DIY Curtain Ideas To Beautify Your Rooms And Make It More Interesting To Watch

You can buy new curtains every day. Sure, that would mean your curtains will be colorful. Yet, how much money are you going to waste if you buy new curtains after you don’t feel need the old ones? 

Here, decorating (or usually known as “DIY”) can be a decent solution. Look at these DIY curtain ideas to beautify your rooms and make it more interesting for you and other people to watch:

Ikea Hack Pom Pom of DIY Curtain Ideas

DIY Curtain Ideas - Ikea Hack Pom Pom Curtains

If you have a limited budget, yet still want to give your curtains a fresh designing touch, try this inspiring Ikea Hack Pom Pom Curtains. The emphasis is in the pom-pom here, where all you need to prepare are some beads with an extra-long tie, as well as other supporting equipment (scissors, glues, etc). 

Tie the entire beads until the ties are over. Then, make a knot on both sides of the tie to make sure the beads don’t get away from the tie. Use this as both of your curtains’ knots and decorations. 

DIY Curtain Ideas Design With Tea Towel Curtains

DIY Curtain Ideas - Tea Towel Curtains

Tea towel curtains are your another answer to cheap but effective curtains. First of all, they have shorter clothes compared to other curtain types, making their operational costs cheaper. You can also decorate your tea towel in ornaments as in butterflies, flowers, and many other more. You don’t even need to sew your DIY tea towel curtains: All you need to do is just to put on a hook and hang the curtains.

DIY Stenciled Curtains

DIY Curtain Ideas - DIY Stenciled Curtains

When compared to the previous two, this DIY curtain ideas can seem challenging. At the same time, you will be satisfied on how beautiful and artistic these curtains appear. Prepare some plain white curtain panels, stencils, and fabric paint to create patterns or ornaments you like on your curtains.

Flower ornaments with blue colors are the most popular combination in DIY stenciled curtains. If necessary, use more than two colors of paint rollers to paint the basic so the curtains will appear more beautiful.

DIY Washable Striped Curtains Ideas

DIY Curtain Ideas - Washable Striped Curtains

Striped curtains don’t have to always be black-and-white. Red, blue, yellow, or any “bright” colors can also be the solutions in this DIY curtain ideas. Opt for acrylic paints that produce less odors than paint rollers yet more durable when exposed to damages as in floods and many other types of disasters. Don’t add too much garnishes or ornaments so the striped curtains will be easy to clean and care for.

Diy Curtain Sharpie Script Curtains Ideas

DIY Curtain Ideas - Sharpie Script Curtains

If you have something memorable about your loved ones, perhaps memo or messages before they pass away, Sharpie Script Curtains can be your DIY curtain ideas. The idea is basically for you to write everything you want on your curtains.

You can mix up fonts and font colors with crayons, pens, or other equipment, to get your messages across. This idea is ideal to be applied in personal libraries or similar places, but you are also welcome to apply these to your rooms to add more nostalgic feelings. 

Cut Out Roller Blind of DIY Curtain Ideas

DIY Curtain Ideas - Cut Out Roller Blind

Freehand is the key for this cutting-edge paper-made DIY curtains. First of all, freehand your designs using pencils. Then, use a craft knife to adjust the cuttings in the designs. You can also fold the roller blind first then cut them to form an ornament-based curtain.

Make sure the designs only get past the bottom tip of the roller blind. That way, it can still function the same as tea towel curtains, only with different paper bases.

DIY Curtain Tablecloth Ideas

DIY Curtain Ideas - Tablecloth Curtains

The easiest you can do to create your tablecloth curtains is to seek for unused tablecloths. Here, you don’t need extravagant designs because the themes will usually be centered to vintage themes. If you don’t have tablecloths left in your household, purchase some at the yard sales or flea markets to create the curtains.

DIY Curtains Basic Panels

DIY Curtain Ideas - DIY Basic Panels

This DIY curtain ideas is perfect for you who want to hone your sewing skills. As long as you know to sew basic shapes, as in rectangular, circles, triangles, and many other more, you will do great in sewing this DIY basic panel and transform it to your curtains. All you need to prepare are some cheap fabrics (ideally two or three different colors), scissors, glues, and other knitting equipment. 

Fold And Clamp Tie-Dye Curtains

DIY Curtain Ideas - Fold And Clamp Tie Dye Curtains

CAUTION: For this elegant-looking curtain, the key is in the folding. Your folding directions and the amounts of folding will affect the end designs. To dye the curtains, you will need paint rollers or any paint colors that have thick and durable colors.

This way, not only that you preserve the original colors of your DIY curtains, but you also get the beautiful patterns. Blue tie-dye curtains with white floral patterns are not only the most popular designs, but they are also the most versatile to be placed in many different rooms.

DIY Lace Covered Window Screens Curtain Ideas

Lace Covered Window Screens

You have seen laces in various types of clothes and dresses. Laces are economical and flexible that they can be applied to home furniture as in windows. To add Victorian feels to your curtains, it is better to have white transparent laces as the covers to your window screens. Tea towel curtains-sized covers are also okay for some rooms with bigger window sizes.

DIY Ruffled Curtains Ideas

DIY Ruffled Curtains

The most interesting thing you can get from this DIY curtain ideas is that this idea emphasizes on the classic femininity of the overall designs. You don’t need colorful curtain cloths as too many colors will make the curtains look childish. Soft colors as in beige or soft pink are great if you want to have your DIY ruffled curtains.

Monochrome colors as in black, white, or red are great when you want a touch of horror or gothic to your feminine DIY ruffled curtains. As with DIY basic panel curtains, these DIY curtains are great when you want to show off your sewing skills. Not only that DIY ruffled curtains are easy to sew for beginners, but also fun. You can add more or less ruffles. You can even adjust the ruffles’ individual sizes and the heights between one side of curtain to another.

DIY Greek Key Curtains

Greek Key Curtains

Even though you can only use black and white for this type of curtain, this type of curtain is especially attractive on the way the black lines are pictured. Some people advise to hem the lines named the Grosgrain ribbon, hence it needs to be sewed. 

At the same time, it is also possible to use a liquid fabric glue to glue the ribbon to the curtain’s sides. If you wish to go extreme, that’s fine: Just picture and color the Grosgrain ribbon all along the curtain’s sides and you’ll get your DIY Greek Key curtains.

Curtain Barn Wood Valance Ideas

Barn Wood Valance

This is your “lazy” way to have your DIY curtains. You can use this DIY idea especially when you don’t have access to cloths to make your DIY curtains. As the name suggests, you need old and rustic woods to write your free texts. 

People usually write one word or a simple phrase that describes the room. At the same time, for artistic purposes, it is possible to write 3-4 lines of poetries or haikus on the barn wood valance.

DIY Upcycled Indoor Kitchen Shutters Curtain Ideas

Upcycled Indoor Kitchen Shutters

This is another way to use old barn woods you have. Compared to the previous barn wood valance DIY idea, this DIY curtain ideas organize many wood planks that they form fence-like figures. In the end, your curtains will look as if you’re using fences. Paint with brown or other woody colors and add doorknobs to get more “woody” feelings to your curtains.

DIY No Sew Roman Shades  Curtains Ideas

No Sew Roman Shades

Do you have leftover gift wraps in your house? Or, does your room has smaller-sized windows? If so, then, look no further than this curtain idea. All you need to do in this “No Sew Roman Shades” idea is to hang the gift wraps on the curtain’s top until the wraps close all parts of the windows. 

The same goes for tiered windows. For tiered windows, you will need to cover every individual tier with the gift wraps. It’s also okay to tie the bottom part of the gift wrap and form a ribbon to add more variations to this DIY curtain ideas.

DIY Curtain Ideas With Drop Cloth Decor

Drop Cloth Curtains

The main thing you need to prepare for this curtain is the drop cloth. Then, you will need painting equipment as in acrylic paints, pens, or crayons. It is recommendable to paint the bottom of the drop clothes in black-and-white or navy blue-and-white striped patterns since those are simpler but produces one of the most beautiful curtain types. Vary between stripes’ thickness to add more aesthetic feel to the drop cloth curtains.

Paint Striped Curtains

Paint Striped Curtains

This DIY curtain is among the most popular types of curtains since it is recognizable by the stripes as the main characteristics. The thing that makes Paint Striped Curtains different than stripped Drop Cloth Curtains is that the Paint Striped Curtains are striped curtains all the way.

Not to forget that the colors are always in black and white, red and white, or in some cases, red and black. Since the patterns are simple to paint, all you need is just regular, everyday paint rollers with basic colors as in black, red, or white. Of course, like all DIY curtains, you will need blank cloths as the painting basics.

Fitted Sheet Windows Shade

Fitted Sheet Windows Shade

In this DIY curtain, you need some bed sheets as the curtain’s basic. You don’t need to paint since nearly every bed sheets have their motives, pictures, patterns, and so on. You only need to hang the bed sheets and clip them at the top of every curtains and windows’ sides. 

It’s okay to have some variations. For example, fold both of the bed sheets’ bottom parts to create triangle-shaped curtains. Some people also love to attach ribbons of various colors and knot the ribbons to make the Fitted Sheet Windows Shade curtain more aesthetic-looking.

DIY Cornice Board

DIY Cornice Board

We may think of the Ikea Hack Pom Pom Curtains when we look at how the balls are decorated in this DIY curtain ideas. The difference from the former is that DIY Cornice Board’s balls and ties are made from one super-long knitting yarn. 

In making the balls and ties in this DIY Cornice Board, you need some knitting yarns with at least two or three different colors along with a super-long knitting yarn that acts as the tie. Form small balls with the colorful yarns, then glue each balls to the ties until those are finished.

Flutter Curtains

Flutter Curtains

This DIY curtain ideas produces a lovely romantic curtain with fluttering, flower-like ruffles. Think of those in the wedding ceremonies. This flutter curtain is special because you can only look for the white or beige-colored satin cloths as the curtain’s basic. Tie them on hard surfaces, then form roses from the curtains until they look like a combination between roses and ruffles.


Those 20 DIY curtain ideas are just some of the ideas you can use to beautify your rooms. Now, you can prepare to say no to boring curtains and say hello to your new, beautiful curtains!

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