21 Unique List Of DIY Computer Desk Ideas & Plans

DIY Computer Desk Ideas – Are you getting a new PC sometime soon?  Well, you will need that perfect computer desk for it.  However, can you find that one unique computer desk that matches your style and personal favorite?  Why not DIY your own computer desk.

Not only to save you money, building your own computer desk can be a fun activity to do with your spouse, kids and even your friends.

In this article, we will help you find your own personalized computer desk and to save you time searching on your own.  There are so many unique ideas for DIY computer desks on the web.

DIY Computer Desk Ideas

Wherever you want to place it, the pick is yours and is flexible to every corner of your house.  So, enough said, here are the lists of the 21 unique computer desk ideas.  One or two, should match your favorite and style.

Floating Wood Pallet Best DIY Computer Desk

Floating Wood Pallet Computer Desk
from besthomeremodel.org

The First of Computer Desk ideas is wooden pallet computer desks is popular because it’s easy to DIY, flexible, affordable and also materials are available and easy to find.  Hence, a wooden pallet can be made into a floating computer desk attached to the wall.

You can put a bookshelf on it for decorations. To start, you will need a large wooden pallet of your choice for the surface, which you can buy at any furniture store. You will also need another pallet for the shelf. Lastly, some pairs of strings for the holder.

There should be a separate structure for the PC and the accessories, such as the cables. Remember, before starting the construction, make sure to varnish all the wood to make them shinier. It’s even better when using used wood to make the desk look natural and rustic looking.

Standing Ideas Might Be Nice

Standing Computer Desk
from abeautifulmess.com

Constructing your own standing computer desk is another unique workspace for your home based small office. You can have it transformed into a wrap-around in the corner space or even have the height adjustable for sitting. Have a high chair adjusted with the height of the standing desk in case you’re tired to stand up.

To save you money, you can transform a regular office desk into a standing desk. There’s actually the benefits of standing rather than sitting all day long doing your regular on screen job. Standing for at least 15 minutes from time to time during the day will help you cut some extra calories. Standing is also good to reduce your back and shoulder pain.

DIY Parson Tower With Basket

DIY Parson Tower Computer Desk
from ana-white.com

If you want to have a computer desk that has a wide top surface, a big storage space or an open rack for storage underneath the desk, the Parson Tower computer desk should fit you well. The racks are usually double-rack at the right and left, while in between the two racks, your feet are free enough to be stretched and your lovely pet can snuggle along under the desk.

A beautiful finish of a Parson Tower desk from Ana White, you may want to imitate for this project. It was made of cedar wood for the surface and pine wood for the double-rack towers, covered by white satin paint for the finish.  The project was built easily from scraps and a perfect size to fit your computer, and enough room for your work belongings.

DIY Wall Mounted Like Rustic Design

DIY Wall Mounted Computer Desk
by crazyclever on instructables

There’s no wrong when you have a small space for your own computer desk. In fact, a wall mounted computer desk will be a space saver. One DIY wall mounted computer desk from CrazyClever will definitely be a good choice since it offers flexibility and simplicity.

At first, it was meant to be a floating desk best for small spaces, but it can also turn out to be a folding desk. Not only can it be used as a computer desk, when it’s folded, it can also be used as a chalkboard for your kids to write and draw.

Concrete Countertop Computer Desk

Concrete Countertop Computer Desk
from blog.homedepot.com

This is the kind of project you can do over the weekend with your friends and family members. A DIY computer desk with a concrete countertop is so unique in the design. Hence, they are minimalist and industrial.

For the legs, you can use wood and add a storage rack underneath it. If you’re not familiar, you can find online instructions on how to make concrete materials from scratch. That’s why, this is a group project kind of thing.

Computer Desk Customized for Gamers

Computer Desk Customized For Gamers
from amicicafe.co

If gaming is part of your daily activity, then you might need to upgrade your desk. There are tons of personalized gaming computer desks you can find in stores. But, why not build one with your fellow gamers at home?

You don’t need to build it from scratch. You can use what you have now and upgrade it with some advanced gaming mode. One creative gaming computer desk designer uses a transparent acrylic glass for the countertop for the CPU, a wooden board rack for storage, and also a metal pipe tier. The finish is very high-tech looking!

Murphy Style Computer Desk

Murphy Style Computer Desk
from originalwoodcraft.com

If you’re aiming to save some space and towards a more functional computer desk, you should go for a murphy style computer desk. You can have it wall mounted, cornered, or even folded when it only needs a little work area in the house. It is a suitable type of desk that can fit your laptops, tablets and also your work documents.

If you are a working mom with active kids, you can transform your old wooden desk into a folding wall mounted computer desk. For your kids, they will love the idea of adding a chalkboard when the desk is unfolded. So, first, it looks like a wooden edged chalkboard.

Then, as you unfold it, it makes a cute desk with a shelf to put things for the chalkboard, pens and pencil boxes, or even some medicines and first aid kits. This is a truly unique design and very suitable to be placed in a corner or near a window.

Computer Desk From Wooden Pallet

Computer Desk From Wooden Pallet
from ikeahackers.net

Another simple, yet functional computer desk is made from a wooden pallet. Again, using a wood pallet can save you money and it’s perfect for a small office space in your very own home. Plus, it’s easy to build and will make enough space in the corner of a room.

One important material you need is only a wooden pallet, preferably used ones are better because of its natural rustic look. Another material to prepare is a layer of plywood and your choice for the legs. Thus, the pallet can also turn into an extra rack for putting your office things and all other things that fit.

Two Sided Computer Desk

Two Sided Computer Desk
from apartmenttherapy.com

When you and your spouse are working as a team of your own family business at home, then a two sided computer desk will be a good pick. There are two ways you can do this type of office desk is back-to-back or side-by-side.

A beautifully designed back-to-back two-sided computer desk ideas from apartmenttherapy.com, you should consider constructing it with your own touch.  Their idea of putting a bookshelf right in the middle of the connecting two-sided desk is unique. Thus, there can be more space for privacy since the shelf is used as a separator.

X-Legged Computer Desk

X Legged Computer Desk
from galaxiemodern.com

An X-legged computer desk is also unique to look at. On the web, there are so many designs you can copy and build with your own touch. With an X-legged desk, the look of the design is so not boring but flexible and simple at the same time.

You can have it personalized as a folding desk, have a drawer for storage at the center, or an x-legged on one side and a squared shelf on the other side great for storage. Some material ideas for the legs you can use pipes and a wood countertop for the desk or even a glass desk top.

DIY Cardboard Computer Desk

DIY Cardboard Computer Desk
from theclosetentrepreneur.com

Another way to save you money on a computer desk and it’s probably one of the easiest DIY projects is the cardboard computer desk. Since it’s made of real cardboards, you only need it for your laptop stand or even your cell phone stand. But, you actually can make a desk out of cardboards.

Just make sure they are strong enough, corrugated, a whole lot of boxes, cut into shapes, thickness, primed and also painted. When you’re making a cardboard laptop stand, make sure to make a hole in the back for the cables. When it’s done, you can place the stands directly on a desk.

Otherwise, when you’re making a desk out of cardboards, make sure to sketch it first and you will need a white glue, glue brushes, shellac, saw and utility knife. This will be a good group project to do with your kids.

Small Sized Computer Desk

Small Sized Computer Desk
from freem.co

For beginners, when DIY computer desk, you can go for a small wood design. Bigger is not better, but smaller is easier and a space saver. Just find or purchase enough wood and gather all materials you need.

Some basic materials you will be needing are saw, wood glue, clamps, screws, as well as sandpaper. In addition, the desk plan is available through WikiHow with useful step-by-step instructions.

Computer Desk from Copper Pipes

Computer Desk From Copper Pipes
from abeautifulmess.com

Copper pipes are unique, shiny and look beautiful when using it for a computer desk. You can make your office desk like a picnic table, where the chairs are attached to the desk. Hence, it’s also useful for your younger ones to sit with you doing coloring while you’re working. With all that, you don’t need to spend on chairs for your copper pipe computer desk.

Custom Built Corner Computer Desk

Custom Built Corner Computer Desk
by hivoltage on intructables.com

Another unique way to use your office space in your living room or bedroom is to have a custom built corner computer desk. Whatever design you prefer, such as mounted in the corner, longways, small, wood pallets, concrete countertop, and many more, it is your own space for an office corner.

L-shaped corner computer desks are also popular. They can be functional for storage with drawers because of its longways in design. Another popular one is the cornered concrete countertop with a glass surface. This is not an easy project, but there’s a complete how-to instructions by hivoltage. Go ahead and check it out. The result is amazing!

Floating Gaming Computer Desk

Floating Gaming Computer Desk
from rebelswithacause.co

Are you a gamer and planning on upgrading your computer desk for gaming? Are you stuck on the design? Well, what you can do is put a unique style on the desk. Instead of the regular desk with legs, try the floating desk.

Thus, have the surface in a glassy material so that it looks more futuristic. When your screen is on, you will see the reflection on the countertop of your desk. When you know someone that is good at building stuff from scratch, you might want to contact them soon. Before starting the project, sketch your desk and add your own touch.

Scandinavian Design with Modern Style

Scandinavian Design Computer Desk
from thespruce.com

Inspired by a modern and contemporary design, a Scandinavian computer desk is suitable for those of you who love the sleek lines, minimalist, very clean, neutral colors and functional design. So, what you can do here is to build a three-leveled leaning desk working space that is big enough for storage.

Since it is functional, this design from thespruce.com added a plant stand on the desk design. For a more Scandinavian look, this design used a white minimalist color and chair, as well as a wooden clock to finish the look.  Another Scandinavian touch is proper lighting by using lamps that are modern and industrial for your list design computer desk ideas.

Ergonomic Ideas For Best Experienced

Ergonomic Computer Desk

Things with having your own personal computer desk has to be comfortable, properly made to help ease your back and neck pain from long hours of sitting, sore fingers and wrists from all that typing, and so on. An ergonomic computer desk will help you towards your own healthy way of working in front of a computer on a daily basis.

If you are not comfortable making your own ergonomic desk, there are local and online stores that can help you find your own customized ergonomic computer desk ideas. Things you need to include in a standard ergonomic computer desk are:

  • The right posture
  • Keyboard and mouse position
  • The screen position
  • Chair adjustment
  • Doing some stretches

Modern Minimalist  Desk For Computer

Modern Minimalist Computer Desk
by arte.sano on instructables

There is so much you can do with a modern minimalist computer desk ideas. Bigger things are not a modern minimalist in design. So, with your PC or laptops getting thinner, so does your desk. With modern minimalist design, you can also have a more functional desk for storage.

However, a more unique design of this modern minimalist computer desk from arte. sano, uses a used door panel for the countertop with some wooden pallets as a finishing touch. You can adjust it according to your preferred size. To make you more inspired, see the many design examples on the web to get you into the vibe.

Height Adjustable Standing Computer Desk

Height Adjustable Standing Computer Desk

As stated above on list number 2, now you know the benefits of standing and working at a standing computer desk for your own health. Here, to upgrade that specific desk, you can adjust the height. For most people, they can’t stand up for the longest time.

This is where the height adjustable standing computer desk comes in handy. So, with your fellow DIY builders, transform your personal computer desk into a functional multi-level standing desk with adjustable height. So, you can start doing something new, which is standing while working, then adjust your sitting to your comforts.

Small Corner Desk

Small Corner Computer Desk

When you have a PC, iMac, or laptops for a small space work area, then you should go with this small corner computer desk design. You don’t have to build or purchase one when you already have a corner tv stand or a plain corner table. You can have it painted in a wooden colored paint or however you like it. Plus, for more storage, you can put a shelf underneath the table that’s how you do your computer desk ideas.

Shelf Computer Desk

Shelf Computer Desk
by nataliana on instructables

Last but not least, a shelf computer desk is another unique desk design you should try out one day. Either putting the shelves on top of the desk mounted to the walls (overhead shelf) or underneath the desk with drawers.

Also, in most cases, people tend to have their monitor really low. And, stacking some shelves of books, cardboards and wood pallets can help adjust to the perfect height. For more inspiration and step-to-step guides, you can do your own search on the web.

With all of the above, have you found one that fits your style? So, gather up all materials for your DIY computer desk project. Have your fellow builders help you with your project. Hence, things will get easier with the help of others.

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