51+ Awesome DIY Fire Pit Ideas for Your Best BBQ

DIY Fire Pit Ideas – Perhaps you will not give pit fire ideas a first. That may be the case if you happen to live in a tropical area. What for? Still, if you also own a backyard and would like to have a barbeque party, they might come in handy.

Not only that, you can also make your own s’mores or toasting marshmallows.

If your yard feels vacant, perhaps some of these DIY pit fire ideas will help you to decide. Choose what suits you best and start having your own barbeque or marshmallow feasts outdoor.

Perhaps you will not give pit fire ideas a first. That may be the case if you happen to live in a tropical area. What for? Still, if you also own a backyard and would like to have a barbeque party, they might come in handy.

Not only that, you can also make your own s’mores or toasting marshmallows.

If your yard feels vacant, perhaps some of these DIY pit fire ideas will help you to decide. Choose what suits you best and start having your own barbeque or marshmallow feasts outdoor.

The Tree Stump Fire Pit

Have you cut down a tree in your backyard recently? If the stump is still there and big enough, use it. Believe it or not, you can definitely use this as your fire pit.

You may need to clean up some debris and create a platelike centre. For example: you can slice the centre to make it look like an open crate before placing a metal tray or any tools to create your own fire pit. Make sure that the fire does not eat up the rest of the tree stump by accident.

Faux Tree Stump Fire Pit

The Super Simple Fire Pit

What makes this fire pit super simple are the materials, design, and even the price. With only piles of grey pavers, you get one of the best pit fire ideas ever. Just begin by putting a big enough circle on pavers on the ground. For the second and third layers, the circles have to get smaller.

Simple Fire Pit

To create the floor inside the circle, put some square-shaped pavers and slightly triangular pavers for the outline. That way, the whole ground inside the circle will be covered well. To smoothen up the surface and cover the cracks, add some paver sand on top of the floor. Spread the sand evenly by using your hands.

The Easy Fire Pit

There is a super simple fire pit and now the easy one. This is also one of the most chosen pit fire ideas, surely because it is also easy. Just like the first idea, you will need these things:

  • Stone pavers, bricks, cinder blocks, or other materials that do not easily burn through fire.
  • Shovel.
  • Rake.
  • Gravel or sand.

The Easy Fire Pit

To build the easy fire pit, it may look almost like building the super simple one. The steps to do that include:

  • Deciding the area and the size of the fire pit. Make sure it is not too close to an overhanging tree of other structures. Twenty-five feet is the minimum distance. For the size, the maximum width of the fire pit should be 45 inches and the maximum height should be 12 inches high.
  • Marking the centre of the pit with a stake. By tying a string half the diameter from one end to the other, you get to measure the size of your fire pit. Use a colour spray paint to make sure you know where you have marked.
  • Digging a few inches hole inside the made-up outline or circle (depending on the shape of the fire pit that you would like). This is to make sure that there are no flammable materials left inside the circle or outline. Then stack the stones to fit the perimeter. The next layers of stones are placed until the fire pit is 12 inches tall.
  • Filling the surface with gravel or sand to prevent fire from burning right into the ground. Just to be on the safe side, another layer of stones added would be helpful. It is not necessary, but you can still do that if you want to.
  • Testing the fire pit once the previous steps are done. Roast some sticks there. If they burn well and the fire does not scorch into the ground, then your fire pit is safe and ready to be used.

The Board-Formed Concrete Fire Pit

This is probably one of the neatest fire pit ideas that you can think of. Instead of a circle, why not build it into a square-shaped one? Of course, despite saving enough space around, you might want to be careful with its sharp edges.

You would probably need a little bit more work on this one. With this design, you need to find square-shaped stones or pavers. Make them into a square on the ground or a built-in platform covered in pebbles. Using a lot of wet cement to stick one layer on top the other, you can build this fire pit until it is as tall as 12 inches.

Board Formed Concrete Fire Pit


After that, wait until the cement dries on its own. Once it dries and every layer sticks to one another, start filling the centre with sands and pebbles. (Another idea would be to add more charcoal in it to help with the burning.)

To make sure that it is safe, test the fire pit first. If it does not burn into the ground, then it is safe to use the pit. Make sure that this fire pit is not placed too close to other flammable factors. For example: hanging trees or other furniture in case you would like to have a barbeque party in the backyard.

The Pirate Ship Fire Pit

PIrate Ship Fire Pit


The Boulder Fire Pit

Boulder Fire Pit

To some people, creating fire on the pit outdoor without the natural gas or propane can be quite a hassle. This is why the boulder fire pit exists.

The good thing about this fire pit idea is that you do not have to build it yourself. With a natural gas or propane hookup, you will not need so much time setting up this boulder fire pit. In fact, there are places that sell customised boulder fire pits. Contact them, especially if you would also like to design your own boulder fire pit.

The Portable Propane Flower Pot Fire Pit

The Portable Propane Flower Pot Fire Pit

There are some other fire pit ideas if you prefer something classy. This protable propane flower pot fire pit is one of them. If you are not into DIY projects, you can just buy this at patio furniture shops.

With the proper kit you can buy at places like Easy Fire Pit, you can create this by yourself. First of all, find a large ceramic flower pot that can hold a standard-sized propane tank. For the tabletop, you can buy the circular wood one.

Second, drill the hole into the centre of the circular wood tabletop. This is to fit the burner mounting assembly. Third, drill another hole into the side of the flower pot. This is for they key value. You will also need a pizza pan larger than the burner. Cut a hole through the pizza pan, so it can go between the table and the burner.

Fourth, assemble the burner and the gas lines. Do not forget to test everything first, just to check for any possible leaks. Once this fire pit is safe to use, you can start focusing on the exterior.

To make a nice finish on this portable propane flower pot fire pit, stain the wood top. Add fire glass too. This will cover the pizza pan and the burner too. That is it. Your own fire pit is ready to use.

The Gravel Fire Pit

The Gravel Fire Pit

This is also another one of the many pit fire ideas that you can create on your own. There are many ideas regarding the gravel fire pit. One of them is to create the outline first in your backyard. Once you have the circle and dig the centre a bit, remove all flammable materials you can find there.

Then, start filling the circle with pebbles and rocks in the centre. Just like the scouts, you probably need to learn how to light fire again the old-fashioned way. Nope, we are not talking about the caveman style. Just add some logs for firewood in the centre of the circling rocks. Light the fire there, with gas and matches.

The Pallet Fire Pit

A Pallet Fire Pit

Wooden pallet has been known to be perfect for recycled, DIY products. You can either use them as home furnitures and decorations. This time, pallet for your own unique fire pit.

There are varieties regarding these pallet fire pit ideas, though. You can either use the entire box, remove the top lid, or just use either the lid or the pallet crate. If the pallet box is big enough, you can even cut it into a half. You can use the rest of the pallet (or use other stronger wood logs instead) as the legs like a table.

Saw a circular hole in the centre of the top pallet. Place the appropriate burner into it. Make sure it is also the right size, so the burner does not topple over or fall under.

The good thing about this pallet fire pit is that it is portable. You can even replace the burner or take it out for a wash before putting it back again in the center.

The Cinder Block Fire Pit

The $40 Cinderblock Fire Pit

This is another one of the easiest fire pit ideas to realise. Once you make sure that you do not break any laws or regulations regarding the creation of this fire pit, then go for it.

Make sure that the location of your fire pit is far enough from your house, plants, firewood, and other flammable objects. If your fire pit is close enough to a water hose or other fire emergencies, that is even better.

With 24 fire-resistant cinder block caps, a couple of bags consisting of lava rock, and another bag of mortar, you can start creating your cinder block fire pit. The building of this fire pit idea will not cost more than fifty bucks. Quite an investment, eh?

The Table Top Fire Pit

Tabletop Fire Pit

You might also need to do an extra work for this table top fire pit. It is worth it, though. You will need these materials:

  • Large plastic bowls (for molds).
  • A bowl or a bucket for mixing things.
  • Lava rock.
  • Fire glass.
  • Disposable grill topper.
  • Gel fuel can.
  • Cement.
  • Cooking oil.

For the tools, you will also need:

  • Stir sticks.
  • Cutting pliers.
  • Disposable gloves.

The steps required to create this table top fire pit are:

  • Mix the cover for your bowl (consisting of lava rock and a bit of water. Stir it until it turns into a mold before you cover your bowl with it.
  • Leave the mold dry for a while. Make sure that the mold has really turned into something solid and concrete.
  • Remove the mold by coating the mold first with cooking oil. Cover it with a big plastic layer before you remove it.
  • Sand the rough edges with a 150-grit sand paper. This will create a smoother surface.
  • Fill the bottom of the concrete bowl by using a layer of lava rock.
  • Make a space for the fuel can in the middle. Cut wires to the appropriate size. Then pinch the ends to one another.
  • Once the wire cage is set and the can is in place, fill the rest of the space with more lava rocks. Do not forget to cover the top of the can with a circled wire frame.
  • Cover the container with glass crystals. This will help you to remove the top to reveal the flame.

The In Ground Fire Pit

The In Ground Fire Pit

This is also another one of the easiest or perhaps simplest fire pit ideas. However, before you start creating this, you might want to warn your kids to watch their steps in the backyard.

In order to make this in ground fire pit more visible, the size should be big enough. The steps required to create this type of fire pit are:

  • Dig a hole with an appropriate size.
  • Fill the hole with lava rocks.
  • Set the bricks for the outline. Make them slightly tilted on sides.
  • Shovel dirt or sod away from the rim.
  • To create a better outline, place some flat rocks right around the rim, on top of the bricks.
  • Fill in the top area with dirt between and also around the flat rocks.

The Flower Pot Fire Pit

The Flower Pot Fire Pit

Apparently, there are still plenty of simple and easy fire pit ideas. This is also one of them. The process is almost similar to another table top fire pit idea, but much simpler. The best thing about this flower pot fire pit is that it does not cost you much.

Make sure that you choose a flower pot from the non-flammable materials. That way, you will not have to spend some time (and use other materials) to create a concrete cover like the other table top fire pit idea.

Stacked Stone Fire Pit

Stacked Stone Fire Pit

The One-Hour Fire Pit

One Hour Fire Pit

Is it possible to create a fire pit just in one hour? The answer is yes. With stones, lava rocks, shovel, level, and ice water, you can do this.

The steps required for your one-hour fire pit are:

  • Begin by putting a layer of stones in a circle at the location of your choice. With the shovel, mark the ground around the stones before you remove them.
  • Shave the grass off the top. Make sure you do not leave the roots under the ground or the grass will grow back. Level the area if you are not sure. Once you are certain, then replace the stones.
  • Put three layers of stones.
  • Fill the bottom with lava rocks.

The 9 Step Fire Pit

The 9 Step Fire Pit

The Massive Fire Pit

A Massive Fire Pit

Do you feel like throwing a bigger, barbeque party in your backyard? This may not be the swankiest-looking fire pit, but it is indeed massive. Another piece of good news is that it does not cost you too much to create.

The steps required for this massive fire pit are:

  • Dig a small trench for your cinder blocks. Do not forget to level or square them off.
  • With the landscape adhesive, create the walls and hold them in place.
  • For the corners, use the landscape blocks.
  • For the wall cap, use cement blocks.
  • Mix a bucket of cement. With it, make sure that the walls and the corners are all stable and well-connected.

Despite the size, it turns out that you do not need too many materials nor bigger budget. Think of this massive fire pit as an ideal thing when you want to throw a barbeque party with many guests over. Want some s’mores or marshmallow in sticks? Bring them on and light them up.

DIY Shopping Cart Fire Pit

Repurposed Shopping Cart Fire Pit

Another Easy, Circular Fire Pit

Circular Fire Pit

This is also one of the easy circular fire pit ideas. It is basically the same as the in ground fire pit idea. What makes this one slightly different is the use of a metal fire ring around the dug hole before you add cinder blocks or bricks around it. Not only simple and affordable, this fire pit is also much safer.

It turns out that you can get really creative with many fire pit ideas. Whatever it is, make sure that the fire pit of your choice is safely located, away from flammable stuff. After that, happy barbeque-ing.

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