25+ Modern DIY TV Stand Ideas For Your Room Interior

DIY TV Stand Ideas – Every house must have a TV. But, TV cannot stand alone, so it needs a TV stand to keep the TV safe and comfortable to watch. Speaking of a TV stand, there are so many DIT TV stand ideas that you can try so that it will not only function as a TV stand, but it can also make your room look adorable.

DIY TV stand ideas come with a lot of choices that you actually can make them from various materials. All you need to have is a creative idea on how to make a good TV stand for your home. Perhaps, you can check these following DIT TV stand ideas for your inspiration and choose one of the ideas according to your wishes.

Old Crates DIY TV Stand

Old Crates DIY TV Stand
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If you need a simple TV stand that does spend a lot of money, then you can create one from an old crate. You can take a large crate that is no longer used or you can use four old crates and then arrange them to become a cool TV stand. This old crate TV stand is not just a TV stand because you can also use it as a storage.

Simply, you can put some items inside the crate like books, flower vases, and much more. Also, you can repaint the crate just in case you want to make it colorful or just let the original accent to make it look rustic. Since this old crate tv stand is made from wood, then you can move it easily.

DIY TV Stand from Cable Drum

DIY TV Stand From Cable Drum
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This DIY stand idea is suitable for those who deal with electricity installation where they can use an unused cable drum to become a cool DIY tv stand. Simply, you can cut the cable drum in a half and then convert it into a cool tv stand. You can modify it as you wish by adding extra racks under the top surface.

You may also add small storage at the bottom part to store your stuff. This cool cable drum tv stand is really tough and solid. If you like furniture made from wood, this can be a great idea to complete your family room.

DIY Corner TV Stand Ideas

DIY Corner TV Stand Ideas
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Many homeowners let the corner of the house empty and unused. In fact, you can still use the corner of your family room to become a nice TV stand. Let us call it a DIY corner  TV stand that looks attractive and adds value to your family room. This is very simple and you can easily create a tv stand from wood.

All you need to do is to measure the corner and then build a tv corner according to the size. You can build 1 up to 2 meters of tv stand using hardwood. You also can build small storage under the tv stand to store your items. The tv will stay on the top of the stand steadily and perfectly.

Easy-to-Build DIY TV Stand

Easy To Build DIY TV Stand
via www.1001pallets.com

If you do not have time to build such a big tv stand, then you can try the easiest one. This is an easy-to-build tv stand that you can make using timbers. All you need to do is just to prepare some small wood panel and then you attach it to two pillars. Then, you can put a tv holder on its body to hold the tv.

This tv stand does not even have a leg, so you have to lean it on the corner of your room. The drawback of this tv stand is that you cannot put a large tv on this stand or you can use a stronger holder to prevent it from falling. This can be the cheapest tv stand that you may ever make.

DIY Rustic Wood Pallet TV Stand

DIY Rustic Wood Pallet TV Stand
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A tv stand can be made from rustic wood, but it does not look perfect without giving accents to it. Well, you can try to build your own rustic wood pallet tv stand that looks extraordinary from a small home. You do not have to build a large tv stand, but you can add extra storage under the stand.

This tv stand may look ordinary, yet if you look at it closer, you will see the amazingness on its pallet and design. This simple tv stand is perfect for a low budget homeowner who does not have enough money to buy a luxury tv stand. You can try this at home because it is really easy to create. You can even add more stories if you wish.

DIY Rustic Modern TV Console

DIY Rustic Modern TV Console
via artofthearcade.com

You want to have a modern tv stand but you cannot afford it due to the expensive price. Well, why don’t you create one by yourself? Let us suggest you the DIY rustic modern tv console that looks awesome for the modern home. If you live in an apartment, then this tv stand will really decorate your room.

It also does not use a large pane because you only have to create some boxes that you hang on a metal holder. Meanwhile, your tv will be hanged on the metal holder along with the wooden boxes to store your items. Under the tv, it is long media storage that will keep your speakers and DVD player safe. Though it is a bit difficult to make, you can try this one if you want to luxurious DIY tv stand for your house.

DIY Pipeline and Wood TV Stand

DIY Pipeline And Wood TV Stand
via cultivategreatness.com

Using some pipelines that are combined with wooden panels, you can create such a great DIY tv stand that looks attractive for today’s apartment. You only prepare four pipelines and then you can attach four wooden panels in sequence from the bottom to the top.

You can put the tv on the top surface while you can put some of your electronic devices under the tv. This is a medium tv stand that you must have without spending a lot of money. If it is possible, you may also repaint the wooden panel in brown accents or the colors you like.

Classic TV Stand Decor

Classic TV Stand Decor
via myhomeimprov.com

Today’s modern flat TVs need good tv stands so they will look awesome. But, it is not always right because you can still use classic tv stand decor using a wooden panel that you can make alone. The key to making the tv stand matches modern tv is by changing the color.

Well, you can repaint the tv stand in other neutral accents like black or white. It is a cheap tv stand but it has a high price when you apply it to your home. This can be a good choice for those who live in a small house that needs small furniture. it saves your space and you can enjoy your movie at any time you want.

DIY Moveable TV Stand with Wheels

DIY Moveable TV Stand With Wheels
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Do you want to have a tv stand that you can move anywhere in your house? Then, you need a tv console that has wheels. Maybe, you can modify your current tv console and add four small wheels. Or you can create a tv stand from scratch using hardwood by yourself along with the wheels.

This is a nice tv console that is perfect for those who like moving from one room to another room. You can simply push the tv stand and move it. This tv stand is also lightweight but it depends on the size of the tv stand you create. Many people love this tv stand because it is portable. Also, you can use this tv stand for storing your books because it also has storage under the tv.

DIY TV Display Easel on Wheels

DIY TV Display Easel On Wheels
via www.remodelista.com

Still using wheels, you can create such a nice pyramid tv stand that uses three wheels. It does not need storage at all because you only have to combine three pillars together to form a pyramid while you put a wheel on each bottom end. Where to put the tv? You can hang the tv on the body by using a strong holder.

This tv stand is also lightweight and you can move your tv anywhere you want. This tv stand is good for presentation.

DIY Pallet Fireplace with TV Stand

DIY Pallet Fireplace With TV Stand

It will be wonderful to watch tv shows while you are also warming up your body. Then, you should have a DIY tv stand idea that has a fireplace. This is a great idea for those who live in a snowy area. You can try to make a pallet fireplace with a tv stand.

You can put the fireplace under the tv stand while on the right and the left sides, you have storage to store some items like books, CDs, DVD player, and other things. This tv stand becomes the most favorite choice for many people who live in cities with cold weather.

Corner TV Wall Mount

Corner TV Wall Mount
via stylewithcents.blogspot.com

A tv stand wall mount that is built on the corner of a room will be perfect if you have a minimalist home. This idea can save space so you will have more space. You can create such a corner tv wall mount stand that looks extraordinary. This tv stand is perfect for kid’s rooms so they can enjoy their favorite cartoons.

This tv stand also works as a bookshelf and toy storage. It is also easy to make this tv stand using thin wood panels. Then, you also have to paint it in a white accent to make it look pure and clean.

Homemade Modern DIY Media Console

Homemade Modern DIY Media Console
via www.99palletideas.com

Building a modern media console is actually not that difficult. You can create a homemade modern DIY tv media console that is suitable for modern homes. This media console also works as a tv stand that is made from wooden panels. It is divided into two parts, they are the wall mounted tv stand and a media console.

Both of these media stands are separated from each other. You can put the tv on the wall-mounted tv stand while you can put your media devices like DVD player, game console, and speakers on the bottom part.

DIY Rustic Entertainment Center

DIY Rustic Entertainment Center
via refereshrestyle.com

Building an entertainment center will be fun if you have some ideas about how to make the best once. You can create one by yourself anyway. This entertainment center which also works as tv stand is made from a rustic wood panel. You only need two wood panels that you connect with them using strong pillars made from metal.

Then, you can paint it using a dark brown accent to make it look more rustic. Meanwhile, at the bottom part, you can add four wheels that will help you move the tv stand. You can place this entertainment center stand close to the wall and then put your tv on the top surface.

DIY Pipe TV Stand

DIY Pipe TV Stand
via www. whatroseknows.com

Using four metal pipes, you can build a nice DIY tv stand idea using a thick wooden panel. It looks rustic but it is perfect and strong for today’s modern home. The pipes are used to hold the panels while you can put the tv on the top surface.  You do not have to paint the tv stand that because the original wood accent still looks awesome.

This tv stand does not have storage, but you still have another panel under the top panel where you can put some items on it. Anyway, this tv stand can be the best choice if you want to have a cheap tv stand that you can create by yourself using your creativity.

Farmhouse TV Stand

Farmhouse TV Stand
via hoomdesign.com

A farmhouse tv stand is also the easiest DIY tv stand idea to make at home. This tv stand uses some old wood panels that look rustic and you just arrange each panel side by side. You do not have to cut the panels so they can have the same height because you can just let the random heights.

Once you create it, then you put this farmhouse tv stand on the wall. It looks like a wall mounted tv stand with a simple design. It does not only look classic, but it is also rustic. Meanwhile, you have to use a tv holder so the tv can hang on the stand well.

DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Media Console

DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Media Console
via www.hometalk.com

A media console is the most favorite furniture that many homeowners want to have in their homes. But, they may have no idea which one to choose. Anyway, we would recommend you choose a pottery barn inspired media console that you can also make it by yourself. Though it sounds complicated, you can try it as creative as possible.

This kind of media console is designed with a lot of drawers. Meanwhile, the legs are made from thick wires. The top side is made from a sleek wooden panel painted in white where you will put the tv on.

Patterned Pallet Television Frame

Patterned Pallet Television Frame
via www.thesprucecrafs.com

This may be the coolest tv stand that is designed with a patterned pallet frame which really looks so adorable and traditional. Though it just uses rustic wooden panels, it still looks fancy because it is designed with some pieces of storage and drawers.

It forms like a bench but it is a nice tv stand. You can either put the tv on the top surface or just hang on its headboard. This kind of tv stand becomes the most favorite one for many apartment owners in Europe and the USA. This looks fantastic because it is not painted at all and still uses the original wood color.

Since it is designed with storage and drawers, so you can store some items on the storage. Overall, it will be nice to build such a tv stand to add value to your house.

DIY Mid Century TV Stand

DIY Mid Century TV Stand
via homemade-modern.com

A mid-century tv stand does not always look classic and old-fashioned. Today’s tv stands are also designed with mid-century style. However, you do not have to buy it because you can create one. DIY mid-century TV stand idea is the right choice if you are looking for a new style for your home decor.

Basically, this kind of tv stand uses a thick wood panel that you can arrange orderly. Meanwhile, you also add extra storage under the top surface. You can use wood legs, but it is better you use thick wire for the legs. It will be perfect to put this tv stand near the wall that is designed with brick styling.

DIY Wall Mounted Corner TV Stand

DIY Wall Mounted Corner TV Stand
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A wall mounted tv stand also becomes the most favorite selection for most homeowners because it does not need legs. You only have to make an L shape tv stand that you can attach to the corner of your room wall. Since it does not use any legs to hold the stand, you have to make sure that you attach it strongly to the wall.

You also have to adjust the size of the stand according to the tv you have. The larger tv you have the larger tv stand you need to build. Meanwhile, the empty size under the tv stand is the perfect place to store the speaker system. You may also build dual layer wall mounted tv stand to put some decorative items.

DIY Rustic TV Console Ideas

DIY Rustic TV Console Ideas
via singlevoice.net

If you love rustic furniture, then you may make such a rustic tv console using some pieces of wooden crates. You can collect some unused crates made from wood and then you just organize them accordingly. How to make it look rustic? Well, it is easy to keep the rustic look of this tv stand.

You should not paint the tv stand and just let it be like the original one. The color still uses the original wood color with an abstract pattern. It is a nice tv stand that does not require a lot of modification. It is also cheap and space-efficient. You can also adjust the size of the tv stand either you want the large one or the small one by reducing the crates.

DIY Pallet Media Console TV Stand

DIY Pallet Media Console TV Stand
via arte360.com

It is such a nice tv stand for a modern living room. Let us call it DIY pallet media console tv stand that looks nice and attractive. This tv stand is designed with some storage for the place of your media players. Meanwhile, your tv is put on the main place depending on the width of your tv stand.

This tv stand looks bigger because it is particularly made for a big screen tv. But, it is all your decision whether you want to make the small one or the bigger one.

Unique Craftsmanship Mid-century Modern TV Stand

If you want to have a different tv stand that looks unique with mid-century style, then you should love this craftmanship tv stand with mid-century modern style. This looks extraordinary because it is designed with thick wooden panels. It also has a modular design with large storage.

It is good to place this tv stand near the corner of your room. Also, you can put some electronic devices under the tv that looks so spacious. Without additional coloring, this tv stand looks fantastic.

A Darker Open Mid Shelf Tv Stand

If you like dark colors, then you can apply it to your tv stand design. Darker tv stand comes with dark brown, dark gray, and black colors. This is a really good concept for a modern apartment living room that needs a modern tv stand. This tv stand is basically made from wood material with low legs.

It is a nice media console for large tv. It is still useful because you also have storage under the tv with a sliding door. This dark open mid-shelf tv stand is suitable for a room that has white theme coloring. It will make the atmosphere of your room more harmonious and cozy.

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A Two Open Shelves TV Stand Design

Many people love a tv stand that has open shelves. If you want a DIY tv stand idea that comes with this concept, then you can try this one. A two open shelves tv stand will be perfect to complete your living room remodeling. This tv stand is simple, but it is enough to store items on the shelves. Meanwhile, the top surface is quite large that can hold a large flat tv.

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