Fabulous DIY headboard ideas To Turn Your Bedtime More Amazing !!!

DIY headboard ideas – Each bed has a headboard. The headboard is built to decorate the bed so that it looks beautiful. Actually, it doesn’t have a significant function because you can still sleep comfortably without a headboard. However, a bed without a headboard looks imperfect.

The bed will look weird if it doesn’t have a headboard. When you choose a bed, you should also consider the headboard. Each bed has a headboard in various designs. You can even make a headboard for your bedroom. You look for DIY headboard ideas to get some inspiration. In this article, I would like to show you some amazing DIY headboard ideas that you can try to create.

Brilliant DIY Headboard Ideas to Spruce up your Room

1. Faux Brass Headboard

1. Faux Brass Headboard - DIY Headboard Ideas

This DIY headboard ideas brings a natural theme that gives a special color to the bed. The headboard looks simple but it looks amazing with a choice of yellow. In addition, on the wall of the room behind the headboard, there are 2 beautiful flower vases that add aesthetic value to the room.

Thie headboard idea is perfect for a small single bed. Meanwhile, the right theme choice is white or other bright colors.

2. Woven Placemat Headboard

2. Woven Placemat Headboard - DIY Headboard Ideas

The woven placement headboard is one of the most unique headboards because it is made of wood and has a beautiful DIY Headboard Ideas. You must have a high artistic spirit to make this type of headboard because it looks complicated in the carving part.

If you choose this headboard, then you can choose if you want to paint it or keep the original wood color. This headboard theme is suitable for white spaces combined with some natural colors of green plants.

3. Live Edge Headboard

3. Live Edge Headboard - DIY Headboard Ideas

A live edge headboard is also a unique headboard with an abstract design made of wood. You can build this kind of headboard easily because this headboard is separate from the bed itself. So, you can make a bigger headboard for DIY Headboard Ideas.

One thing that is interesting about this headboard is two lights that are embedded on the headboard body so that it will look beautiful when you turn on the lights at night. This is perfect for white walls, but you don’t need to paint the headboard and let it be brown.

4. Book Headboard

4. Book Headboard - DIY Headboard Ideas

If you have many books that you don’t read anymore, then you shouldn’t discard them because you can turn them into a unique headboard. This book headboard is made of several books that you can arrange neatly on the wall of the bed. This is the cheapest DIY headboard idea because you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

You only need to attach a few books to the wall behind the bed so that it looks like a headboard. You also don’t need to color on this book headboard to make it more natural and attractive.

5. Bohemian Tiled Headboard

5. Bohemian Tiled Headboard - DIY Headboard Ideas

A bohemian tiled headboard actually looks simple, but it has a Bohemian-themed decoration using tiles. This headboard is also separated from the bed so you can make it stick to the wall. You can choose two types of tiles that you will make into a headboard.

The combination of brown tile and bohemian tile will look simple and stunning with a white background. You can make it a little wider so that it also functions as a wall decorator. Or you can put some wall decorations made of rattan, wood, and others.

6. Deep Diamond Tufted Headboard

6. Deep Diamond Tufted Headboard - DIY Headboard Ideas

This is a headboard design that is widely used in various types of modern beds. Deep diamond tufted headboard looks so attractive like a diamond sparkle. Especially if you choose a headboard with a blue base.

But you might need a lot of time to make this headboard or you might need a special sewing machine that can form curves like deep diamonds. This headboard also feels soft because it is made of memory foam material and it is also lightweight. A blue deep diamond headboard will look more charming if you pair it with a white room wall. In addition, you can also add light so that all will appear overnight.

7. Wood Block Headboard

7. Wood Block Headboard - DIY Headboard Ideas

If you want a simpler headboard concept, then you can apply a wood block headboard that looks so enchanting and harmonious. At first glance it looks like rocks painted on the wall, but it is actually a wood panel that is shaped like blocks. You can make this type of headboard splattered or integrated with the bed frame.

However, you must ensure that your bed frame is also made of wood. It tends to be orange and the color orange matches the bright color background. You can choose clean white walls so that the headboard will look charming. But, it depends on you because you can also choose other colors like gray, brown, and yellow. This headboard is also suitable for small beds inside a minimalist bedroom.

8. String Light Headboard

8. String Light Headboard - DIY Headboard Ideas

If you want a headboard that is easy to make, then you will like the light headboard string. In a glimpse, it looks like a headboard, but it actually illuminates the string on the wall. You only need to prepare a black rope and then you attach it to the wall behind your bed according to the shape you like.

Then, you can attach some small lights to the rope. You can also buy Christmas lights that you can attach directly on the wall to form a headboard. However, you need power so the lights can turn on. For the background, you can choose light blue or other dark colors so that the lights look charming and glowing.

9. Floral Headboard

9. Floral Headboard - DIY Headboard Ideas

If you like natural beauty, flowers, and colors, then you can try DIY floral headboard ideas that look so adorable, elegant, and attractive. It is usually applied to women’s rooms because women love flowers. All you have to do is make a headboard painted in white accent and then you only need to attach a few colorful flowers to the headboard.

You can arrange these flowers to make them look beautiful according to your wishes. This floral headboard is perfect if you apply a white room theme. The color of the flowers will be seen clearly and look beautiful until the room becomes more harmonious and fresh.

10. Tapestry Headboard

10. Tapestry Headboard - DIY Headboard Ideas

This is the cheapest headboard in the world because you don’t need anything, but you only use a piece of tapestry that has a beautiful looking image. You just have to hang it with a rope behind your bed. This cheap headboard idea is perfect for a small bedroom that has limited decorations.

This is a beautiful headboard made from fabric. You can easily change the headboard with other tapestry headboards according to your wishes. It will be better if you also combine it with a beautiful colored background for the bedroom wall.

11. Mantlepiece Headboard

11. Mantlepiece Headboard - DIY Headboard Ideas

A mantelpiece headboard is not only functioning as a headboard, but it can also become a stuff holder. The top surface is larger than regular headboard so you can put some items such as flower vases, photo frames, decorations, and much more. This headboard is really attractive for small bedroom with single mattress.

It is also adorable to paint it in white accent. For the perfect color combination, you can choose green wallpaper that looks so cozy and harmonious for kid’s room. It all your decision to complete it with other items as long as it does not make the headboard look awful and dirty. 

12. Quilt Headboard

12. Quilt Headboard - DIY Headboard Ideas

It is also a simple headboard idea that you can easily create. You only need to prepare a sheet of cloth measuring 2 x 4 meters, and then you can hang the fabric on the primary headboard. This is suitable for a headboard that does not have good styles and designs.

But covering it with nice clothes, then it will make your bedroom look more adorable. It is better if you apply the white-themed bedroom to make the room become cozy and fresh. This can be a good choice if you live in an apartment building with a minimalist bedroom.

13. Wallpaper Headboard

13. Wallpaper Headboard - DIY Headboard Ideas

You can make the headboard separate from the bed frame or you can attach it to the wall. Basically, this is a wallpaper sticker that you attach to the wall behind your bed. However, you need to give a little touch to the border so that it will look natural like an original headboard.

Meanwhile, you are free to choose wallpapers according to your wishes. I would recommend you to choose a white wallpaper with flower decorations for the headboard concept. You can make it higher than an ordinary headboard. It will look stunning if you apply it to your daughter’s bedroom.

14. Painted Wood Headboard

14. Painted Wood Headboard - DIY Headboard Ideas

If you are not an expert in decorating a headboard, then maybe you can paint it with simple painting. Simply, you can make a headboard from a few throwing boards until it forms a flat headboard. Then, you can paint the headboard with some simple drawing.

Let us say that you just draw the board with rainbow color. You can arrange the colors so that they form a rainbow. Even though it’s simple, it still looks special and beautiful because of the use of the right colors. You can decorate the headboard to your liking with the pictures that you like. Show your creations.

15. Embroidered Headboard

15. Embroidered Headboard - DIY Headboard Ideas

An embroidered headboard might look fancy for a headboard because it has a distinctive blackish blue color. Basically, this headboard is also made of wood painted blue. Then, you only need to add simple decorations to the headboard surface.

This headboard is perfect for white themed bedrooms. It will be better if you combine several colors at the same time to make it look more spectacular. This can be a favorite headboard for some people who live in an apartment because they don’t need a lot of space to make it.

16. Door Headboard

16. Door Headboard - DIY Headboard Ideas

You can make a DIY Headboard Ideas from an unused door. First of all, you might need to add a little color to the headboard surface. Let us say that you paint in white and yellow accent. After you paint it, you can put it on the edge of the bed close to the wall. You can join it with the main bed frame so that it will be stronger.

The right color choice must also be adjusted to the color of your room’s walls. You can choose the same color as the wall color. Using a white base color in the background will make the bedroom more harmonious.

17. Pallet Headboard

17. Pallet Headboard

A pallet DIY Headboard Ideas is made of small panels arranged vertically to form a nice headboard. This kind of headboard looks rustic because the panels are not painted in certain colors. This can be a good idea if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. If you choose the original color, then you must also combine it with bright colors like white.

Your mattress and bedsheet must also be white. This headboard is suitable for classic style bedrooms. In addition, you can also make it easily without having to buy paints.

18. Faux Tiled Headboard

18. Faux Tiled Headboard

Faux tiled headboard made of granite or ceramic with a beautiful design. Basically, this headboard is composed of several faux tiles and then attached to the wall of the room behind the bed frame. Certainly, this headboard is separated from the bed frame.

For color choices, you can choose bright white colors according to the color of your bedsheet. This headboard makes your bed look romantic and classy like a hotel bedroom. All you need to do is just to customize the headboard style with the color selection of your bedroom theme. You need to choose the right accent to make the bedroom and the headboard look amazing.

19. Antique Window Headboard

19. Antique Window Headboard

You can use some things that you don’t use anymore. For example, you can use unused windows to convert them into a nice headboard. You only need to attach the windows on the wall behind the bed. You can use four old windows that still have an original color.

Or you also repaint this window headboard with your favorite color. For example, you can choose white because it matches the color of your bed. Even though it looks simple, this DIY Headboard Ideas is the cheapest headboard in the universe.

20. Pool Noodle Headboard

20. Pool Noodle Headboard

Kids like colors. If you want to remodel your kid’s bedroom, then you can start from the headboard. Here, I suggest you to choose the pool noddle headboard that looks so shiny and attractive in blue and green accents. This headboard is indeed made for children’s bedrooms.

The color blue has a strong meaning and it is suitable for boys’ rooms. You also have to adjust the color of the headboard with the color of the bed so that it will look neat, unpretentious, and luxurious for you DIY Headboard Ideas.

21. Painted Word Headboard

21. Painted Word Headboard

Making a simple headboard is very easy. You can use several board throws and you don’t need to paint it. If you want to add a decoration, then you can add a word to the headboard. For example, you can write the word “love” in yellow color. You can also write other words in different colors.

This headboard looks rustic and traditional. However, you can still apply this headboard to your luxurious bedroom. This might be the best choice if you don’t have enough money to buy a new headboard.

22. Light Up Headboard

22. Light Up Headboard

If you want to add value to the beauty of your bed, you can change the headboard into an illuminating headboard. This is a nice concept for a modern headboard despite your headboard is rustic. You can use a wooden headboard and the you can write down a text on the surface, and put some small lights on each letter.

It requires power to turn on the glowing light. It will look awesome in the dark and it will decorate your bedroom very well. Also, this headboard idea is very easy to create and you also do not have to spend a lot of money on it. 

23. Fabric Headboard

23. Fabric Headboard

A fabric headboard idea is basically made from beautiful fabric with nice decoration. You can use the current headboard, and then you just cover it with fabric. You can choose any kind of fabric according to your wishes. This headboard idea is perfect for a modern bedroom with neutral wall accent.

The headboard is just attached to the wall and looks so attractive with ottoman style. Color is very influential on the beauty of the headboard, so you must choose the right headboard with decorations and colors that are suitable for the theme of your room. The walls of your room must also have bright colors so that the headboard looks glowing at night.

24. Upholstered Headboard with Nailhead Trim

24. Upholstered Headboard With Nailhead Trim

This is the right headboard if you want a brighter color. The choice of red color makes your bed look charming with a combination of gray. This is an upholstered headboard that has a nailhead trim. You may need special skills to make headboards with sparkling stitches.

In a glimpse, it looks like a headboard with Arabian style. However, perfection does not only come from the color, but also from the color choices of the walls of the room. The gray color is an option that suits the theme of your room. This is a universal color so you can pair it with whatever color you like. If you want to add value to its beauty, you can put some flowers and other decorations.

25. Woven Rope Headboard

25. Woven Rope Headboard

This becomes the most unique headboard among other headboards. If you want something different, you can try woven rope headboard that looks stunning in a classic style. If you like weaving, you can make it yourself. You only need to prepare an iron headboard frame and then you can place woven ropes on the headboard vertically and horizontally.

Although this headboard looks complicated, but you will feel satisfied with the results. This shows that you have a high artistic soul. You can also give color to the woven rope so that it looks elegant and beautiful. But, you can still maintain the original color of the rope because it’s also quite charming.

26. Upholstered Headboard

26. Upholstered Headboard

An upholstered headboard is also the best choice if you want a modern style headboard. This headboard is coated with soft material and neatly sewn on each part. This looks like a deep diamond headboard but it has a simpler design. It has a dark color that makes this headboard look futuristic.

Usually, this headboard is widely used by rich people who live in luxury apartments. Maybe this headboard is also quite expensive so you don’t have to buy it. You can make it yourself even if it’s not as luxurious as the original. As long as you apply a good theme to your bedroom, you will get perfect results. You can choose the gray color on the headboard wall so that it still looks classy.

27. Burlap Headboard

27. Burlap Headboard

Another simple headboard idea comes with burlap style that looks so adorable and traditional. Even though it is made of wood which is hung on the walls of a room, it looks so impressive because it has a beautiful burlap. This is the easiest headboard to make.

Also, it looks perfect because the bed also looks amazing with its bedsheet. Generally, this kind of headboard concept is suitable for women’s bedroom. As you see the example, this bedroom has a pink theme that looks so cozy and beautiful. It is also completed with some beautiful decoration that makes it so romantic for couple bed.

28. Wooden Headboard with Lamps

28. Wooden Headboard With Lamps

If you have a wooden headboard that looks bad, then you can still make it look beautiful by adding two lights to hang on the headboard. This will add value to the beauty of the headboard and also your bedroom, especially at night. This headboard is perfect for traditional bedrooms that apply wood material in every corner of the room.

If you see it without additional lights, then the headboard does not look attractive. This is the easiest way if you want a classic and traditional themed headboard but still prioritizing beauty.

29. Herringbone Headboard

29. Herringbone Headboard

A herringbone headboard is actually made from panels that are designed perfect to form a large rectangular headboard with your favorite color. This is also one of the headboards that you can make yourself without having to spend a lot of money. In addition, you must be smart in choosing the color of the headboard.

We suggest you choose white accent for the headboard if your bedroom wall is also painted in white. If your room’s walls are blue, then you can paint the headboard in blue too. This headboard concept is suitable for bedrooms in a large apartment that is not so concerned with design and decoration. As long as you choose a bright color, then you will be satisfied to see the results.

30. Channel Tufted Headboard 

30. Channel Tufted Headboard 

It is an amazing headboard that shows its own luxury and is suitable for all-white room. When viewed from the design, this headboard looks different from other headboards. It looks a little lower and extends horizontally. This is really interesting and makes your bedroom more passionate in the morning.

In addition, the white color theme for luxury bedrooms is perfect for this headboard. Especially if you adjust the color of the headboard with the color of your bed. This is a special choice that nothing can compete it. All you need to do is just to adjust the headboard with the theme of your bedroom. Moreover, it will be better to place the headboard and the bed near the window to add more value to the concept.

31. Painted Headboards

31. Painted Headboards

If you look for the cheapest headboard design that you can try at home, then you can try this painted headboard. Why is it so easy? You do not need to use wood or other materials to create a headboard, but you just need to paint the wall with your favorite color. This is like a wallpaper that works as a headboard. As long as you place the bed in front of the painted headboard, nobody will notice it that it is actually painted.  

Finally, those are some DIY headboard ideas that you can try to build. Some of the headboards are difficult to make, white some of the others are very easy. You can choose your favorite one according to your wishes.

If you do not have enough money, you can try the painted headboard that looks simple without adding a new headboard, but you can just paint the bedroom wall to form a nice headboard. You can also choose the expensive headboard with a larger size or you can choose a headboard based on the material used. It all depends your choice, but you do not have to try it one by one. 

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