19+ DIY Corner Shelves for Beautiful Inspirations at Home

If you are having a lot of things lying around and you are confused about how to organize them, try these 19 DIY corner shelves for beautiful inspirations at home. These corner shelves will help you put everything more neatly and prettier to look at.

Other good news is that in this article, you will not only find 19 ideas but also you will see helpful video instruction in detail. Those videos can help you how to maximize the corners in your house to put away those things you have.

Every DIY corner shelves we have today contains easy steps and you don’t need to take extra work. Only with a simple run to the nearest home depot, you can prepare the things you need and get ready to create some of these outstanding corners right now!

DIY Corner Shelf with Pretty Rope Touch

DIY Corner Shelf With Pretty Rope Touch

Look at these pretty hanging shelves! It adds a dimension of fun to the room you want to decorate, making it amazing for your kid’s playroom or bedroom.

It can also work amazingly if you want to add a center of attention in one of the rooms in the house. These pretty shelves are great for holding nick-nacks or accessories which are recently scattering everywhere in the closet’s back.

All you need to prepare is in the nearest hardware store before you get started. After that, you can see all the things you need in the list. It is starting from prepping the boards, threading rope through, and drilling holes before attaching it to your house’s ceiling. A simple step for a great shelf!

DIY Corner Shelf in a Zig-Zag Way

DIY Corner Shelf In A Zig Zag Way

One of the eye-catching and unique designs is seamless designs. It is fantastic to put away the books, present your memorabilia collection, and display pictures.

Kitchen Corner Shelf Ideas

It is a simple task that requires cutting skills. This shelf requires you to have access to a miter saw. When you have cut every board you have, you only need to glue them with sticky glue for wood altogether, staining or painting it the way you like. The last process is to drill the board into the wall.

DIY Simple and Elegant Corner Shelves

If you look for an elegant way to present every book, plants, and art piece you adore, why don’t you try these floating shelves? They can work amazingly in your workplace to store your devices, office supplies, and paper.

If you want to put it in the bedroom it will be a good idea for presenting every personal item in a visually eye-catching and neat way. We are certain you can modify these shelves to fit in whatever your needs are. Click the link below to get started for more instructions and the materials and tools you need.

Stacked Corner Shelves

Stacked Corner Shelves

It looks like the floating shelves we have shown you before, but the difference it this stacked corner shelves adds artistic and pretty elegance that the other shelves do not have. Those floating, stacked shelves can be used for storing your precious art, books, and other items. You can put them all together this weekend if you have the appropriate supplies and tools. Click the link below for detailed instructions

DIY Corner Shelf in L-Shaped

DIY Corner Shelf In L Shaped

These gorgeous shelves are heftier compared to other choices. That is why they can hold heavier and more pieces of stuff. Even though the shelves are amazing for decoration, they also can work for space of storage for almost everything including art pieces, accessories, season clothing, books, and keepsakes. For detailed step-by-step how to do it, click this link, and you will create some fantastic L-shaped corner shelves in less than 3 hours!

Metal Pipe Corner Shelf for Easy DIY

Metal Pipe Corner Shelf For Easy DIY

These metal pipes, corner shelves are for you who want a more industrial theme shelf. They are outstanding shelves choice for you. It is not only a good display shelf but also easy to piece altogether. You only need to prepare woods, pipes, several attachment hooks. Don’t forget a drill to attach the shelf to the wall. In no time, you will have a beautiful shelf at home!

DIY Corner Shelf with a Tight Budget

DIY Corner Shelf With A Tight Budget

Despite being do-it-yourself, several shelves above can be quite expensive ones. And if you have a tight budget, you can try creating this shelf! These selves fit in your office to display books or office supplies, a kitchen to display dishes and even in a living room to store your knickknacks and antiques. Click this link for an easy step-by-step instruction for how to create these simple and cheap shelves yourself.

Fill the Space

Fill The Space

When you have no clue what to do with an odd corner in your house or space where the door is sunk and it produces an extra corner and an extra wall that makes you confused why the builder created that, try these shelves. Our advice is to create these shelves to fill in space in your house.

They are a good way to maximize space for storage. The link here will give you guidance on how to create it. And in no time, you will not have any odd spaces in the room because you just turn it into a magical storage space.

DIY Corner Shelves in Shabby Chic Theme

DIY Corner Shelves In Shabby Chic Theme

These pretty, antique themed shelves are perfect for decorating your living room or kitchen. You can look for most of the wood ready in a home depot. After that, you just need to take some glue that is for wood and super sticky and put it together. Drill or nail it into the wall for the last process. You can use any color you want to paint it and you will have beautiful storage as a center of attention in the room or your favorite dishes.

DIY Corner Shelf in Industrial Theme

DIY Corner Shelf In Industrial Theme

This corner shelf is different from the other since it is freestanding. It means that you don’t need to create holes in your wall by drilling to maximize it. This shelf will be amazing for you who live in a rental space like a dorm or apartment.

It also can be a beautiful decoration in an office, bedroom, living room, dining room, or any place where you have a perfect corner that is freestanding or fit in bins. Remember that the shelf doesn’t have back, so do not use it for items that require more support.

DIY Floating Corner Shelves

DIY Floating Corner Shelves

These shelves are the perfect display for your plants, pictures, and antiques since they are thin and do not have much depth. It will not work for items that are heavy like bins or books. It might be the perfect choice if you want to display memorabilia and keepsakes without taking up worthy floor shelves. Here is the link to find detailed, easy instructions on how to create the shelves yourself.

DIY Wooden Corner Shelf

DIY Wooden Corner Shelf

Are you looking for a shelf that can display some items that you adore? Try this wooden corner shelf. But keep in mind that, this shelf is not for storage in the long-term. It is perfect only to add a little spark in your boring room. It can also be a finishing touch that can steal the attention in your room.

You only need to prepare some wood, cut it based on the shape you want, and nail or glue it all together. After that, attach it to the wall and don’t forget to put some decorations you like.

Used Box Might Be Useful Too

DIY Corner Shelves From Used Box

If you have a lot of items to organize, then these shelves are a good storage solution! These shelves are super easy to create. You just need to purchase wood with different sizes, build cubes, and then attach the cubes of wood and attach them to the wall. When you finish creating it, it is a great way to maximize a bigger corner to put away your pictures, records, books, and other items!

DIY Corner Shelves from Crates

DIY Corner Shelves From Crates

Create these shelves as an amazing choice for you when you do not have skills in wood crafting. Go to the nearest home depot and purchase some crates. You just need to attach the crates with some glue for wood. Attach it to the wall if you want some more stability even though you don’t have to do it. Those crates are amazing for holding decorations, books, and plants.

Small Shelves Ideas In the Corner

Small Corner Shelves Ideas

These elegant, simple shelves are fantastic for your home storage solutions. It comes in a rustic theme. The lip on the end found on every shelf is good to hold up every item like pictures and books, and another display stuffs individually.

Inverted Corner Book Rack

Inverted Corner Shelves

Maybe the corner you want to take advantage of is an inverted one, not a regular one. If this is the case, this type of shelf is the right one for you. It is built from pretty woods and it can work amazingly to store small books, accessories, and to display decoration. The first step is you need to buy wood, cut it, and attach it. After that, strain it and the last step is to drill it into the wall of the room.

Floating Book Shelf

Floating Book Shelf

If your favorite books do not have a special place, try these floating bookshelves. You can organize the pieces of stuff you have based on the color, size or any way you like. When you want to buy some bookends to help hold your favorite books and you don’t need to worry if they fall on the ground.

For this type of shelf, you can use the same instruction as the zig-zag shelf. The only difference is to cut the wood in different lengths and nail all of them together. Compared to the previous zig-zag shelves, this is an amazing shelf for more artistic detail. This is an amazing choice for the pretty display of every worthy item.

Simplistic Cube Shelf

Simplistic Cube Shelf

Those easy shelves will be more for pretty center-of-attention than most of the storage solutions; however, they are purely a design in a minimalist way. The first step you have to do is to purchase some pieces of wood, cut it, and attach them. Enjoy this simplistic cube shelf in your room!

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