Gorgeous DIY Kitchen Islands to Make Your Kitchen Run Smoothly

DIY Kitchen Islands – Do you love to spend so much of your time in your kitchen a lot like me? Or do you often feel so frustrated because you have to work out on so little space inside your beloved kitchen when preparing some foods? Well, I got you covered here because that is exactly what I always feel when I am in my kitchen.

Counter space is what I am talking about here. Well, to be honest, when I know that you are lack in the counter space, I am pretty sure that you can add an Island right into it right away. And adding this certainly will do a great help for you and your kitchen right away.

So, here I am today with you, bringing you some of the best plans and ideas for building your kitchen island, and here they are the DIY kitchen islands.

Pallet kitchen island

DIY Kitchen Islands - Pallet Kitchen Island.

Should you ever visited this site 101 pallet ideas, well, certainly you have missed this one good plan for your kitchen. They are well known for their ability to create all kinds of gorgeous functional pieces for your kitchen which certainly made out from pallet. Sure you can guess why do I love this island so much.

The reason behind that is simply because it is so different. You can certainly have well and sturdy kitchen islands which will make your beloved kitchen function well and this is possible because of simply a few pallets and the right plans. Again, this is considered to be one of the DIY Kitchen Islands design that you can easily follow and build your self in your garage for an example

Pallet Kitchen Island with Pattern Top

Pallet Kitchen Island With Pattern Top - DIY Kitchen Islands

Another sample of DIY Kitchen Islands here on this site. Simply made out of wooden pallet which is durable and easy to work with. Well, I am sure you’ve heard of some people say that playing and building from pallet can certainly boring.

I am sure when they start to do these plans, one thing that I can say is, they were all wrong on this. These so functional kitchen islands certainly made out from pallet and one thing that can make the difference right away is because it has a patterned top and this what makes then stand out in the crowd.

Pallet Kitchen Island #2

DIY Kitchen Islands - Pallet Kitchen Island #2

When you come to this site, certainly you will notice that their work is a damn gorgeous piece of functional items which you can choose to use it as a drawer or as a kitchen island. And by the way, I love their type of drawer which included on these plans as well.

So, when you need to have a heavy-duty kitchen island that plays multiple purposes, you ought to check these plans right away and found the one that is right for you. Another great work which is considered to be DIY Kitchen Islands as well.

The DIY Kitchen Islands

The DIY Kitchen Islands - DIY Kitchen Islands

Well, this island is certainly functioned well, both as a kitchen island and also as a potholder, who wouldn’t want to have that by the way? But unfortunately, their site is no longer in existence but if you have a good carpentry skill, you can also recreate this plan right away though.

The Modern Chic Kitchen Island

DIY Kitchen Islands - The Modern Chic Kitchen Island.

One thing to be sure of, the moment I droll over this kitchen plan, immediately I found the fact that this island is so modern, chic as well as functional at the same time. These things will certainly turn any kitchen into modern and chic but yet functional at the same time which is more organized.

So if you feel the same way as I do, then surely you’ll find it delighted when you found out that the site provides some great and detailed plans for you to work them with your build plan and certainly your kitchen is just a few steps away from having an extra space as well as some glams into it. This is certainly not a DIY Kitchen Islands plan to work with as it may need some serious carpentry skill.

The $85 Kitchen Island

DIY Kitchen Islands - The $85 Kitchen Island

Certainly, almost every woman love the Pottery Barn, the design but maybe not the price tag if you know what I am talking about. I am sure you’ll love this tutorial I found on this site which certainly inspired by Pottery Barn but they build it at the fraction of the cost from Pottery Barn if you purchase this item with them.

So as one of the DIY Kitchen Islands plans, this is something you do not want to miss when you want to have some serious work but a limited budget to your kitchen.

DIY Foldable Craft Table

DIY Foldable Craft Table DIY Kitchen Islands -

This plan is a craft table for which you can fold the sides to downsize the size when you want to put them into storage. A sewing machine can do good on this plan where you can store a nice blender inside it and fold up when you need extra space. If you can work them out yourself, this is also considered to be one of the DIY Kitchen Islands plan and design.

The Open Shelf Kitchen Island

The Open Shelf Kitchen Island - DIY Kitchen Islands

Honestly, I am a big fan of the open shelf and my previous kitchen is nothing but open shelving and I miss them badly. So when I discovered this island, I can immediately say that I have to mention this part because this kitchen island has nothing but a great wide workspace but also storage space as well.

Kitchen Island Cart

Kitchen Island Cart - DIY Kitchen Islands

I always like the idea of having a kitchen cart where you can pull out when you need some space and store them away when you don’t need one. So if you just like I do, then you may also found this plan is a good one to add some counter space and also storage at the same time.

Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Ana White, the great designer, comes out with some of her best work on this when it comes to adding space and sitting space at the same time. You’ll find this plan as I do. Interesting and functional too. Those with great carpentry skill can also consider this plan as a DIY Kitchen Islands design.

Rustic X Kitchen Island

Rustic X Kitchen Island

This is another great design from Ana White and this rustic kitchen island you want to have a glance on when you have an idea of added more space. Another great piece considered to be DIY Kitchen Islands plan.

DIY Kitchen Islands with Pantry

Kitchen Island With Pantry

To some people, they want the kitchen island to add more counter space, but do you think that adding more storage space to be a good idea too? Well, this plan is certainly working well with this as it functioned as a second pantry too for some of those items which you might most use.

DIY Butcher Block Counter Islands

A Butcher Block Counter Island

I am a huge fan of butcher block and I had this before on my previous kitchen simply because they are handy and easy to maintain as well. So when I found this plan in this site, this one is handmade and has a butcher block counter and I am more than eager to share this with you all because of they are so functional with some more added space and storage space as well. Another piece of DIY Kitchen Islands design certainly.

DIY Drop Leaf Kitchen Island

Drop Leaf Kitchen Island

For those with small kitchen space, this plan is for them, but don’t be downgraded because it also adds more counter space and storage too. You can simply double your cutting space by putting the leaf up and put them down when you don’t need that and it has some good storage underneath that. Some people may consider this plan as a DIY Kitchen Islands design too but depends on their carpentry skill.

The Double Shelf Kitchen Islands

The Double Shelf Kitchen Island

This type of kitchen island can certainly fit into any kitchen because it has plenty of space which certainly put away any issue with extra counter space. Surely you want to check the idea as well as the plan.

DIY Cabinet to Kitchen Islands

Cabinet To Kitchen Island

When you do some remodeling your kitchen, surely you will end up with extra cabinets. Do not throw them away but instead, you can turn them out into gorgeous kitchen island with some extra touch.

The $50 DIY Kitchen Islands

The $50 Kitchen Island

If you are on the tight budget but in need of some more extra counter space in your kitchen, who can turn away $50 kitchen island from these plans on this site? Again, So as one of the DIY Kitchen Islands plans, this is something you do not want to miss when you want to have some serious work but a limited budget to your kitchen.

The Salvaged Wood Kitchen Islands

The Salvaged Wood Kitchen Island

Salvaged wood which is certainly budget-friendly. Check these plans from this site.

DIY Rustic Grandy Sliding Door Console Islands Kitchen

Grandy Sliding Door Console

Just another great design of Ana White, which has the sliding door which can be eye-catching for anyone enters the kitchen right away.

DIY Kitchen Islands with Pull Out Trash Can

DIY Kitchen Island With Pull Out Trash Can

I love this plan for a simple reason because it is DIY so this is certainly a cost-friendly to made to have an extra counter space as well as storage as well. But this plan is also great because it has a place to save your trash bin as well as store your dishes or towels at the same time too.

DIY Farmhouse Style Work Islands

Farmhouse Style Work Island

This DIY Kitchen Islands certainly stunning one and also has a farmhouse charm in it as well. But do not forget that this also has a great amount of storage space which available through the shelves beneath the counter.

The Shanty to Chic Kitchen Islands

The Shanty To Chic Kitchen Island

This island certainly one thing to be a great work because of according to the site/blog this plan has only a few difficult cuts because this we can consider DIY Kitchen Islands. Therefore, when you need a kitchen island which is DIY, but also functional and gorgeous yet simple to work it out, then you might need to have a look at these plans on this site.

DIY Furniture Style Kitchen Islands

Furniture Style Kitchen Island

Do you admit that you may need to have a little fancy kitchen island which has an extra counter space as well as additional storage space as well as I do? Although this is not DIY Kitchen Islands type of work, it certainly includes an ample working space as well as storage underneath the kitchen island itself. So this is a kind of little upgrade to take the island from simple kitchen island into a sophisticated one.

Ana White’s Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Ana White’s Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Well, the title says it all, it is another piece of work of design from Ana White. To be serious, she makes a lot of good piece of furniture. It is not only gorgeous but it also easy to understand and simple. So, if the kitchen island which you are looking for is a durable, nice to look at, and add some bit of charm to your beloved kitchen, certainly the plan is something that you ought to check out.

The Build Basic DIY Kitchen Island

The Build Basic Kitchen Island

This type of kitchen island is nothing but some basics and also it might sound pricey in the beginning, some say about $240 plus the cabinets and countertops, but this is also a detailed plan which is building this is much easier to accomplish, yes, this is also a type of DIY Kitchen Islands criteria as well. Check the site and tell me what you found in this one.

So dear, now I have shared over kitchen island designs from each site I mentioned. I certainly hope that you would found what you need and fit your own budget. It is because some of them are considered to be DIY Kitchen islands designs which you certainly can easily work with some kind of limited budget but the result will be astonishing ones and certainly add an extra charm to your house.

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