19 Cute DIY Pencil Case Ideas with Great Designs and tutorials

DIY Pencil Case Ideas – Are you interested in making DIY Pencil Case? Often people choose to buy ready-made items so they can be used immediately. In fact, if we make our own simple things that we use everyday, there must be expensive mental satisfaction.

Like the actual pencil case we can make with used materials that we often encounter. Below are some inspiration to make a simple pencil case from unused items. Let’s make it!. Making ‘Do-It-Yourself’ items, or often abbreviated to DIY, has many benefits; You can use old things to be useful again, save budget, to fill free time with useful things.

But in the process it is indeed not enough if you only rely on creativity, you also need to be patient and thorough; especially if the DIY items that you make have quite complicated details. School holidays are over, it’s time to go back to school with DIY Pencil Case. Many of your children begin to get busy with lesson schedules.

Let the more enthusiasm for learning, usually parents often buy new stationery. But it costs money. Instead of having to spend a decent budget, you better make yourself. For example, making a pencil town using old plastic bottles. Want to know how to make it?

DIY Pencil Case Ideas

Even so, that does not mean making DIY Pencil Case is a difficult thing to do. There are some genius tricks that you can follow to make the process of DIY goods easier.

DIY Pencil Case Glitter Graphic

DIY Glitter Graphic Pencil Cases

The kids will be very excited to go back to school this fall with some new pencil and a pretty cool case to store them in. To do that, you shouldn’t spend plenty much money. May be you can work together with your kids to make colorful and pretty cool pencil case. Update your old pencil case with one of these free printable stencils and use pain or glitter to stencil on the design.

DIY Gold Marbled Pencils

DIY Gold Marbled Pencils

If you like something which sparkling like a gold. Maybe giving your pencil a little splash of gold isn’t something bad to do.  You can do it by pick pencils in a color you like paired with shimmery metalics, like pink chosen here or go with the black one for a bold statement. These pencils will match with the other DIY Pencil Case.

DIY Pencil Case No-Sew

DIY No-Sew Pencil Case

This is look like very simple DIY, but it’s great for beginners. You just have spend a few of work to do simple recycle a piece of scrap fabric to create a basic case to hold all of your supplies. It’s cheaper than buy a fancy case at the store. And with do it by your self you can customize the pattern and also don’t need to sew.

  1. DIY Pencil Case: Apple Pencil Holder

DIY Apple Pencil Holder

Sometimes it’s not easy to have a pointed pencil in a pencil case, because a sharp pencil will break easily if you put them in a pencil case. But you didn’t need worried. Now you can Help your kids always have a bunch of sharp pencils within easy to reach on their desk for when they are working on their homework by using cut pieces of vinyl to craft a modern apple pencil holder just like Damask Love.

  1. DIY Pencil Case : Stamped Case

DIY Stamped Pencil Pouches Almost Makes Perfect 57a1f7c23df78c3276c2ac59

This one may be will be expensive for several people, but if you think the money is not your problem may be you can do it. Head to the dollar store and grab a blank canvas pencil case and just like Almost Makes Perfect and have your child use fabric paint to stamp a design all over the canvas so they can have their own personalized pencil case to use at school this year.

  1. DIY Cute Confetti Pencils

DIY Cute Confetti Pencils

Instead of the standard orange pencils, Make and Tell shows how to make your child a set of multicolored confetti pencils for them to use at school this year by painting standard pencils with confetti dots.

  1. DIY Pencil Case with Embroidered Floral

DIY Embroidered Floral Pencil Case

For you all who have a creativity and like art maybe this DIY suitable for you. To create this DIY you just need a litte stitching skills. With that you can whip up this pretty pencil case just in time for back to school. By adding some floral motifs or get creative and design your case any way you’d like.

  1. DIY Pencil Case Idea : Stenciled Palm Leaf Pencil Pouch

DIY Stenciled Palm Leaf Pencil Pouch

If you like the summer vibe, you can keep the summer vibe lasting all school year with a tropical themed palm leaf pencil pouch. Persia Lou has a free palm leaf template that you can use to cut a stencil out of vinyl and paint the design onto your fabric pencil pouch for an easy back to school DIY that you can make tonight.

  1. DIY Patterned Pencils

DIY Pattern Dipped Pencils Maritza Lisa 2 57a1f8943df78c3276c3fc33

Not only can you make DIY Pencil Case, you can also create another pencils. If you love to have a set of patterned pencils, instead of buying a set of patterned pencils, make your own by applying the patterned temporary tattoo designs by Maritza Lisa around the top of each pencil to apply craft a set of beautiful pencils for your children to use for school this year. By doing that you can saving several bucks.

  1. DIY Pencil Case with Gold Dots

DIY Gold Dots Pencil Case

Moms and Dads you didn’t need to worry, now you can help your child start the school year off right by organizing their school supplies in a new clear pencil case with trendy gold dot detailing as made by Sarah Hearts. By using that pencil case they can keep all their school work essentials, such as pencils, a ruler, scissors, eraser, and markers all together so they can be easily found. You must to have it.

  1. DIY Gold Contact Paper Pens

DIY Gold Contact Paper Pens

Several people gold just for a jewelry and the best choice for inexpensive jewelry. This is same for a pencil case. Gold still remains as a trendy and best choice. So moms and dads, help your teenagers heading to high school or college this fall by surprising them with a set of chic gold pens for them to use to jot down all their notes in class this fall just like the ones made by Enthralling Gumption using regular pens and gold contact paper. With this stuff your teenager would be have more self-confident.

  1. DIY Pencil Case Leather for Coloring Pencils

DIY Leather Colored Pencil Case Themerrythought 57a1ffb23df78c3276cf0d6a

From coloring presentation boards to art class students from elementary school throughout high school will need their own set of coloring pencils for projects in the school year. The Merry thought designed a spectacular DIY leather coloring pencil holder that individually holds each color so they can be quickly found upon unrolling the case.

  1. DIY Washi Tape Pencils

Diy Washi Tape Pencils 57a1fadd3df78c3276c7b391

Do you have tons of leftover rolls of washi tape around the house from previous DIY projects? Grab a pack of pencils and some of your favorite washi tape rolls as done by Stephanie White and begin wrapping regular pencils to give them a brand new look for your kids to use this year at school. Each pencil takes less than a minute to make, and this project can easily be done by older school age children to make their own pencils.

  1. DIY Pencil Case Made of Rattan

DIY Rattan Pencil Case

For you who like colorful pencil case, you can make this DIY Rattan Pencil Case by adding splash of color to Ikea’s rattan pencil cases just like Delineate Your Dwelling by masking off areas with painter’s tape and painting the pencil case with your child’s favorite colors to give them a spot to store pencil, crayons, and erasers. Maybe you should spend several bucks for this one, but with that you can have one cool and colorful pencil case. Is that great?

  1. DIY Personalized Pencils

DIY Personalized Pencils

Do you have this problem? Does your child always seem to lose their pencils at school? Now moms and dads can help them identify their pencils by giving them a set of personalized pencils that can be made using the variety of pencil label designs available at Lia Griffith, which you can customize with your child’s name before printing the design that can be wrapped around a regular pencil. With that your child’s pencil will be easy to find if there are lost. Even if somebody stole them, your child will be easy to recognize them. let’s think carefully, maybe this stuff is you want to have.

  1. DIY Pencil Case : Strawberry Themed

DIY Strawberry Pencil Case

DIY Strawberry Pencil Case is the best one for you all who like something adorable pencil case. Maybe it will best for you who like a pencil case with fruit shape. Damask Love has designed three adorable fruit pencil cases including strawberry, pineapple, and watermelon which you can make by updating regular blank fabric pencil cases with faint and green felt to craft a new pencil case, while each design is painted slightly differently all are easy to make. So get painting, and paint some strawberry seeds to make your child a new pencil case for them to use when they head back to school this fall.

  1. DIY Pencil Tube

DIY Pencil Tube

Recycle a mail tube used to send packages in the mail by turning it into a DIY Pencil Case perfect for storing school supplies such as markers, pencils and pencil crayons. Just like Damask Love you can use decorative paper to cover the mail tube with a pattern in your choice of color, such as the black, white and pink design of this handmade pencil case tube.  This is good for you who like a pencil case with with an elegant and simple look. it’s good for your boy who have calm personality.

  1. DIY Flower Pencil

DIY Flower Pencil

Surprise your teenager with a bouquet of handmade flower pencils for them to use at school by attaching an artificial flower to the end of a regular pencil just like Consumer Crafts did. When the flower pencils are not in use, they can also make a lovely way to decorate a desk if they are stored in a pencil cup, as it will look like an arrangement of flowers.

  1. DIY Pencil Case: Woven Pencil Pouch

DIY Woven Pencil Pouch

Mom and Dads, if you all want to teach your kid some basic sewing skills by working with them to create their own pencil case to use this school year by weaving cording through white canvas mesh.  Just like what Lovely Indeed did to make a simple pencil pouch. Guide them to create the simple weaving with cording is easy to do, and the same technique can later be applied to your child later on when they wish to learn how to do basic sewing.

Along with the development of an era that is already online, DIY then develops with high creativity. Easy to apply DIY products through the internet which was originally intended for the main needs, to be a product that can add aesthetic value.

DIY Pencil Case is also not just a fad activity carried out just to fill spare time, Although it looks impractical (compared to buying), but there are some advantages that can be obtained in doing this DIY, namely:

  1. Increasing your creativity
  2. Increasing your insight
  3. Save costs
  4. Goods that are made uniquely / not in the market
  5. Standalone
  6. Feeling satisfied and proud of the results of homemade work

At home we can find a lot of used goods that are no longer used with a variety of reasons for damage. Now, instead of being thrown away, we can use the used goods to make it into one and become an attractive pencil container with unique decoration.

For a child, playing is not just a matter of having fun. Playing is also a fun learning media to hone children’s motor and sensory abilities. There are many types of children’s toys that are offered on the market, but unfortunately most of the price is enough to make a grimace wallet.

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Relax, so that children become creative and resourceful, you can really create many types of recycled pencil cases that you or your husband can create at home. Let’s sharpen children’s abilities by making cool pencil cases that have been explained above. Those DIY Pencil Case ideas will be easy and fun!

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