesting coffee table. This is a perfect coffee table design for a traditional or antique house. Brown should be the main color of the living room.

Self-Installed Terrarium Side Table or Coffee Table

Self Installed Terrarium Side Table Or Coffee Table

Take a look at this unique table, the main material is the plexiglass. You can create an attractive focal point in your living room by adding this unique table. It looks like an aquarium or fish tank. For this table concept, the key design is what’s inside it.

I recommend you should hire a professional designer or floral experts to design the inner side of the table for you. Or, if you are experienced in designing it, that would be great. You should calculate the right dimensions for every side of the glass in this table. The edges and sides would be attached to an electrical tape. Follow the tutorial step by step, carefully.

Chic White Coffee Table with Bottom Shelf

Chic White diy Coffee Table With Bottom Shelf

Even though you are not a home designer, you can achieve the design-styled living room with this chic coffee table. This posh white screen coffee table is the right furniture to be placed in the middle of your living room.

The bright color of the white makes this coffee table impossible not to look at. The material of this stunning table is simple. You can get some high-quality timber, a glass top, and white paint. It’s like working an ice on a cake.

Modern Pallet Wood Coffee Table on Wheels

Modern Pallet Wood Coffee Table On Wheels
diy coffee table ideas

A DIY furniture doesn’t have to be old or rustic, you can have it in super modern style. Check out this stunning coffee table made of complete pallet board. It really looks comfortable in your modern living room.

In order to build this, you’re gonna need a complete pallet board, wood plates, and some additional wood. You may have your own personal method of getting them all together to transform into an impressive coffee table.

Optionally, you can mount four wheels under the legs to make this table more portable. Paint it with the color match to the walls and then add a little finish to get look artsier.

Modern Chic Herb Garden Coffee Table

DIY Modern Chic Herb Garden Coffee Table

Another chic option for your living room, this white coffee table has thin black legs. That’s a little bit weird for a coffee table. Actually, that’s no the highlight of this chic table. Didn’t you notice the thing in the middle of the table? It’s a built-in planter.

This coffee table is not a table for coffee, it’s designed for you who love to plant. If you have an outdoor living room with a patio or terrace, you can place this table there. Being around this table is like being in a yard, right?

If you want to have furniture that’s close to nature, this coffee table would bring you really close to the actual nature.

Fashion-Worthy Crate Storage Coffee Table

Fashion Worthy Crate Storage Coffee Table

This a clever option to spice up your living room. Some homeowners need more storage in any place possible. Well, under the coffee table seems like a good option for storage. Check out this amazing DIY coffee table with storage.

This coffee table is designed for households that need more place to keep stuff away from sight. There are two built-in drawers under this table to keep your stuff in the living room. It’s a stylish method and a solution for your storage problems.

The combination brown top and white body make this DIY coffee table an ideal furniture in your minimalist living room.

Elegantly Sublime Mahogany Coffee Table – Get Free Plan

Elegantly Sublime Mahogany Coffee Table – Get Free Plan

Fallen in love with this elegantly elegant wood table? Make it your own by grabbing the totally free building and construction plan for it right here! Produced contemporary living-room and also curved legs all bring an artistic ambiance to this table! Get the complimentary strategy here finewoodworking /.

Modern Oval Coffee Table on Metal Hairpin Legs

Modern Oval Coffee Table On Metal Hairpin Legs

For you who has a tropical style of home, you maybe fell in love with the unique touch that this coffee table gives to your living room. It’s a coffee table with a surfboard-like design. If you like surfing, this will your favorite coffee table of all time.

This will bring your ordinary living room to a whole new level. Usually, the shape of the coffee table for the living room is round, oval, or square, but this coffee table is one of a kind. It’s good a fancy golden line and also artwork that creates a remarkable touch.

You can actually make this fancy furniture on your own. With the right steps and tutorial, I’m pretty sure, your living is not gonna be the same anymore.

Unique Neon Table with Metal Legs

Unique Neon Table With Metal Legs

You may call this table as a special neon table. It’s gonna be the eye-catching element of your sitting atmosphere. It may look strange, but it’s a good strange which means it’s unique. This artistic marble table top sits on a metal barrette legs that are well-colored.

People call this kind of legs as a metal hair-pin leg. The making of this table is really simple. That’s why it becomes one of the recommended coffee table ideas you could apply in your living room.

Wood Slab Coffee Table with Metal Hairpin Legs

DIY Wood Slab Coffee Table With Metal Hairpin Legs

If you want to add some fashion point to your living room, you can choose to have this well-designed coffee table. This is a remarkable choice to make up the boring living room. It’s only consisted of a well-sanded wooden piece and customized legs

The legs are shaped like some giant hair pin. It’s perfect for your modern living room. Even though there’s a touch of rustic on the tabletop, that’s the beauty of it. Complete the top with the well-arranged books and accessories to decorate the table.

Hand-Built Industrial Wooden Coffee Table

DIY Industrial Wooden Coffee Table

An industrial style of furniture is being popular in the recent years. You can adopt the style for your coffee table in the living. There’s a tutorial for you who want to make a DIY coffee table with industrial style.

Check out this remarkable example, it has a hand-built wooden table with a base style of a box. It’s quite astonishing for adding a touch of rustic in your living room. You can put a storage basket under the table to put the clutter to get the top clean.

Easy yet Stylish Wooden Coffee Table with Tile Top

DIY Easy Yet Stylish Wooden Coffee Table With Tile Top

This is might be the easiest and the most simple design of a coffee table. Probably, it’s because of its size. It has a small size that would get you think that it’s not a coffee table because coffee table is supposed to be wide on top.

Well, this is a small coffee table that is designed for you who want to make it quick and easy with simple equipment and efforts. Just take a look at the picture, even a woman can do it on her own. You just have to follow the tutorial and prepare the right materials.

Copper Coffee Table with Wooden Top

DIY Copper Coffee Table With Wooden Top

A coffee table design would definitely decide the feeling of the whole living room. This mind-blowing coffee table you see in the photo is perfect to jazz up your living room. It’s got a wood top and three legs. The legs are divided into three level box style copper.

It’s not that hard to build a table with copper legs. You can form both materials on your own in the home, as it’s a great DIY project you can do at home. Just apply this idea to your small living room. It doesn’t take a lot of space on your rug. Just try it.

Glass Topped Pallet Coffee Table on Wheels

Glass Topped Pallet Coffee Table On Wheels

You can create a DIY coffee table for your living room with a pallet board. It’s using a single pallet board that would really cut a lot of your budget in buying a new coffee table from the home improvement store.

The pallet board you’ll be using need to be repainted well in order to serve a clean and perfect lined texture. Then, complete the table with some personalized legs or wheels as you can see in the photo.

The method is quite basic and quick to make. This DIY coffee table idea proves that in order to get a fashion-worthy living room, you won’t need to waste your money. If you already have all the materials at home, this furniture can be free of cost.

Self-Made Balustrade Coffee Table with Lower Shelf

Self Made Balustrade Coffee Table With Lower Shelf

For all of you who search for comfort, you will need some stylish way to create the comfort in your living room. One of the ways you can choose is having a stylish coffee table. This is a dainty coffee table

The design of the table consists of two-level wood planks, one for the top and one for the base. Both of the planks are supported by balusters that would increase the visual allure of the whole design. The unique concept of this coffee table seems able to be flipped over.

A space under the tabletop would be a nice spot to keep some magazines, books, or game boards. It gets your living room ready for everything.

Spool Coffee Table with Built-in Bookcase

Spool Coffee Table With Built In Bookcase

Another clever option of coffee table materials from unused goods, it’s unique coffee table made of well-painted old spools and wood dowels. It looks really stylish and ready to energize the room. Paint it with clean white colors, it would cover all the stains.

Beside coffee table, this table can be functioned as a bookcase. One clever furniture with two functions that will be very useful in the middle of your living room. If you think this coffee table is too tall or too small, you can use it as a side table.

Recycled Pallet Rustic Coffee Table

Recycled Pallet Rustic Coffee Table

Sometimes, the designers don’t want to get a recycled coffee table to look like it has been recycled. So, they cover it with paint or sandpaper. Well, you might rethink about it because a recycled look can be pretty interesting too.

You can form your rustic-style living room to be perfect than ever. The used part of the wood itself could create a realistic texture for a well-designed look. Check out this rustic coffee table, it’s made of used woods.

This artistic old coffee table would be an astonishing rustic touch to the living room inside your house. It is actually made of pallet boards that are attached to single planks. Then, they get reconditioned in order to make it sturdy.

Wooden Coffee Table with Metal Hairpin Legs

DIY Wooden Coffee Table With Metal Hairpin Legs

A splashy coffee table can be formed with some straight and longer wood sizes. You can just simply finish the table with ideal legs. It looks like an unfinished table but it’s very unique. You get the practical and artistic look for the living room.

The metal hair-pin legs are just perfect for this one-of-a-kind coffee table. The concept of this coffee table is a little bit provocative. Some people might appreciate it as a work of art, some other people might not be comfortable with this table.

It’s perfect for both rustic and modern style of living room. Just be smart in deciding whether you want to have this super unique coffee table or not.

DIY Suitcase Coffee Table with Metal Legs

DIY Suitcase Coffee Table With Metal Legs

A coffee table can be free of cost especially if you already have the right material for it. Take a look at this DIY coffee table. It’s made of an old and unused suitcase. It’s cleverly joined with metal legs. The barrette legs look suitable with the suitcase.

The glam antique coffee table will be a perfect focal point in your artistic living room. The feeling of classic and art would all over the room. This is a brilliant idea to get an alternative coffee table for the living room.

Because it’s originally a suitcase, of course, there is a space for you to keep your stuff inside the suitcase. It can be a perfect storage for the living room.

Chicken Crate Coffee Table

Chicken Crate Coffee Table

This blog writer changed an old hen coop right into a lovely, beach-themed coffee table by adding casters to create movable legs and a Plexiglas table top. The final touch? Showing ornaments from the sea inside the dog crate to finish the appearance.

Upcycled Window Coffee Table

Upcycled Window Coffee Table

No, it’s not a coffee table for chicken. It’s just a coffee table for human’s house that is made of the chicken coop. You can turn an old hen coop into a chic coffee table. The ornaments of the coop are what makes this coffee table really interesting.

It’s easy to make, you can just add casters to the painted and clean hen coop. There you have it, a unique movable coffee table. Put a suitable glass size on top of it to make the coffee table useable. It’s a great choice for the beach-themed living room. Planning a house near the beach? This is the best option you can get for the living room.//

Picket Fence Coffee Table

Picket Fence Coffee Table

Repurposed Vintage Suitcase

Repurposed Vintage Suitcase

Give a classic bag new life as a table by simply piercing openings into the bottom surface area and also attaching legs. (Benefit: The bag opens to expose a concealed storage space!).

Stained Wood Coffee Table

Stained Wood Coffee Table

After creating this easier-than-it-looks DIY coffee table with unattended Douglas Fir timber, use timber tarnish to add shade to your creation, after that distress the edges with a sander to provide it a rustic feeling.

Industrial Coffee Table Makeover

Industrial Coffee Table Makeover

Discovered a coffee table at a thrift shop that isn’t really rather your style? Give it a nation feel by replacing the glass top with wood boards.

Modular Crate Coffee Table

Modular Crate Coffee Table

HomeTalk blog writer Laura Jane Fox made use of timber varnish to consume her DIY coffee table made from four cages switched on their sides, but you can explore bolder shades of paint to develop much more of a declaration piece for your living-room.

Herb Garden Patio Table

Herb Garden Patio Table

Displaying plants on your coffee table is a noticeable concept, however exactly what about growing them.

Salvaged Door Coffee Table

Salvaged Door Coffee Table

DIY Factor Cart Coffee Table

Diy Factor Cart Coffee Table


Free Crate Store Coffee table

Free Crate Store Coffee Table


Sawhorse Coffee Table

Free Sawhorse Coffee Table

Below’s a totally free plan for a sawhorse coffee table that could fit nearly any style depending on the wood and also completes you select.

There’s a needed tools list, products list, layouts, shade photos, building directions, and also great deals of completing suggestions.

Rhyan Coffee Table

Rhyan Coffee Table

Much more Like House has a cost-free coffee table strategy available that constructs a 3-drawer coffee table influenced by the Rhys Coffee Table from Pottery Barn.

If you enjoy this free coffee table strategy, you remain in good luck because there are likewise prepares below for a coordinating end table and console.

Industrial Farmhouse

Industrial Farmhouse

Treasured Bliss has a free coffee table plan that would certainly fit flawlessly in a modern, rustic, or farmhouse style home.

This is an excellent prepare for a newbie and consists of a supply listing, reduced listing, representations, guidelines, and also shade photos. Completing guidelines are consisted of as well.

DIY Geometric Coffee Table

Diy Geometric Coffee Table Ideas

DIY Huntress has actually developed a complimentary coffee table plan that’s genuinely a piece of art. It has a geometric style that actually pops.

Hairpin legs hold the table up, making it a quick job to finish.

Modern Wood Palette

Modern Wood Palette


Mid-century Coffee Table

Mid Century Coffee Table

Mid-century style has a lot of charm in home decoration with its strict lines as well as barrette furniture legs. And also while a coffee table like that is rather costly to obtain, you could construct it for cents on the buck. Just adhere to the tutorial for in-depth plans.

DIY Coffee Table from 2×4’s

2x4 Coffee Table


Modern coffee table with brass tubing

Modern Coffee Table With Brass Tubing


Concrete coffee table

Concrete Coffee TableLacquered coffee table with storage

Lacquered Coffee Table With Storage

Storage coffee table in metal and wood

Storage Coffee Table In Metal And Wood

Brass and Lucite coffee table

Brass And Lucite Coffee Table

Iron and wood coffee table with a grid motif

Iron And Wood Coffee Table With A Grid Motif

Faceted coffee table

Faceted Coffee Table


A lot of coffee table ideas could be a great deal for you to design your living room. But, you have to be careful to decide which DIY ideas that you can apply easily based the material and equipment you have. The key to DIY furniture is to keep the budget as low as possible and make sure you make it your own.

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